Skinny – HU 10 Years Event Mix 2016

Skinny - HU 10 Years Event Mix 2016

Skinny – HU 10 Years Event Mix 2016

DJ: Skinny
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Hardstyle
Liveset Info: Recorded @ HU 10 Years Event Mix 2016
Length Liveset: 00:59:43
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 136 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Skinny – Facebook Fanpage

Last year marked the anniversary of Hardcore Undergound as a label and party organiser. 10 years in the game, still upfront and unique. They threw a party in London, and the line-up was great: Brisk, MOB, Cube::Hard, Entity, Scoot, Clarkey & Jekyll, Fracus & Darwin vs Daniel Seven, and as MCs they had Obie, Keyes, Energy and Korkie. And ofcourse the man who uploaded his set onto Soundcloud: Skinny. The line-up was immense, and sadly I couldn’t be there. But I can re-live the moment. With Skinny you can’t go wrong, you simply can’t.

His set contains a lot of his own records, and they are good! Come on, let’s agree with one thing: he’s an underrated UK Hardcore producer. He knows a thing or two how to make a good record, and in this you can find a lot of his stuff. And some he made with Darwin. This mix stays true to the music that Hardcore Underground pushes forward, the music we all love. And another thing: looking at the amount of his own records in this set, isn’t it about time he releases his own album?

Let’s see the tracks. It’s worth a glance.


01. Stu Infinity – I Found You (Original Mix) 
02. Borgeous & Shaun Frank feat Delaney Jane – This Could Be Love (Stu Infinity Remix) 
03. Skinny – Yes Oh Yes
04. Skinny & 3Star – Retro Feelings
05. Skinny – Drop This
06. Skinny – Pressure Rockin’
07. Outforce & Stu Infinity – About To Go Down (Original Mix) 
08. Skinny feat Cecilia Walker – Only Enough
09. Stu Infinity – Walking Away (Original Mix) 
10. Skinny & Darwin – Ways Of The Underground
11. Stu Infinity – Rave Shake (Original Mix) 
12. Skinny & Darwin – I Can’t Get You
13. Skinny & Darwin – Just Fly
14. Skinny – Cut It Up
15. Deeper Territory & Skinny feat Poison Rain – Comes From Within
16. Simon Says We Nicked – Hello

Skinny stays true to what the label represents, and his music is always cheerful and uplifting. Just like the way UK Hardcore should be. I’m digging the records a lot! And Skinny, when can we see your own artist album? It’s about time, the fans are screaming for it (well, I am).

If you were there, you must have had a wonderful time. I had a wonderful time listening to Skinny’s set. Really happy, and cheerful. Which track made me bounce/rave the hardest? Well, sadly not a Skinny records, but a track by Outforce and Stu Infinity, called ‘About To Go Down’. Sweet Lord, this is so happy and cheerful, this stayed in my head for hours!!!!

He starts with ‘softer’ records and ends with a few bangers. Just the way a set should be played. Nice and easy start, and towards the end you start to generate blisters underneath your feet, and that’s because you already raved too hard. The BPMs go up, and so does the pain. But it’s worth it!

Skinny, you delivered yet another amazing mix. If you are reading this, you should check this mix out right now! It doesn’t matter if anything and anyone around you disappoints you, this won’t. Trust me. This won’t!


Chris Unknown – I’m Alive (2015)

Chris Unknown - I'm Alive (2015)

Chris Unknown – I’m Alive (2015)

Artist: Chris Unknown & Various Artists
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore
Release Year: 2015
CD Info: Chris Unknown – I’m Alive
CDs: 2 (two)
Length CDs: 02:06:00
Tracks: 34 (thirty-four)
Label: Klubbed Up
Product Number: KUACD07
Buy Here (via Hardcore Underground): BUY HERE
More Information: Chris Unknown – Facebook Fanpage

Back in 2015 many albums were released, but the long awaited album by Chris Unknown got the most attention. The most anticipated album of 2015, and I only bought it last year (in December I think, around Black Friday). I should be ashamed, and I really am, but there are so many albums I should look out for and purchase, and seeing as this is a hobby, it would become very dearly. But I had to get this album. I would normally say that I don’t know why, but with this album I felt the urge to get it. If you’ve been following the scene for… erm… the last couple of years, you know exactly how good Chris Unknown is and how well received his tunes are!

