CHAOMATiK – We Killed The Rave (MEGA-MIX) (2017)

CHAOMATiK - We Killed The Rave (MEGA-MIX) (2017)

CHAOMATiK – We Killed The Rave (MEGA-MIX) (2017)

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore, J-Coire
Mix Info: We Killed The Rave (MEGA-MIX)
Length Mix: 00:47:18
Tracks: 41 (fourty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: CHAOMATiK – Facebook Page

The perks of being a reviewer is getting mixes way before anyone hears them. And also having to keep it a secret, because the artist wants you to share nothing. In this case I received a message from this French DJ called CHAOMATiK, and he wanted my opinion regarding his upcoming megamix (which was uploaded today). Well, I told him the mix was worth it being uploaded, so I waited (like others) patiently for it to be released. At 14:00 Paris Time it was uploaded, sadly I was occupied, but now I’ve found the time to write a review about it.

The DJ in question (CHAOMATiK) is a rather new kid on the block, and according to his Facebook page he’s alot of French things. This meaning I can’t understand a single thing he wrote down about himself because it’s all in French. He’s French. Enough said. On his Soundcloud page you can find a few mixes from this year, so if you want to know musically who he is, why not check him out there? One thing I do know is that he’s part of that collective ‘Happy Hardcore France’. The French are slowely taking over!

Let me show you the tracklist. I hope my fingers can manage!

tracklist TCD

01. Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Xeuphoria Goodbye Version) 
02. Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Assertive & Mitomoro Bootleg) 
03. Axwell – I Found U (Nu Foundation Remix) 
04. Lapix – Raving Day Break
05. Mitomoro – Rave Tool 62
06. SPIT – Under My Skin
07. DJ Shimamura – Victoria
08. Darren Styles & Gammer – Tom Riddle
09. Nhato – FTL
10. DJ Laugh – Aurora
11. SPYRO – Mad Ting Mashup (Come With Me)
12. Dougal & Gammer – Brainstorm
13. Inverse & Orbit1 – Lethal Industry
14. Defekt & Olly P – Fuzion Workz
15. 天音 – Look Around
16. Gammer & Becci – Look Back
17. Lapix – Friends
18. Stonebank – Soldier (Assertive Hardcore Bootleg) 
19. DJ Shimamura – Mutant With Bitch
20. Gammer – Pigface (Dougal & Gammer Edit) 
21. 天音 – Pierrotflag
22. Dougal & Gammer – Snake Bite
23. Fracus & Darwin – From Beyond
24. Olly P – Affected Asylum
25. Joey Riot & Klubfiller – Riot In The Klub (Chris Unknown Remix) 
26. Freezer – Just Say No (Get High)
27. Kors K – Gimme A Big Beat (Hummarju Remix) 
28. DJ Noriken – #Magical_Syndrome (VIP)
29. Darren Styles – Burning Up
30. DJ Mob – I’ll Be Good (2015 Remix) 
31. Script, Tsukii – Tokyo (Redeilia Remix) 
32. Klubfiller, Jack The Lad & Searly – Want To Do
33. Gammer & Whizzkid – We Are The Vampires
34. Code Black feat Elle Vee – Wild Ones (Olly P Bootleg) 
35. Avicii feat Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up (Olly P Remix) 
36. SeamlessR – Bass Antics (Space_Seb Remix ) 
37. Porter Robinson – Language (T2Kazuya Remix) 
38. MK feat Kanae Asaba – Shout Out
39. Takatin & Riku – Go Down
40. DJ Noriken – Just Wanna You To Know
41. Gammer & Whizzkid – We Killed The Rave (2 Turntables 1 Mixer Edit) 

OK. It’s one of those mixes. A record nearly a minute. Is it a common thing for French DJs to make megamixes? The last one I reviewed was done by Dami-XX and it was also a megamix. Maybe a big thing in France?

