DJ Casketkrusher – The Insane Thunder Mix (2017)

DJ Casketkrusher - The Insane Thunder Mix (2017)

DJ Casketkrusher – The Insane Thunder Mix (2017)

DJ: Casketkrusher
Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Early Rave, Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: The Insane Thunder Mix
Length Mix: 01:53:44
Tracks: 57 (fifty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: DJ Casketkrusher – Facebook Fanpage

2017 is the year of Thunderdome. The return of this mighty event in October sparked all of this happiness about the legendary label and party, which started around 1991-1992. This year they celebrate their 25th anniversary, and it will be one of the biggest Thunderdome’s to date. Many have already paid their respect by uploading mixes, DJs such as Bass-D and Ruffneck, and now Casketkrusher made a mix, dedicated to the label which gave us so many great memories. So many CDs, so many events, so many wizzards on t-shirts (and bodies too). Thunderdome is a way of living.

Casketkrusher uploaded a nearly 2 hour long set, in which he picked shit loads of records, forgotten about mostly. He told me he was going to do such a mix a couple of months ago, and now it has finally happened. And when I say shit loads of records, I do mean it: 57! And you do get the finest of the finest tunes. Carefully picked by Casketkrusher, and smashed into a 2 hour long mix.

As I said earlier, 2017 is the year of Thunderdome. This won’t be the last mix appearing on Soundcloud, dedicated to it. Many will follow, and they will get everyone excited for one of the coolest events coming up. If you haven’t purchased tickets like I have, you are going to miss a wonderful event. And for once, I’m gutted. I don’t even know if they will do any more events after this one. They do a special thing at Mysteryland too, having their own Thunderdome area. Does that mean it’s back, or only a one-off because it’s been 25 years since they came into our lives and demolished our bedroom speakers?

Let me show you the tracklist, it’s a thing of beauty!

tracklist TCD

01. The Prophet – Dominatin’ (Original Mix) 
02. Jean Sibart & Joël Trambel – Right Is Wrong
03. Dr. Mindfuck – Beine (Remix)
04. D & F – Hard Attack
05. Creepozoids – One More Time
06. Dance Overdose – Wake Up To The Overdose (The Marc Smith Notorious Mix) 
07. Mutoïd – Fuckin’ Mind
08. The Prophet – Controllin’ The Universe (Original Mix) 
09. Lenny Dee & Darrien Kelly – Schoom!
10. Lock Jaw – Ruff’N’Ruggin’
11. Duo Pennotti – Addicted II Raves
12. The Scotchman – Happy Vibes
13. Northern Boys – Feel Da Passion (Dutch DJ Squad Remix) 
14. The Prophet – The Sound He Makes
15. DJ Maxx feat DJ Giangy feat DJ Buby – Musica Nevrotica (DJ Buby Mix) 
16. DJ Ricci & MC Hair – 200% Acidiferus
17. Dano – Let The Drumcomputer Roll
18. Tintin – Nothing Too Fear
19. Dano – I’m Gonna Get You
20. 50% Of The Dreamteam – The Thundertheme (Original Mix) 
21. Critical Mass – Antichrist
22. DJ Buzz Fuzz – Drop The Pressure (Original Mix) 
23. DJ Gizmo & DJ Norman – Now You See Him, Now You Don’t (The Houseviking Remix) 
24. Tellurian – Squash The Floor
25. Dr. Phil Omanski – Feel The Rhythm (Original Mix) 
26. Creasemaster & Slamdog – Face Down
27. Too Small – U Gotta Give It Baby (Jawshabby Mix) 
28. Lords Of The Underworld – Mind Explosion
29. Recharge – Motherfucking Music
30. Dominion – Natural Born Killers (Killer Mix) 
31. Too Hostile – Make ‘M Clap (Remixed By DJ Paul) 
32. Cellblock X – House Of Spoo (Remix) 
33. Lenny Dee And The Hardcore Warriors – Funky Twisted
34. Guitar Rob – Into My Brain (Original) 
35. General Noise – Hey Mr. DJ
36. James Daltan – Wanna Get High?
37. Ralphie Dee meets The Kool Killers – God Complex (Ralphie Dee Mix) 
38. Ralphie Dee meets The Kool Killers – Beyond Perversion
39. Roughron – The Blaster
40. Psylocke – 2 Thy Soul
41. Turbolenza – I Am The Creator (Future Mix) 
42. Wayward – Adrenaline Rush
43. Superior feat Lay-On & DJ Jordens – Watch This
44. Scott Brown’s Annihilator – Out Of Focus
45. Lords Of The Underworld – Fuckin’ Them Beats (Simtec Power Mix) 
46. E-Rick & Tactic – Rocked Da House
47. The Force Creators – Wheep & Howell
48. DJ Promo – Cold As Stone
49. DJ The Viper – Voodoo Magic
50. DJ Fuckface – Mind-X-Pander
51. Alter Of Sacrifice – Pumpin’ Body
52. Promo – Feel The Thunder
53. Naughty Boys – Hardcore Bee (Flying Terror Mix) 
54. Arjuna – No Enemies
55. DJ Sim – Behind The Mask
56. Omar Santana – Bone Bastik
57. The Illegal Alien – Your Secret Fantasy

