• Futureworld Podcast 007 – Summa Jae (2017)

    It’s Saturday evening/night and everyone is getting ready to go out, but not me. I’m sitting here behind my computer, typing the night away. And as usual I need music to get me through the evening, and have I got a good mix for you all to listen to: the latest Futureworld Podcast. We’ve already

    Futureworld Podcast 007 - Summa Jae (2017)
  • Futureworld Podcast 001 – Jakka B (2016)

    Futureworld, one of the dopest labels in the world has done it: finally after a while they’ve decided to come up with their own podcast series! And the first one is presented by the majestic and magical Jakka B, or Jakka-B as the oldskool fans know him from. Two amazing thing together in a one

  • C-Kay – Welcome To The Fastrack (2016)

    I’ve been on a quest for some new mixes, filled with oldskool tunes. And I found the right one, which will change my mood. A mix made by C-Kay, the man who I’ve reviewed several times in the past, and who I had the honour to meet a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know

  • C-Kay Classic FW Mix 2016

    C-Kay, a well known name in the UK Hardcore industry, uploaded a freshly made Futureworld mix 2 days ago onto Soundcloud. Futureworld is one of the biggest labels in the industry, and C-Kay decided to fabricate a classic FW mix, which contains the finest tunes from the label. The result is one amazing mix, with

  • Rhythmics or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Hardcore Rave (2013)

    The world wide web is filled with plenty of music, and to listen to everything every day is not do-able. You can not listen to everything every day, that’s just impossible. So from time to time you do miss out on big mixes, like the one I’ve only discovered the other day. It’s a mix

  • MC Jack – Past, Present and Futureworld Mixed By C-Kay (2015)

    Soundcloud is filled with wonderful music, and the other day I found this mix, which was uploaded 15 days ago, a mix made by C-Kay, alongside MC Jack. Both are signed to the legendary Futureworld Records, and they showcase their love and passion for music, and also the fact that MC Jack got signed recently

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