I’ve got to say that I’m impressed. He pulled it off, this CHAOMATiK. I wouldn’t even be able to mix 2 records together in the space of an hour. But you can guess who he’s a fan off? You can’t? Well, look at the tracklist and look at who’s name appears the most: Gammer. This is nearly a Gammer dedication mix lol.

The mix is fire from the first to the last second. CHAOMATiK keeps on throwing records at us at incredible speed. It works 9 out of 10 times, but if I could give him a suggestion: work on perfecting the cross fading, especially when it’s done with such a speed. Sometimes he’s too eager to mix into the next record… work on it, and it will be all fine in the future.

I am still impressed, with or without the errors it’s still a highly enjoyable mix. I would urge you to give this a go. Sit back and relax. Sadly not downloadable, but maybe if you could leave a French message underneath the mix and say something in the lines of ‘please make it downloadable’, he might say yes. He who dares, wins?

Best record? Difficult. But I found one: ‘Just Wanna You To Know’. A brilliant track. Just up my alley!

Follow CHAOMATiK for more music like this. He definately killed the rave.


Contagious To The Core (Volume Two) (2017)

Contagious To The Core (Volume Two) (2017)

Contagious To The Core (Volume Two) (2017)

Artist: Various Artists
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Powerstomp, Happy Hardcore
Album Info: Contagious Records Presents Contagious To The Core – Volume Two
Release Year: 2017
CDs: 1 (one)
Length Album: 01:08:07
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Label: Contagious Records
Product Number: unknown
Purchase Album: BUY ALBUM HERE
Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
More Information: Contagious Records – Facebook Fanpage

It’s been nearly a year since I last reviewed the first volume of the succesful CD compilation ‘Contagious To The Core’, and you have guessed it correctly: volume 2 has just arrived! What can you expect now? Well, the same as last year (and like all the other albums): pure madness. Obviously the game has changed, and Riko has decided to bring a more diverse album to us. A few new names on this album, but of course he had to have at least one track on it. And M-Project. Where would we be without him, eh?

Last year I reviewed the album and was really pleased about it. I promised Riko I would review this and write a review on Sunday or Monday, but I had to listen to the previous album and this one, and compare them. The review last year was spot on, and to compare this year’s album to last year’s is just wrong. They are two separate album, only linked by name, but the music is so different.

And the cover was all green-ish. This is darker, blue/red/purple-ish. And I like that a lot. But you can’t just judge the cover and not the music. The music is diverse. Look at the names on the tracklist. You will know immediately what I mean.

tracklist TCD

01. Joey Riot vs Rob Poison – We Fly
02. Riko vs Lutronic – 21 Bitches
03. DJ Kurt vs Upnidown – Kick Da Flow
04. Jake Swan & 4Man – The Journey
05. Joey Riot vs Rob Poison – Hybrid
06. Yorkshire Ripper – This Is The Track
07. D-Core – Aftermath
08. Skinny – Tekno Power
09. DJ Kurt vs DJ Swifty – Back 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
10. Clowny & Bezza – Shove It
11. Mob & Squad-E – Say You Will Be Mine (M-Project Remix) 
12. Dark Monks – Insane (Rob IYF Remix) 
13. T4tsuya – Trust Me
14. Savage States – Dance With Me
15. Organ Donors – Ket Is For Horses (Joey Riot vs Hyper Activ Mix) 

What I meant with diversity is the fact that you hear in specific records a disctintive sound, resembling a sound from a specific label, such as Notorious Vinyl, Hardcore Underground, Lethal Theory, Evolution Records, and more.

I am really pleased after hearing this album. It’s really a good one. It’s got some slammers on it, like ‘Ket Is For Horses’ (just listen to the piano bit), ‘Tekno Power’, ‘Insane’, ‘We Fly’ and more. Quality tunes, really digging what Riko is doing with his label and with his albums: where else would you get this music, eh?

To be fair, there are two records on here which are just good, but missing the climatic moment. The track on itself is good, but sometimes you need to build towards something really euphoric. If these two would have a climatic moment, they would be epic.