This is a gabber’s wet dream! Look at the tracklist. Not only the legendary records are in here, but also the other jewels from the 90s! I reckon Casketkrusher went through his collection and thought ‘fuck it, let’s play everything imaginable’. Which he did.

This was actually broadcasted live on Gabber.FM 2 days ago! So this is as fresh as a daisy! As usual, you hear the finest tunes and the freshest beats, and now you can find his set on Soundcloud. And it’s worth your time. It’s got so many great anthems in here, it’s proof why Thunderdome still has a lasting impact on all of us. It still makes us move, and each and every track is a killer anthem. Some forgotten, which we shouldn’t have. But thanks to mixes like this one it’s time for us to reminisce, and get back onto the oldskool train, and start to play those precious compilations again.

Wonderful selection of tracks. Too many to choose as a favourite, and I do mean it. And also too many forgotten beauties.This mix brings back memories I completely forgot about. A wonderful selection.

There are a few tracks I still don’t like after all these years. But that’s just my personal view. Don’t let my judgment cloud your perspective on this mix. Just press play, and let this mix be your guiding light through the weekend, up towards the actual event in October.

There are a few small errors, but come on: this was done live. Who makes a mix so flawless without one mistake?

Casketkrusher’s long awaited mix. I’ve been waiting for this, and it didn’t disappoint. Thanks man, for yet another cool mix!


Dami – XX The Ultimate Hardcore Megamix VOL 01 (Part 01 Master) (2017)

Dami - XX The Ultimate Hardcore Megamix VOL 01 (Part 01 Master) (2017)

Dami – XX The Ultimate Hardcore Megamix VOL 01 (Part 01 Master) (2017)

DJ: Dami-XX
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: The Ultimate Hardcore Megamix Vol 01
Length Mix: 00:35:25
Tracks: 46 (fourty-six)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Dami-XX – Facebook Page

I’ve been sent more music from France. Turns out that there is a scene, and I didn’t even knew it was there! Well, I know a lot, but clearly not that much. France is home to the world famous Eiffel Tower, baguettes, moustaches, the sun King, and now a rising Hardcore scene. They call it Happy Hardcore there, not UK Hardcore. It doesn’t matter what name you give it, it’s Hardcore. One of the DJs pushing Happy Hardcore forwards is Dami-XX. He sent me a mix he uploaded a couple of months ago, and it’s a Hardcore megamix.

A Happy Hardcore megamix? Oh, I mean UK Hardcore megamix? That’s always a bonus. At first I looked onto Soundcloud and it sadly didn’t have a tracklist, but Dami-XX sent me it privately, and I can share it with you all. What can you expect? 46 tracks in a 35 minute long mix. That’s indeed a megamix, isn’t it?

It’s a daring thing to do, cram in that many records in such a short mix. It’s indeed short, and the question is, does it work? What’s the end result? What kind of records has he selected, that’s the most important thing. And I’m about to show it to you. I don’t know if you are ready for that amount of records coming towards you!