The change in music style for Chris Unknown has been very good, his new style is very good. Really liked his music when he was part of Sy & Unknown, but on his own the music does the trick too: he only produces dancefloor smashers. It’s been a good couple of years in the making, this new album, but the result is astonishing! In his past he already made excellent tunes, but come on, this new sound is quite tasty. You can disagree, but who are you and what do you know about music? Well, if you are a well known producer with years of experience, you might have an opinion and disagree. But in all fairness, it’s the crowd that makes the music work: they are the ones judging it. And in every set so far in 2015 and 2016 a track by Chris Unknown has been played, and the crowd has reacted like you would expect: absolutely bonkers!

The tracklist is good, 2 discs, the first being unmixed and the second a mix by the man himself: Chris Unknown.


CD 1 – Unmixed Full Length Tracks 
01. Chris Unknown & Re-Con feat Gavin Beach – I’m Alive
02. Chris Unknown & Darren Styles – Freak
03. Chris Unknown – I Don’t Need No Drugs
04. Chris Unknown, Re-Con  & Klubfiller – Takin’ Me Back
05. Chris Unknown – Killa Sound
06. Chris Unknown & Gammer – Raise Ur F*cking Hands!
07. Chris Unknown & Re-Con – Summer Haze
08. Chris Unknown & Re-Con – Summer Haze (Dirty Mix) 
09. Chris Unknown – Get Down
10. Chris Unknown & Klubfiller – Falling
11. Chris Unknown & Re-Con – Take Me Up
12. Chris Unknown & Mark Breeze – A Different Stylee
13. Chris Unknown, Re-Con & Klubfiller – Money Bitch
14. Chris Unknown – Shake
15. Chris Unknown & Re-Con – I Can Follow
16. Chris Unknown & Alex Prospect – Need You Everyday
17. Chris Unknown, Re-Con & Klubfiller – Drop The Beat

CD 2 – Mixed By Chris Unknown 
01. Chris Unknown & Re-Con feat Gavin Beach – I’m Alive
02. Chris Unknown & Mark Breeze – A Different Stylee
03. Chris Unknown & Re-Con – Summer Haze
04. Chris Unknown & Re-Con – Summer Haze (Dirty Mix) 
05. Chris Unknown & Re-Con – Take Me Up
06. Chris Unknown – Get Down
07. Chris Unknown & Darren Styles – Freak
08. Chris Unknown & Alex Prospect – Need You Everyday
09. Chris Unknown & Gammer – Raise Ur F*cking Hands!
10. Chris Unknown, Re-Con & Klubfiller – Takin’ Me Back
11. Chris Unknown – Killa Sound
12. Chris Unknown, Re-Con & Klubfiller – Money Bitch
13. Chris Unknown & Klubfiller – Falling
14. Chris Unknown – I Don’t Need No Drugs
15. Chris Unknown & Re-Con – I Can Follow
16. Chris Unknown, Re-Con & Klubfiller – Drop The Beat
17. Chris Unknown – Shake

If you’ve got not only yourself on the album, but also heavyweight artists (not talking about their actual weight though) such as Re-Con, Klubfiller, Darren Styles, Gammer, Alex Prospect, Mark Breeze… you know the album’s going to be big!

I’m digging this album a lot. Once I received in December, I obviously had to put it aside,because of my missus (nothing besides Christmas music gets the green light for the missus, anything else is a no-no). But now it’s January, and I can say in all honesty that I’ve already created scratches on the back of disc 1, because I’ve been listening to this album so much. Maybe too much? Is there ever such a thing as too much Chris Unknown?

The music is dope, melodic and dancefloor friendly. Also vocally. The tracks are well produced, well written, and when you get thousands of ravers every week dancing to these tunes and loving them a lot, it means that Chris Unknown is doing it well!

Best track? Crikey. I can’t pick. There are a few outstanding records such as ‘Killa Sound’, ‘Freak’, ‘Shake’, ‘Summer Haze (Dirty Mix)’, ‘I’m Alive’, ‘A Different Stylee’…. basically the whole freaking album! I can’t pick. I choose 17 amazing records, they all rock. They make me loose my cool on the dancefloor, or at home, or whilst driving.

This album should be played out only on maximum volume level. No low noise nonsense. This is really, really, really a good album! Better late then never, eh? Imagine if it got sold out and I never purchased one? I wouldn’t know what I was missing, but those who had a copy knew that one of the best UK Hardcore albums ever would not be heard by me….. and that hasn’t happened. This album has made me feel alive!