The best record of this album? Well. it has to be D-Core’s ‘Aftermath’. I do hear an influence we all know and love: Scott Brown. I listened to this record for the first time (without seeing the tracklist) and I thought it was made by the legend himself. Oh, and I also dig ‘Hybrid’ alot. Takes me back to the golden days of Powerstomp, when it was just Lethal Theory pushing it forward.

A very good album. Lovely colours, lovely records. And now for you only for just a few quid. You could get this one for only 15 pounds (if you live in the UK) or 20 anywhere else, or get the 1st and 2nd album for 25! How’s that for a deal?

Will it take another year before volume three will be released? I hope not. He should release an album each month. We need more albums like this one. Don’t seem to get many albums lately. Shame.


Rave Collision (1995)

Rave Collision (1995)

Rave Collision (1995)

Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Gabber, Hard Trance
Release Year: 1995
CD Info: ‘Over 60 mins of HappyHardcoreFun at a COOL PRICE’
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 01:17:27
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Label: Broken Beats Records
Product Number: EWM41782
More Information: ———————–

Last week I went through my whole music collection, and did the unthinkable: I made sure everything was where it should have been, and threw away CDs I didn’t play for years, or cases which didn’t have anything in it. Empty cases, what a nightmare. And a shame. Whilst doing that, I found a CD so unique, you probably have never seen it before. Or maybe you have, but since 1995 never seen it again.

This Happy Hardcore CD is 22 years old, and it still plays! How about that? It was released by a label I’ve never heard of before, and never seen since. But on the cover it said ‘cool price’, and I reckon in the time we still had Guilders in the Netherlands, it must have been cheap? Don’t actually know the price, that’s always the first thing I got off albums.

It does look extremely cheap. Not an album which stands out from compilations such as ‘Happy Hardcore’ by Arcade. But why did I buy it? It was in the haydays of Happy Hardcore, and I was (and still am) a fan of compilations. I must have only had a few quid in my pocket and couldn’t afford the real deal, so I bought this. Still happy enough for me. But was it worth it?

Let me show you the tracklist, and you will immediately see if it was worth it. Oh yeah, let me remind you, not only does it look cheap, the tracklist on the back of the album isn’t 100% accurate.

tracklist TCD

01. Rodd-Yler feat Clinique Team – Mission Fulfilled (Classique Version) 
02. Bass D & Mathew – Heart Beat
03. DJ Waxweazle – Going Down Again
04. Jean Sibart & Joel Tramb – Right Is Wrong (Right Mix) 
05. DJ Jorg & Rico – It Started With A Bass
06. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – Kick This Muthaf#@ka
07. Duo Pennotti – The Beat Goes…
08. Buzz Fuzz – Mind Moves
09. DJ Timo Maas – Final XS (Rave Version) 
10. DJ Waxweazle – It’s About Time
11. Re-Charge – Xperience
12. Bertolucci Freanzano – XTC Love (Buzz Mix) 
13. Bass D & King Matthew feat XD – Stick ‘em Up
14. Buzz Fuzz – Mind Moves

Have you noticed they used twice Buzz Fuzz’s record ‘Mind Moves’? The last record on the cover states ‘The Prophet – Allright Now, Here We Go’, but is it bollocks? How stupid is that? Well, the album was cheap, so cheap, they re-used a record. And some titles are off.

This might have been one of those albums so cheap, you rather used it as a coaster. But at least they weren’t as cheap as those stupid Mecado CDs (those who are Dutch, you should know about them). But let’s not forget the album does look cheap, it has some cheap things/wrongdoings, but what counts are the records. 13 + 1. Are they good? Are they worth the pennies?

The answer is yes and no. Some records are not worth it at all, like ‘Final XS’or ‘Mind Moves’. But then other the other hand there are some records on here are blinding, like Buzz’s mix of ‘XTC Love’ and ‘Stick ‘em Up’, ‘The Beat Goes…’, etc. In a way this cheapskate album made sure that the music spoke for itself, and keeps itself out of my bin. Even though it’s the cheapest looking album ever, it’s still not worth being thrown away.