tracklist TCD

01. Darren Styles – Satellite
02. Breeze & Lost Witness – Rise Again
03. Darren Styles – Rock Me Out (Technikore & Al Storm Chopper Mix) 
04. Andy Whitby & Klubfiller – Trouble (Hardcore Mix) 
05. Rob Mayth – Heart 2 Heart (Breeze & Ritmen Remix) 
06. S3RL – Self Title
07. Re-Con – Calling
08. Klubfiller vs Sam & Deano – Go Boom! (Klubfiller Hardcore Edit) 
09. Styles & Breeze – Weekend Has Come
10. Re-Con & Klubfiller – Raggamuffin
11. Darren Styles – Screwface
12. Echo & Hoodzie – Stupid
13. Technikore – Drumfire
14. Hoodzie – The Machine
15. Breeze & Kevin Energy – The Pendulum Of Bass
16. S3RL – Back Track
17. Dami-XX & Energy Syndicate – Move it (Dami-XX Hardcore Edit)
18. Dami-XX & Energy Syndicate – Paradise (Dami-XX Hardcore Edit) 
19. Dami-XX – Go Away (Happy Hardcore France Exclusif) 
20. Dami-XX – Mind Control (Happy Hardcore France Exclusif) 
21. Fuck Vinyl – You’re Shining Remix
22. S3RL – Little Kandy Rave (Dami-XX Remix) 
23. Breeze, UFO feat Vikki Fee – Maybe
24. Petruccio & Modulate – Skank In The House
25. DJ Hixxy – Zabookan, The Game
26. Molly – Beneath The Lights (Darren Styles Remix) 
27. Breeze & Unique – Reach Out (Petruccio & Modulate Remix) 
28. DJ Hixxy – Hardcore Til I Die
29. Hixxy, Dougal & Gammer – Phase 2 Phase
30. Klubfiller – Make It Right
31. Scott Brown – Memories (Swiss-T Remix) 
32. Mitomoro – Shut The Fuck Up
33. DJ Sy & Unknown vs Joey Riot – Mambo
34. Pinnacle & Ben-Av-It – Future Skool
35. Rock N Roller – Fiji’s Secret (Klubfiller Remix) 
36. Andy Whitby & Klubfiller – Move
37. Alex Prospect & Becci – Like It Loud (Alex Prospect & Gammer Remix)
38. Fant4stik – Reptilians
39. Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer – Stay Young
40. Technikore – Hardcore Slut
41. Dougal & Gammmer feat Lyck – Make It If We Try
42. Hixxy – Sora Blue
43. Darren Styles – Come Running
44. Darren Styles – Save Me
45. Dash Berlin feat Emma Hewitt – Waiting (Dami-XX feat Chloe Hardcore Remix) 
46. Kayzo & Junkie Kid – More Than Ever

It’s a proper tracklist, isn’t it? It’s filled with so many anthems, it’s just impressive from the start to the finish. I must say that even the French like Darren Styles a lot, and also Hixxy. There’s a lot of their tracks in this mix by Dami-XX.

I have to say that it’s an impressive task Dami-XX set himself up to. It ain’t easy, making megamixes. Most people take years to perfect their craft, and even well known DJs do make little mistakes. Megamixes are so difficult, you want to cram in as much as you can, in a short period of time. Like this one, 46 tracks in 35 minutes. Some records are only played a few seconds, before they go to the next. No time to breathe. Credits to Dami-XX for this daring challenge he set himself up to.

He has selected wicked anthems, seriously impressive records. A few ‘meh’ records (mainly S3RL records, don’t like his music). But the majority are awesome. Well, he picked shitloads of well known dancefloor smashers by well known names such as Klubfiller, Darren Styles, Hixxy, Dougal & Gammer and more.

He’s eager, got to give him credit for that. Some times a bit too eager. Jumping from one to the next too quickly, and not letting the transistion period slide over nicely. He’s cramming in as much as he can. It does go a bit bonkers from time to time. It’s impressive overall, but if he tweaks his skills a bit more, and give it some time, in a couple of months of year the mix will be flawless from the beginning to the end.

It has got some good moments too, don’t get me wrong. And he also made me aware of tunes I haven’t heard in a while.

Thanks for this mix. It’s enjoyable, and a good start. Improve, and it will become better over time. For now it’s good, but everyone wants their mixes to be excellent, eh? At least he mixes better than me, I can only mix with a mixer. And I’m talking about the thing in the kitchen, not any DJ mixers lol.


