• Hard Effectz Live @ Dream Village

    The weekend has landed! Time for all of us to get ready to party! And you know what I’ll be doing? Checking our friend Soundcloud for music, and I found a set a couple of days ago, by a ‘new’ artist (to me), Hard Effectz. This Dutch DJ and producer’s name has not appeared on

  • DJ Casketkrusher – New Years Mix 2017: Ultimate Gabber Mix

    It’s been quite a while now since the last Casketkrusher mix, but now I’ve found yet another nice hour long mix by one of the dopest producers out there. This time it’s not a mix to showcase his own productions, but a proper Gabber mix with well known tunes from the golden age of Hardcore.

  • DJ A.K. – New Hardcore Mix 30.03.18

    We’ve had a long break. Some time off. Getting used to not being a reviewer every day. And when you are doing other things, your mind starts to wonder. What to do when you’ve got no music to keep you occupied? Well, let me tell you this: you will turn insane. So I’ve been listening

  • M@rt!n-J – Gammer [The Archives] (2018)

    Who doesn’t love Gammer? Well, that’s a debate we can have another day. Nowadays it seems that half of the scene supports him, and the other half doesn’t. They don’t understand why he’s making a name for himself by doing what he does, but he has seen the light (to quote an oldschool UK Hardcore

  • Darkraver @ Club X – 01.09.1995

    If you are a raver who was born in the 70s or the 80s, you were old enough during the 90s, and you have probably been to the coolest clubs out there. I wish I was born a few years earlier than 1983. I did miss out on so many great things, mainly the rise

    club x
  • Chosen Few Recordz: DareDevil – Sleep (2018)

    A new EP has been released, and if you are into Hardcore, it’s going to make this Easter weekend even better! Banging Hardcore from the legendary Chosen Few Recordz, and for their 31st EP they had DareDevil releasing three big anthems, which are called ‘Sleep’, ‘Come Find Me’, and ‘Put The Money’. All dark and

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