I like the records. Happy Hardcore fun at a cool price? That’s such a 90s advertisment slang. But it worked for me. I bought it, and still play it 22 years later.

Sadly no review online, not on Soundcloud or Youtube. You must be able to find this album somewhere…


Raving Madness | Podcast107 | Happy Hardcore (2017)

Raving Madness | Podcast107 | Happy Hardcore(2017)

Raving Madness | Podcast107 | Happy Hardcore(2017)

DJ: Raving Madness
Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, UK Rave, Hardcore Techno, Gabber
Mix Info: Raving Madness | Podcast107 | Happy Hardcore
Length Mix: 00:36:13
Tracks:  16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Raving Madness – Soundcloud Page

The last couple of weeks the only kind of style I’ve been reviewing has been Hardcore. Well, that’s all because Thunderdome is about to happen. But seeing as I was full on Hardcore, I wanted something lighter. Something happier. Something cheesier. And voila! I found a mix, dedicated to the Happy Hardcore sound from the 90s. The DJ who made this mix is Raving Madness, and it’s the 107th edition of his podcast series, in which he plays everything, from Early Hardcore to Millennium Hardcore to Happy Hardcore.

I used to love Happy Hardcore back in the days. A huge fan of the compilation with the same name, I bought them all, and raved in my bedroom all day, all night. Happy Hardcore over the years got a lot of stick from literally everyone, but I couldn’t care less. Happy Hardcore was, and still is awesome. And to hear and see mixes on Soundcloud dedicated to this magnificent style bring a smile on my face.

Don’t know anything about the DJ, but his podcast series looks amazing. I will check other mixes out when I’ve got the chance. But for now I’m focussing on this mix, and it’s about time for me to show you the tracklist!

tracklist TCD

01. Dyewitness – Masterplan (Live Version) 
02. Seduction & Eruption – Bust The New Jam (Hard Mix) 
03. Infernus – I Want Your Love (Original Happy Hardcore Mix) 
04. Sonicdriver – In Your Arms Tonight
05. Paul Elstak – Luv U More (Paul’s Forze Mix) 
06. Brothers In Crime – How Deep Is Your Love (Dwarf Mix) 
07. Creasemaster & Slamdog – Bump The Bass
08. Evil Maniax – 4 x Funk (Bass In Ya Face)
09. June – Suck My Dick
10. Mongoose – Flame On (El Bruto Remix) 
11. Enfusia – Hit ‘Em With This
12. Tekno Mafia – Bugs Don’t Fly
13. Obliterator – New Improved Shit
14. Wicked Dimension – Everytime I Think Of You
15. Tellurian – So Damn Tough
16. Sigma 909 – Smooth Crimina

Now this is a tracklist and a half! And I can say to you that, even though I am a Happy Hardcore fan, I know only 80% of the records Raving Madness used for this mix. There are a few unknowns in this mix, and that has tickled my enthusiasm for it. Time to blow off the dust from the collection, and see if I’m still a proper Happy Hardcore fanatic!

And the answer to that is ‘yes’. This mix has sparked my enthusiasm, and brought smiles for miles. I always wondered what happened to all these wonderful producers, where have they gone? Do they know what kind of impact their tunes still have on the raving masses?

Raving Madness has made a very interesting podcast, and the tracks are all solid. Sometimes cheesy (like Sonicdriver’s ‘In Your Arms Tonight’ and ‘I Want Your Love’ by Infernus) and sometimes just banging stuff like ‘Bump The Bass’. I’m so deeply in love with this kind of music, and I can only give positive credit to Raving Madness.

Smiles for miles. 36 minutes of pure Happy Hardcore. Cheesy? Check. Hardcore? Check. Smiles for miles? Double check!