• DJ Tron – Fucking Hardcore (1995)

    I found this mixtape by accident. Don’t know why, but I was on Soundcloud, and I was looking for something nice and soothing, and due to Magpie303’s amazing channel, it lead me straight towards this mixtape from 1995, by DJ Tron. And in all fairness, I have never heard of him before or his aliases

  • Brisk – Tokyo Rush (2018)

    A couple of months ago, a brand new album was released. The long awaited follow up Brisk album.This new album is called ‘Tokyo Rush’, after the very succesful record he made many moons ago. It was released just before the New Year started, and it’s sold out now. The only way you could have purchased

  • SPYRO – The Turnt Generation Podcast Episode 2 (2018)

    SPYRO is back with a brand new episode of his succesful podcast, which is called ‘The Turnt Generation Podcast’. This rising star (who uses a lot of f-words) has only started this podcast series last month (or was it January?), and now we are already at episode 2! He’s eager enough to give us ravers

  • ViperStar – Handcrafted (2018)

    DJ ViperStar is a regular on this website, and his mixes (and album) have been promoted on this website for many years. And to let you all know, he’s got a brand new mix out, which is called ‘Handcrafted’. And the first thing you have probably noticed, is the cheap picture. Well, it’s all been

  • Rachel Vega Presents Beats Of Rage Hosted By Enemy (2017)

    A couple of weeks ago I found a new mix on Soundcloud, and immediately my attention was drawn to it. One of the rising female stars in the UK Hardcore alongside the legendary MC that is MC Enemy, together on a mixtape called ‘Beats Of Rage’. Now, Enemy doesn’t need an introduction, but Rachel Vega,

    Rachel Vega Presents Beats Of Rage Hosted By Enemy
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