Cally Producer Mix June 2017

Cally Producer Mix June 2017

Cally Producer Mix June 2017

DJ: Cally
Genre/Style: Hard House, Hard Dance, Hardstyle
Mix Info: Producer Mix June 2017
Length Mix: 00:30:56
Tracks: 9 (nine)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Cally – Official Website

Before anyone starts mentioning the fact that I haven’t put the download details down, let me just say that it didn’t work for me. I’ve got internet issues, so I tried downloading, but it didn’t work. Network issues grrr. Anyway, you are getting excited now, knowing that you can download this mix by the legendary Cally.

21 days ago he uploaded a mix, showcasing his producing skills, and it’s packed with unreleased anthems and edits, which are being released throughout the year. And it was also for the launch of a radio show called ‘Hijacked’, presented by D GROVE. But what can we expect? Well, a short mix with 9 tracks, written/cowritten or remixed by Cally, and the beats, basses and melodies will come flying at you through your speakers.

Cally, does he really need an introduction? I don’t think so. If you want to know more, let your friend Google help you. Just typ in ‘Cally’ and you will find all the information you need: when he started DJing, where he has been, his PIN code, the size of his pants, everything. Google can be amazing (but the last two are probably not on there, I reckon?).

Let me show you the tracklist. And it’s a big one!

tracklist TCD

01. Cally & Steve Hill feat MC Shocker – RVRS BASS In The HDUK
02. Cally – Zenith
03. B.R.K. – Dance To The House (Cally Remix) 
04. Second Element – Give Me Your Love (Hatom Remix) (Cally Edit) 
05. Cally, Steve Hill & MKN – Music Is The Answer
06. Cally & Riot – Out Here Alone
07. Cally & Juice and Brain M vs MC Bunn feat MC Shocker – Bionic Grand Finale Anthem (Original Mix) 
08. Hardwell – Apollo (Noisecontrollers Remix) (Cally & Malfunction Edit) 
09. Da Tweekaz – Hewwego (Darren Styles Remix) (Cally Edit) 

A short but very intoxicating tracklist. This mix contains only 9 tracks, but they are all exciting. As he put it on Soundcloud, many are unreleased, or will be released soon. So exclusives are in this mix. Don’t know which ones will be released and which ones aren’t. That’s up to you to find out, eh?

The mix is focussed on the Hardstyle side of music, but the kind of style he makes, isn’t 100% Hardstyle. It’s got influences from other styles, mainly Hard House. Hard House, obviously the UK side of it. It’s a nice combination, a nice flow. But it’s a more gentle form of Hardstyle.

What Cally has given us, is a short mix, but a truly exciting mix. A mix that will go down well this weekend, if you put your speakers on maximum, and make sure that the neighbourhood hears it too. Your neighbours will thank you. I reckon this weekend is the perfect weekend to let the world know what kind of music you have embraced.

Best record in this mix? Well, there are two: ‘Music Is The Answer’, and ‘Out Here Alone’. Can’t beat these.

I might try later to get this mix downloaded from his website, but for me now it’s still not working. But until the moment I’ve got this mix in my possession, I will keep on playing it over and over again. Thanks Soundcloud and Cally, for making this mix available.

A big mix gets a big score:


Sound Driver – DJ ARMY [#006] (2017)

Sound Driver - DJ ARMY [#006] (2017)

Sound Driver – DJ ARMY [#006] (2017)

DJ: Sound Driver
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Hard Dance
Mix Info: Sound Driver – DJ ARMY [#006] Length Mix: 00:55:09
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 126 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Sound Driver – Facebook Fanpage

I’ve been on a Hardstyle quest the last couple of weeks, and it’s been made worst since I saw the endshow at this year’s Defqon.1. How epic was that!!? That made me go back into Hardstyle-mode, and now I want more, and more. One of the mixes I found a couple of weeks ago was a mix made by Sound Driver, for something called ‘DJ Army’. Don’t know the reason behind it, but I don’t care, if I’m brutally honest. I just want Hardstyle 24/7 pumping through my speakers, and I think I found the right mix to start my weekend with.

I’ve not seen the name Sound Driver before, or DJ Army, but it’s all about the music. And the music he has selected is great! Uplifting and Euphoric Hardstyle, that’s what I want to hear! Tracks by Atmozfears, Noisecontrollers, Max Enforcer, Frontliner, Coone, and more. It’s packed with well known names, and the tracks are also well known. It has got one of the biggest anthems of 2017 in it: ‘Victory Forever’. You can say whatever you want, but this is seriously one of the best anthems, a true dancefloor slammer! So what else can you find in this mix?


