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Happy Hardcore Classics 125 ‘Sy & Unknown: The Anthems Pt 2’ (2018)


From Dutch Happy Hardcore to UK Happy Hardcore: today the focus is Happy Hardcore, and that makes this Saturday a wonderful one. The previous mix was all about the cheesy and commercial Happy Hardcore, and this new mix is focussed on the UK Happy Hardcore duo, which we all love and have embraced: Sy & Unknown. The legendary duo who dominated during the 90s and early 00s. And the people behind ‘History Of Happy Hardcore’ made this second instalment. There’s a logical reason behind it: Sy & Unknown made so many memorable anthems, you can’t fit them in one mix. Or you could, but then the mix would be several hours long. And this second mix is 2 hours and 22 minutes long. So imagine making one mix… it must be at least 5 hours long. #weaintgottimeforthat Read More

Happy Hardcore Mix [50 Commercial Happy Hardcore Hits In The Mix] (2013)

Happy Hardcore Mix [50 Commercial Happy Hardcore Hits In The Mix]

Truth be told, I’m not a lot of Youtube for music. I used to be, but most of the time I’m on Soundcloud or Mixcloud. Yesterday I heard a Chosen Few mix on Youtube, and one of the suggested videos to listen was the one I’m about to write a review about. The reason why I’m writing something, is because this kind of music has made me who I am today. This was my youth, this was the music my parents heard coming through the ceiling. I did not have too much money to buy each compilation back in the 90s: the main compilation was ‘Happy Hardcore’ by Arcade, and those CDs were on repeat over and over. Now, this DJ called John Boender made this Happy Hardcore mix, and it contains the commercial hits. So be prepared. Read More

Pod Noodle Episode 1 – Alexander Norman (2018)


I was asked today to review one of the biggest mixtapes in the UK Hardcore scene right now: the Pod Noodle podcast. You might be wondering what the hell I’m on about? Should it be pot noodle? Nah, that’s the one you shove down your neck, but this one is a word play on pot noodle. Don’t know why they’ve selected this name, but who cares? I’ve seen worst names. Anyway, let’s focus on the music, and not the title of the mix/podcast. The music is presented to us by Alexander Norman. And if your mind works the same way as mine, I had to think really hard who this man is. I was wrong, it’s not one name but two: Ed Shock and MC Whizzkid. They have joined forces and this new collaboration is named Alexander Norman. Read More

Thunderdome ’96 – Dance Or Die!

thunderdome 96

One of the events I really wanted to go to, was Thunderdome ’96. As a young lad Thunderdome dominated my youth, and the 1996 edition turned out to be one of the most talked about Thunderdomes ever. The response it had was tremendous, and even to this day it’s a well remembered night. On Partyflock 74% of the partygoers rated it as aweseom/excellent, and not one bad review. A night to remember, and for only ƒ 50,- you would experience the night of your life, with an incredible line-up: 50% of the Dream Team, Bass-D & King Matthew, Buzz Fuzz, Dana, Dano, Darkraver, Delirium, E-Rick, Gizmo, Hardcor, Neophyte, The Prophet, Uzi, Waxweazle, Weirdo, and 3 Steps Ahead. You cannot deny the feeling you just received after seeing that line-up. And that night had been captured on a CD, and released also in 1996. Read More

E-Mission Festival 2018 – Early Hardcore Mixtape By DJ Panic

E-Mission Festival 2018 - Early Hardcore mixtape by DJ Panic

Most of you lot know I’m not Italian, hence why the website is called ‘The Crazy Dutchmans Blog’, and not the Italian version of this. The reason why I am saying this, is because I came across a mix today, a promo mix, for an event called ‘E-Mission’, which is held next week on the 14th of July at Discoteca Florida, in Ghedi, Italy. At first I thought this was a new kind of event I had not heard of before, but quickly after realising this takes place not in the Benelux, I had to give in: I would not have known of this event, be it without Soundcloud.  Read More

M@rt!n-J – Evolution Records (200) [The Remixes] (2018)


Scott Brown’s label ‘Evolution Records’ have been an established name in the UK Hardcore and Gabber scene for a few decades, and to this day he makes sure that the fans get what they want and need. The label has produced many memorable tunes over the years, and for this celebration he released a few special digital EPs, called ‘The Remixes’. What does that mean? Well, it means the original tracks (which were made by Scott Brown) remixed by well known UK Hardcore DJs. And also a few new and exclusive records.

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