Rave Collision (1995)

Rave Collision (1995)

Rave Collision (1995)

Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Gabber, Hard Trance
Release Year: 1995
CD Info: ‘Over 60 mins of HappyHardcoreFun at a COOL PRICE’
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 01:17:27
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Label: Broken Beats Records
Product Number: EWM41782
More Information: ———————–

Last week I went through my whole music collection, and did the unthinkable: I made sure everything was where it should have been, and threw away CDs I didn’t play for years, or cases which didn’t have anything in it. Empty cases, what a nightmare. And a shame. Whilst doing that, I found a CD so unique, you probably have never seen it before. Or maybe you have, but since 1995 never seen it again.

This Happy Hardcore CD is 22 years old, and it still plays! How about that? It was released by a label I’ve never heard of before, and never seen since. But on the cover it said ‘cool price’, and I reckon in the time we still had Guilders in the Netherlands, it must have been cheap? Don’t actually know the price, that’s always the first thing I got off albums.

It does look extremely cheap. Not an album which stands out from compilations such as ‘Happy Hardcore’ by Arcade. But why did I buy it? It was in the haydays of Happy Hardcore, and I was (and still am) a fan of compilations. I must have only had a few quid in my pocket and couldn’t afford the real deal, so I bought this. Still happy enough for me. But was it worth it?

Let me show you the tracklist, and you will immediately see if it was worth it. Oh yeah, let me remind you, not only does it look cheap, the tracklist on the back of the album isn’t 100% accurate.

tracklist TCD

01. Rodd-Yler feat Clinique Team – Mission Fulfilled (Classique Version) 
02. Bass D & Mathew – Heart Beat
03. DJ Waxweazle – Going Down Again
04. Jean Sibart & Joel Tramb – Right Is Wrong (Right Mix) 
05. DJ Jorg & Rico – It Started With A Bass
06. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – Kick This Muthaf#@ka
07. Duo Pennotti – The Beat Goes…
08. Buzz Fuzz – Mind Moves
09. DJ Timo Maas – Final XS (Rave Version) 
10. DJ Waxweazle – It’s About Time
11. Re-Charge – Xperience
12. Bertolucci Freanzano – XTC Love (Buzz Mix) 
13. Bass D & King Matthew feat XD – Stick ‘em Up
14. Buzz Fuzz – Mind Moves

Have you noticed they used twice Buzz Fuzz’s record ‘Mind Moves’? The last record on the cover states ‘The Prophet – Allright Now, Here We Go’, but is it bollocks? How stupid is that? Well, the album was cheap, so cheap, they re-used a record. And some titles are off.

This might have been one of those albums so cheap, you rather used it as a coaster. But at least they weren’t as cheap as those stupid Mecado CDs (those who are Dutch, you should know about them). But let’s not forget the album does look cheap, it has some cheap things/wrongdoings, but what counts are the records. 13 + 1. Are they good? Are they worth the pennies?

The answer is yes and no. Some records are not worth it at all, like ‘Final XS’or ‘Mind Moves’. But then other the other hand there are some records on here are blinding, like Buzz’s mix of ‘XTC Love’ and ‘Stick ‘em Up’, ‘The Beat Goes…’, etc. In a way this cheapskate album made sure that the music spoke for itself, and keeps itself out of my bin. Even though it’s the cheapest looking album ever, it’s still not worth being thrown away.

I like the records. Happy Hardcore fun at a cool price? That’s such a 90s advertisment slang. But it worked for me. I bought it, and still play it 22 years later.

Sadly no review online, not on Soundcloud or Youtube. You must be able to find this album somewhere…


Shimotsukei – Watchtower Vol. 3 Mix (2015)

Shimotsukei - Watchtower Vol. 3 Mix (2015)

Shimotsukei – Watchtower Vol. 3 Mix (2015)

DJ: Shimotsukei
Genre/Style: Freeform, Hard Trance
Mix Info: Watchtower Vol. 3 Mix – 2015-08-08
Length Mix: 00:41:10
Tracks: 8 (eight)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 94.2 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Shimotsukei – Soundcloud Page

Last week I discovered a new mix (which is actually an ‘old’ one) by Shimotsukei, and after listening to it, it blew me away. Sadly I went on a holiday, and had no time to review it, but I saved it as a favourite on Internet Explorer, and only today I went back onto my computer, and there it was! I could not leave this mix aside, and review another one, I simply couldn’t.

For those who are unaware of what Watchtower actually is, it’s a CD compilation, focussed on spreading ‘underground’ music, mainly Freeform. And this third instalment was released back in 2015, and it contained artists such as Alek Szahala, Transcend, Eryk Orpheus, Endemic, Douglas, Qygen and more. Back in 2015 Shimotsukei made a promo mix for this album, but it only recently emerged onto Soundcloud. Don’t ask me why, don’t have a clue. But it’s good that, even though it’s 2 years later, it was uploaded onto this platform, because it’s really a dope mix!