DJ Neophyte @ Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 9 (Energiehal) (21-10-1995)

DJ Neophyte @ Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 9 (Energiehal) (21-10-1995)

DJ Neophyte @ Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 9 (Energiehal) (21-10-1995)

DJ: Neophyte
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Early Hardcore, Early Rave, Oldskool, Happy Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 9 (Energiehal) 21-10-1995
Length Liveset: 00:37:29
Tracks: 13 (thirteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Neophyte – Facebook Fanpage

1995, that’s a long time ago. Most people won’t remember what they did in 1995, whilst I can’t remember what I did yesterday. 22 years ago an event took place, which was called ‘A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 9′, and on the flyer it states that it’s the largest rave-event in the world. When the ticket prices were in Guilders, and in the presale the tickets would be 45 guilders, and at the door 55. And not only was it cheap to get in, the line-up was amazing, even to today’s standard: Darrien Kelly, Lars, Omar Santana, Panic, Paul Elstak, The Stunned Guys, Yves, and DJ Neophyte. And the last one uploaded his set from 1995.

According to Neophyte, this was his very first DJ set performed on stage, so it holds a lot of memories for him. Don’t get confused with the actual act called Neophyte, this is just Jeroen a.k.a. DJ Neophyte on stage. I don’t even know if the act Neophyte was created yet? It wouldn’t be that long until they took over the scene and demolished many bedrooms with their mixes and records. But in 1995 it was DJ Neophyte on the stage, demolishing speakers (in a good way) and penetrating ear drums.

His set is filled with Oldskool classics we all love. He also said that the quality might be a bit low, but this was taken from a cassette, so you shouldn’t expect high quality anyway. But for those who raved through the 90s, cassettes were our thing. Many ‘My First Walkman’s have been used to get our Hardcore kicks. Thanks Sony. Where would we have been without you?

The tracklist was kindly provided by a fan, so here it is:


01. Repulsive 2 – Recactussed
02. T.N.T. – Brainwashkiller (Killermix) 
03. Nasty Django & DJ Cirillo – Deal Wit’ Beats
04. Rave Creator & The Mover – Atmos-Fear
05. Bionic Commanders – Bust A New Jam
06. Q-Tex – Get On The Floor
07. Q-Tex – Eqauzion Part 4
08. The Scotchman – Happy Vibes
09. ID – ID
10. Stingray – Dance Your Ass Off
11. DJ Isaac & Pagan – 2 Definitions
12. Bodylotion – Make You Dance (Remix) 
13. Wasting Program – Bring That Shit Back

This event already got a ‘Geweldig’ on Partyflock, and this set proves it. I think you can find other sets online from this event, but for now let’s focus on Neophyte’s set. And it’s a good one. It’s kind of short though, but still you can appreciate it. I know I did. And my neighbours. And the Internation Space Station. They heard me playing this out loud. Sorry NASA.

The set was short, but amazing. There are so many great anthems in here, and a lot of Scott Brown stuff. But the one track that still holds the most memories for me, is the anthem of the 90s: ‘Brainwashkiller’, be it the Killermix version. What an anthem! Don’t know who was responsible for this record, but they’ve made a timeless classic. You can still play it today, and the crowd will go absolutely ape.

DJs used vinyl back in the days, so it was harder to make the mix flawless, and there are a few tiny errors, but nothing big. Nothing that might turn you off. If you were looking for a mix which contains a nice dosage of Early Hardcore, you don’t need to look any further. This is DJ Neophyte, destroying eardrums etc. The set is good, no doubt about that.

If you complain about the quality of the set, you are not a 90s raver. You are a 00s raver, and you’ve missed the cassette and MIDI player period.

Thanks Neophyte for this. This has made my day! Anyone who puts ‘Brainwashkiller’ in their set is a hero. But Neophyte is a hero anyway.


Hardcore Nation: Next Generation – CD 2 (2007) – Mixed By Fracus, Darwin & JAKAZiD

Hardcore Nation: Next Generation - CD 2 (2007) - Mixed By Fracus, Darwin & JAKAZiD

Hardcore Nation: Next Generation – CD 2 (2007) – Mixed By Fracus, Darwin & JAKAZiD

DJs: Fracus, Darwin & JAKAZiD
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore
Mix Info: Hardcore Nation: Next Generation – CD 2
Length Mix: 01:17:53
Tracks: 18 (eighteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 178 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Hardcore Underground – Official Website

Since a few weeks (or maybe a few months) I’ve been falling in love again with the older sound of Hardcore. Be it Early Rave, Happy Hardcore or Gabber, it didn’t matter to me, I was a teenager again. I’m back into Oldskool mode for the last few weeks, and I’m loving it. I love the older sound, but today something was awoken by a mix on Soundcloud: the love for the older sounds, from the mighty UK Hardcore scene. Nope, I’m not talking about the really old sound, but the noughties! That’s when I discovered UK Hardcore properly, and fell in love with it. So when I found this mix, which was posted on Soundcloud today, I became 10 years younger in a split second!