01. Frontliner – Summer
02. Noisecontrollers – Jaydee (2012 Edit) 
03. Darren Styles & Re-Con feat Matthew Steeper – Rest Of Your Life (Da Tweekaz Remix) 
04. Ed Sheeran – Perfect (Noise Dimentionz Bootleg) 
05. Atmozfears & Audiotricz – Reawakening
06. Max Enforcer – Lost In Paradise
07. Max Enforcer & Coone – LOVE x HATE
08. Audiotricz & Atmozfears – Raise Your Hands (Live Edit) 
09. D-Block & S-te-Fan and Deepack – Rocking With The Best
10. Frequencerz – Victory Forever (Defqon.1 Anthem 2017) 
11. Deepack – Our World
12. Atmozfears & Energyzed – This Is Hardstyle
13. Noisecontrollers & Bass Modulators – The Feeling Of
14. Devin Wild – Remorse

This is a beauty, isn’t it? This is packed with the finest tunes, and Sound Driver did his best to make it worth while. And TCD agrees that this is worth your time. A wonderful and packed mix with excellent tunes.

Sound Driver’s mission has been fulfilled. It made me (TCD) a very happy person. To start off your mix with ‘Summer’ by Frontliner, wow! Haven’t heard that anthem before, but it suits the atmosphere right now. It’s hot, moist, and basically time for everyone to lay on the beach, or dance the night away (or both). Such a wicked anthem, and after that it’s anthem after anthem.

But as I said before, ‘Victory Forever’. Nothing can beat or compete with it. This is truly an astonishing record. This record shows why Hardstyle is still alive and kicking, and awesome!

I love this mix a lot. This is just perfect. Maybe one tiny remark: Ed Sheeran’s voice doesn’t suit the Hardstyle scene. That’s the only record I found extremely boring. But maybe it’s a good track for those who like his music, but don’t get Hardstyle. It’s not for me, sadly.

Sound Driver, thank you for this cool mix!


2002 – 2006 Classic Hardstyle Mix – By Hardheadz (2017)

2002 - 2006 Classic Hardstyle Mix - By Hardheadz (2017)

2002 – 2006 Classic Hardstyle Mix – By Hardheadz (2017)

DJ: Hardheadz
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Hard House, Hard Dance
Mix Info: 2002-2006 Classic Hardstyle Mix By Hardheadz
Length Mix: 01:32:22
Tracks: 20 (twenty)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Scantraxx Recordz – Official Website

I’m on a roll today, listening to some older tracks and mixes. And mixes focussed on the golden years of a style. This time I’m listening to a mix dedicated to Scantraxx and the year between 2002 and 2006. Can’t believe that some of these tunes are between 11 and 15 years old! I can remember the years like they were yesterday. The music I listened to back then was this, Hardstyle/Hard House music. This was what dominated my life, when my passion for Hardcore faded away. And one of the labels that kept on pushing this new style forward was (and still is) Scantraxx Recordz.

This time machine that I’ve climbed into is a pleasant one. First I went back to the early 90s with a nice mix by Bass-D, and now we go forward to the early 00s, and this mix has been made by Hardheadz. I recognise the name, but that is all. I do know nothing, if I’m brutally honest. My love for Hardstyle has faded away during the last couple of years, so I’ve missed out of a lot of new artists. Or it could be that Hardheards has been in the game for a while and I simply not paid attention.

Anyhow, let’s focus on the mix. 20 tracks in an hour and a half mix. Well, it’s strictly speaking NOT hour and a half, because the last 5 a 6 minutes were silent. But you get your money’s worth. 20 wicked tracks, released by Scantraxx or one of its sublabels. You will love the tracklist.


01. Taq 9 – Beatz In Time
02. Marc Arcadipane vs The Prophet – Stereo Killa
03. DJ Duro – Psycho
04. DJ Duro – Cocaine Motherfucker
05. The Prophet – Cocain Bizznizz
06. The Prophet vs Deepack – Stampuhh!!
07. Dana & The Prophet – Pump Dizz
08. Blademasterz – Masterblade
09. Headhunterz – The Sacrifice
10. The Prophet – OG Pimp
11. Headhunterz vs Abject – Scantraxx Rootz
12. A-Lusion – Re-Count
13. Unknown Analoq – Blackout (Brennan Heart Re-Edit) 
14. The Prophet vs Brennan Heart – Attakk
15. Headhunterz – Victim Of My Rage
16. The Prophet – Pornstar
17. Hardheadz – Wreck Thiz Place
18. Brennan Heart – Revival X
19. Headhunterz – Time To Rock
20. DJ Duro & The Prophet – Shizzle My Dizzle

How about that, Hardheadz has a record in this mix! Shame I didn’t pay attention at all lol. Hardheadz must have been in the scene for quite a while. Let’s blow off the dust from my collection and see if the name appears on those old collections. If so, my brain is slightly loosing it.