If you want to hear some dark, edgy, yet beautiful and inspiring Freeform, check this mix (and the actual album) out. Let me show you the tracklist, you will be impressed.


01. Qygen – Soul Survivor
02. Alek Szahala – Avalanche
03. Rik Arkitech – Heart Is A Flutter
04. GULD vs Betwixt & Between – Hatral (GULD 2013 Mix) 
05. Le Dos-on & Psycho Stalker – Chemical Wash
06. Substanced – Ghost Of The Future (Alchemiist Remix) 
07. Aryx – Helix
08. Epyx & Cyrez vs Tyranoid / Strongstream – What Lies Below

The tracklist is short, but the mix is very good and rough. I’m really entertained from the first to the last second, and the 8 tracks Shimotsukei has selected are all really good. This is Freeform the way I like it: dark and edgy. A lot of Trance influences, but a bit faster and tougher.

I can honestly say that this mix rocks hard. If Freeform is your thing, and you are digging it the way I do, you should definately check this mix out. Not a lot of tracks, but they are played as long as you can imagine, no short radio edits. And they’ve been carefully mixed by Shimotsukei, and it’s a good promo mix. It nearly made me buy one, but I reckon all copies are sold out. Wouldn’t know where to get a copy.

I could talk for days, but I am simply not going to do that. You just go and play this mix right now. No mucking about, no waiting until tomorrow, do it now! And be amazed. Let this mix be your guide on this dreadful and boring Saturday morning. This is the way all ravers should wake up: play the finest mixes out there on maximum volume level.

What are you waiting for? Have you pressed play yet?


Organ Donors – Oldskool Autopsy (2008)

Organ Donors - Oldskool Autopsy (2008)

Organ Donors – Oldskool Autopsy (2008)

Artist: Organ Donors
Genre/Style: Oldskool, Rave, Techno, Hard House, Hard Trance, Breakbeat, Acid
Release Year: 2008
CD Info: Organ Donors – Oldskool Autopsy
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 01:18:35
Tracks: 15 + 1 secret track (fifteen + one)
Label: Tidy
Product Number: TIDYOSA
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 179 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Organ Donors – Facebook Fanpage

You know it’s Christmas when you find hundreds of presents underneath the tree. But sometimes you don’t even need to look underneath the three to find something magical! This year the legendary Organ Donors decided to give a wicked Christmas present to all of us by giving away their 2008 album ‘Oldskool Autopsy’, which you can find on Soundcloud right now! Ain’t that something? That’s beautiful, free music. And especially when it’s made by the Organ Donors and it concerns Oldskool music. What else could you wish for this year? We’ve got all that we wanted! Thank you Santa.

The album is obviously focussed on the Oldskool side of things, and the Organ Donors have been influenced by artists such as KLF, Joey Beltram, Massive Attack, Moby, and more. Basically what they’ve done back in 2006 to 2008 is take Oldskool anthems and give it the Organ Donor twist. And I’m impressed. You look at the tracklist and you know immediately who made the originals, and you wonder how it sounds like after the Organ Donors gave it a twist. That’s not 100% unique, I think it’s normally called a remix. But in this case they took the whole record apart (autopsy), put the most important bits back in place and added bits here and there, thankfully not creating a Frankenstein, but a beautiful creature.

The tracklist will make you go ‘oh yeah, I know that one’ or ‘mmm, who made the original again?’ You know the anthems, I’m sure of it. Whilst you are waiting for the download to commence, why not like the boys on Facebook, just to show your appreciation for their awesome Christmas present?


01. Organ Donors – Oldskool Autopsy
02. Organ Donors – What Time Is Love
03. Organ Donors – Activ8
04. Organ Donors – Go
05. Organ Donors – Made In 2 Minutes
06. Organ Donors – Acid In The System
07. Organ Donors & Vinylgroover – Good Life
08. Organ Donors – 2v231o
09. Organ Donors – Teardrop
10. Organ Donors & Dr. Willis – Moog Eruption
11. Organ Donors – Mentasm
12. Organ Donors – Super Mario Brothers
13. Organ Donors & Alex Kidd – Let Me Be Your Fantasy
14. Organ Donors – 9 Is A Classic
15. Organ Donors – Inner City Life
16. Organ Donors – The Answer Phone (Secret Track)

The way they’ve composed these tracks is amazing! They still left the Oldskool-ness in each and every track, and even though this album is from 2008, it still sounds fresh and wouldn’t sound off when it would have been released 8 years later, in 2016.

On Discogs you can find more information who made the original. But I’m more focussed on the Organ Donors and their take on these classic anthems. Did it work? Was it worth it, spending 2 years in a studio, fabricating each track? Was it worth the time and effor they’ve spent on them? The answer is simply ‘yes’. It’s always good when people give their own twist to an Oldskool track. Not often does it work, because nothing can top the original. But on this album the Organ Donors have done the originals justice by making their versions excellent.

You sometimes hear an album with remixes and you face-palm yourself, wondering how in God’s name the remixer came up with that crap. Not in this case. Not one face-palm moment during this album.