Before you get all hyped up and hope it’s the full album which is for free, it’s only the second disc which is for free! It’s the mix done by someone called Fracus, Darwin, and JAKAZiD! This is a freebie from the people behind Hardcore Underground. As many would know, they call it #throwbackthursday on Twitter, and they decided to go back exactly 10 years, and give away their mix for free, the one who appeared on this album (Hardcore Nation: Next Generation). I immediately got hyped up, and started listening to it! And what happened next, was me being absolutely amazed by the sound!

UK Hardcore has changed over the years, and seeing as I’m in a mood recently (the Oldskool mood I told you about earlier), it’s good to hear music from when I discovered UK Hardcore and fell in love with it. 2007 was a good year for UK Hardcore, the music was excellent, and it was for me the year to discover Fracus and Darwin. JAKAZiD would only emerge a few years after. If I’d only bought this album in 2007, I would have known his name earlier. But at least I know it now, eh?

Let me show you the tracklist for the second disc. Which, again, is mixed by these three legends: Fracus, Darwin and JAKAZiD.


01. Fracus feat Donna – See If I Care
02. Marc Smith – Can You Feel It (Exclusive Hardcore Nation Edit) 
03. Chaos feat Scarlet – Perfection
04. Cube::Hard – Smoke Signals
05. Deeper Territory – Calm Me Down
06. SMS – Another Night (Breakz Edit) 
07. Fracus & Orbit1 feat Lisa Abbott – In Your Arms (Orbit1 2008 Remix) 
08. Phenex feat Le Kat – So Naive
09. Darwin, In Effect & Buzzy feat Fraz – Don’t Say Goodbye
10. Cynix feat Kelly C – Hold On Tight (Reese Remix) 
11. JAKAZiD – Give Love A Chance
12. Brain Blessed feat Kelly Southall – Epiphany (Ponder Remix) 
13. Shanty, Tazz & Devastate – DDR (A.M.S. Remix) 
14. Chwhynny & Darwin – Nothing There
15. Nu Foundation – Want Your Love
16. JAKAZiD feat Andy L – Mystify Me
17. Fracus & Mozz feat Vicky Fee – Hold On To Me (Fracus Remix) 
18. Darwin feat Toni Leo – Come On Out

You know what’s so good about this? It’s the period before Fracus & Darwin became brothers in arms. Nowadays they do literally everything together. Well, most things anyway, I think Fracus can wipe up himself after visiting the loo. But music wise if you want one, you get the other one for free! They’ve came together soon after this album, and became a well established duo, known for their passion and dedication. On this album you still see them making music separately, but you hear them getting closer to each other.

I like the diversity of this mix. It’s not only Fracus & Darwin tracks, but also by a lot of artist I’ve never heard of before, or never seen anymore. Shanty? Tazz? Cynix? SMS? But the tunes they made, are seriously good! It’s sad to hear these tunes, knowing their names don’t ring a bell anymore.

You can hear what kind of future these DJs would have. All bright futures, be it walking on a different path. But still extremely succesful. This mix is seriously good, three DJs with different opinions and styles, coming together and making a excellent mix. Not only focussed on the UK Hardcore side of life, but also a bit of Happy Hardcore and Breakbeat Hardcore. Who doesn’t want to hear that? Especially when you know these tunes are 10 years old! Time does fly by when the music is good, eh?

There are a lot of great anthems on this album, and sadly underrated. One of my favourites is ‘Nothing There’. But the best? ‘DDR’, remixed by A.M.S. This is Trance combined with UK Hardcore, and I am adoring this tune from the first to the last second.

I can’t pick out a flaw, or a weakness. This mix is as tight as a Dutch person (we are really tight/cheapskates), and there’s nothing wrong with it, from the first second to the last second. It’s beautiful, mesmerizing, and basically sexy, but in a good way. Nothing erotic. Well, could be. To me music is porn, and if I had to compare it with a porn film, it would be the greatest porn film ever. Eargasms from the moment you press play!

Can’t wait for more #throwbackthursdays! Free stuff is always good! You could do something in return: go to their store and buy stuff. In the meantime, listen to this and let this be the mix that gets you through the week! It will certainly guide me! Epic mix by three wonderful DJs.