Focus on the mix, and the mix is good! You get so many records thrown at you, and I’m liking them all. Can’t believe they were released more than 10 years ago! They dominated my youth and the scene. Who can forget those memorable tunes by The Prophet, like ‘Stereo Killa’, ‘Pump Dizz’, ‘Stampuhh!!’ and more. We all have to admit that we went loose when we heard ‘Stampuhh!!’ coming through the speakers. And yes, if you were Dutch this record did the most for you, because the majority of the lyrics are Dutch. But it didn’t matter: the music spoke for itself.

The mix is good. Taking me back to when Hardstyle and Hard House were cutting edge, and exciting. Nowadays it has became slightly bland and boring, but back in the early 2000s labels such as Scantraxx made sure the records were fresh and dancefloor ready.

Hardheadz’s mix is dope. Nothing to comment about. Sit back, relax, and let the beats, basses and melodies come through your speakers. And admit: 2002-2006 were the golden years, without a shadow of a doubt!


Scot Project Live-set @ HCOTB 11-07-2015

Scot Project Live-set @ HCOTB 11-07-2015

Scot Project Live-set @ HCOTB 11-07-2015

DJ: Scot Project
Genre/Style: Hard Trance, Hard Style, Oldskool, Rave, Early Hardstyle
Liveset Info: Recorded @ HardClassics On The Beach 11-07-2015
Length Liveset: 01:00:31
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information : Scot Project – Facebook Fanpage

The internet is filled with billions of hours of music, splendid music. And it takes a while to actually find music you were looking for. For example: I was looking for some early Hardstyle/Hard House tunes, and by accident I came across this liveset by Scot Project (it’s not written well on Soundcloud nor on the flyer, it’s only with one ‘t’). This set was recorded at HardClassics On The Beach, on the 11th of July 2015. The line-up was good: Pavo, Scot Project, DHHD, Deepack, Luna, Daniele Mondello, Freestyle Maniacs, The Viper and more. With such a line-up the event must have been good, and according those who went (and rated the event on Partyflock), the event was very good!

One of those sets can be found on Soundcloud. Scot Project’s liveset. And you get what you were hoping for! For starters he played a few really oldskool classics, and after that he goes all in and plays the finest tunes you can get! Most of them being remixes by himself, but you can’t go wrong with him. Seriously, Scot Project has made so many great anthems, I prefer his tunes over any new Hardstyle/Hard Dance tracks. Come on, ‘L’ (I Want Your Love)…. can’t go wrong with that track.

The tracklist was kindly provided, and it’s a beauty. Call yourself a true Dance music lover? You will dig this a lot!


01. The Ultimate Seduction – The Ultimate Seduction
02. Speedy J – Pullover
03. Mauro Picotto – Lizard
04. Derb – Derb
05. Hennes & Cold – The Second Trip (DJ Scot Project Remix) 
06. Mike Dragon – Orange Song (Emphasis Hardclub Mix) 
07. Yakooza – Cocaine (DJ Scot Project Remix) 
08. Derb – DFC (DJ Scot Project Remix) 
09. Thomas Rubin – Cold Night (DJ Scot Project Remix) 
10. Beam vs Cyrus – Thunder In Paradise
11. Twister’s Silence – Listen To Me Mama (DJ Scot Project Remix) 
12. Marcel Woods – Advanced (DJ Scot Project’s Set You Free Remix 2006) 
13. DJ Scot Project – FM2
14. Walt – Let The Music Play
15. Showtek – Expansion

Sweet Lord, what a tracklist!!! Impressive tracks, Scot Project has picked most of his own remixes, but they are so f**king worth it! Look at the track, just look at them!

For crying out loud, why can’t they make music as good as these tunes? When I first fell in love with it, it must have been the early 2000s. And still they demolish my braincells. I love so many tracks in this mix, such as ‘The Second Trip’, ‘Cocaine’, ‘Cold Night’ (the drop is IMMENSE),’Listen To Me Mama’, but the one that does the most damage to my emotions is ‘FM2′. The one track I can’t remember, or maybe never heard of before.

There might be small errors in this set, but I forgive Scot Project. He makes up with a shitload of dancefloor smashers! When these tunes dominated the dance scene I was raving the night away, and hearing these tunes coming at me full blast! These tunes dominated my youth, and to this day they make me smile from ear to ear!

A wonderful, exciting, and all in all a beauty of a set! I should search for more Scot Project, I need to take a time machine trip at least once a day, those early days can not be beaten. Quality over quantity, and Scot Project was the man to go to, to make an excellent remix. This set is sublime!

No I’ve changed my mind about the best record. Sorry Scot, ‘Cold Night’ still has the drop that no one saw coming. Or the build up that no one has ever improved (because it’s ace). Yep, ‘Cold Night’. All day!