These are classics. And I’m not talking about the originals, these versions of classic anthems are on its own classics. Maybe not the last track, because that’s just a weird track. But for example ‘Mentasm’ is such a good remix. The original was tight, but this version rocks too! Or ‘Go’, an all-time classic by Moby. This version does the trick too, shake the dancefloor.

Really good album. And for free. Thank you Organ Donors for it. This has made my Christmas even better! Download this right now, and you won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t, and I’m not easily pleased!


Alex Kidd – Goodgreef Album Three (2005)

Alex Kidd - Goodgreef Album Three (2005)

Alex Kidd – Goodgreef Album Three (2005)

DJ: Alex Kidd
Genre/Style: Hard House, Hardstyle, Hard Trance, Techno
Mix Info: Goodgreef Album Three
Length Mix: 01:18:49
Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 108 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 192kbps
More Information: Alex Kidd – Facebook Fanpage

Sometimes Soundcloud can be very useful. Very useful. Music for everyone. Brand new music. But sometimes you just want to go back in time, and find old mixes, mixes you used to listen to. And I found one that I technically didn’t listen to, but the tracks in it are known to me. And it’s also for free! A mix made by Alex Kidd for the album ‘Goodgreef Album Three’. Two discs with awesome Hard House music (the other was mixed by Yoji Biomehanika). Not many artists upload older mixes for free, so why not grab this one, and have a wonderful Sunday?

Alex Kidd doesn’t need to be introduced. If you love Hard House you know exactly who he is. If you are a fan you probably own this album already? If you haven’t, it’s time for you to go to Soundcloud and download this monster mix, because it contains the dopest tunes from 2005 (well, 2005 or prior to 2005). And as the title of the mix reveals, it has Techno to Hard Trance tunes in it (and whatever’s in between).

This was my kind of music back in 2005! I went ape when I heard these tunes on my portable CD player. I rocked my headphones so hard, they wouldn’t last longer than 1 month. Hard House was big in the Netherlands, but not as big as it should have been. I love the hardness of it, the brutal beats, basses and melodies coming through your speakers, and they would still be able to send you to a higher level of euphoria. Hard House from 2005, where did you go? I miss you!


01. Unknown Artist – Opening
02. The Brattice – MC’s From Hell
03. Outburst – Vengeance
04. Cygnific – Vires
05. Public Domain – Luv U More (PD’s Dirty Mix) 
06. David Forbes & Mallorca Lee – Close Your Eyes
07. Avaline – Never Sever
08. Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – Higher State Of Consciousness
09. Q-ic & Ghost – Desire – Go Higher (Club Mix) 
10. D10 – Binary Harder (Part 2)
11. Gaz West – Free Your Mind
12. Masif DJs – Silence (D10 Vocal Mix) 
13. Fallen Angel – I See You In My Dreams (Alex Kidd & Dark By Design Remix) 
14. Sol Ray & Dark By Design – Nowhere To Hide
15. Southside Pornstars – Dirty Girl (Vinylgroover & The Red Hed Remix) 
16. Outburst – Live And Learn
17. Wheels Of Steel – Terroristz Of Bazz (Sam Punk’s Hardjump Remix) 
18. Remy & Roland Klinkenberg – Til Ya Drop!
19. DJ Scot Project – L (Want Your Love)
20. Dark By Design & DJ JP – Noize & Musik
21. Lab 4 – Requiem (The Metatron Remix) 

This contains so many great anthems, like ‘Vengeance’, ‘Desire – Go Higher’, ‘Binary Harder (Part 2)’, ‘Terroristz Of Bazz’, and the list goes on. This will literally change your weekend! Put this on, and your mind will be in a different place. Mine has since the first time I heard it.

They don’t make tunes this dope anymore. The music might still be alive, but as awesome and as euphoric as it was back in 2005 will not be reached. The equivalent to what was made around 2005 is so unique and breathtakingly beautiful can not be reached. The music has progressed, but I still prefer the sound from 11 years ago. Why? Well, listen to this mix and be the judge of it yourself.

Alex Kidd’s mix is really good. I forgot several of those memorable anthems, haven’t heard some for a decade! Yes, I lost my passion for Hard House when it became too commercialised, but thankfully I can reminisce to the good years of it, and thanks to DJs like Alex Kidd enjoy it in 2016. The music was good, the mix was tight, and that’s all we need!

Dangerous mix. I haven’t stopped listening to it. Come on, is there a replacement to Scot Project’s ‘L’? Nope, this is probably the dopest track you will ever hear! The build up is immense, the piano section just gorgeous, the vocal takes my breath away… but it ain’t the best track in this mix, because ‘Binary Harder (Part 2)’ is much better!

Alex, what have you done to me? My mind is filled up with your mix now, and has replaced precious space, which I needed to store my creditcard number, my mobile phone number, the names of all my ex-girlfriends, etc. Thanks. Well, it ain’t bad, to be honest. Having this mix constantly in your head will do you only good.

Alex, you are a boss. This mix still rules in 2016! 11 years old, still sounding fresh and uplifting.