You can still get the album though. But hurry up, not for long though.


Fracus & Darwin – Classic Hardcore Underground Mix (#HUTenYears) (2016)

Fracus & Darwin - Classic Hardcore Underground Mix (#HUTenYears) (2016)

Fracus & Darwin – Classic Hardcore Underground Mix (#HUTenYears) (2016)

DJs: Fracus & Darwin
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: Classic Hardcore Underground Mix
Length Mix: 01:28:26
Tracks: 39 (thirty-nine)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 202 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Hardcore Underground – Official Website

It’s been a long time since I last heard anything from Fracus and Darwin, music wise. I am a fan of their music, really like what they have released over the years, but I don’t know why I haven’t listened to them recently. I am ashamed, I really am. And after a quick browse on my own website I found out that the last time I reviewed something made by these two was last year! Wow, never thought the day would arrive I wouldn’t listen to anything from these two legends. These two are legends, drove miles to see them play in a small place in Belgium. I’ve got most of their albums, and keep buying stuff from their label Hardcore Underground. Fracus, Darwin, if you two are reading this, I am really sorry. Please forgive me.

This mix was put online 2 months ago, and it celebrated the fact that Hardcore Underground were active in the scene for ten years, and for a radio show they made this special mix. But after many people tuned in and heard how good the mix was, they wanted the mix without the voiceovers etc. Now you can find this majestic mix, containing the finest tunes released on this mighty label, from artists such as Nu Foundation, Brisk, Entity, Fracus and Darwin and more.

If you look at the tracklist you wonder how it’s even possible how each and every track can be so good, and so succesful?! It’s like they only have top quality producers at Hardcore Underground, and when they do release tracks they have to go through a very rough selection process, and the end result is a high quality tune. No crappy tunes are released by HU, not now or ever.

Fracus and Darwin behind the decks, expect quality mixing.


01. Fracus & Darwin feat Lisa Abbott – Falling Out Of Love
02. DJ DFX & Darwin – At Last
03. Fracus & Darwin – Landed
04. Michael Mansion – Let Me In (Darwin’s Hemstock Remix) 
05. Fracus & Darwin – Turn Back Time
06. Cube::Hard – In The Moment
07. Brisk & Darwin – Never Been Away
08. Michael Mansion – Places We Go Through (Fracus Remix) 
09. Fracus – Module
10. Skinny & Darwin – I Can’t Get You
11. Entity & Darwin – I Know Where I Stand
12. Michael Mansion – Under My Window (Fracus & Darwin Remix) 
13. Entity & Darwin – Fast Forward
14. Fracus – Flux
15. Nu Foundation – In Your Head (Rave Mix) 
16. Nu Foundation – Wizzy (Darwin Remix) 
17. Nu Foundation – Lay Me Down
18. Fracus & Darwin feat Kyla – Freedom
19. Chwhynny & Darwin – Nothing There (Reese Remix) 
20. Darwin – Music For The Masses
21. Fracus & Darwin feat Cat Knight – Love Obsession (SMD Remix) 
22. Fracus & Darwin feat Ant J – You Are My Oxygen
23. Entity – Did You See It
24. Fracus & Darwin – Start Again
25. Fracus & Darwin feat Becca Hossany – Hypnotic
26. Fracus & Darwin vs CLSM feat Indie-Go-Blue – Chime
27. Fracus & Darwin – No Disguise
28. Darwin – Coral Beach
29. Fracus & Darwin – Come Home
30. Michael Mansion – Be Ur Guide (Fracus & Darwin Remix) 
31. Fracus & Entity – Far Away
32. Fracus & Darwin feat Becca Hossany – Got The Rhythm
33. Fracus & Darwin – The Good Inside
34. Fracus – All Night
35. Darwin feat Pearl Blue – Don’t Be Lonely (Fracus & Darwin Remix) 
36. Fracus & Darwin – Free From Form (Update)
37. Fracus & Darwin vs Strife II – Heartfelt
38. Fracus & Darwin – Roar
39. Wasted Penguinz – Bitterness (Fracus & Darwin Remix) 

What a beautiful tracklist! This is a beauty! Even though there are so many Fracus and Darwin tracks, it still looks absolutely gorgeous!

This contains the finest tracks from one of the greatest and best UK Hardcore labels in the whole wide world, and once you’ve pressed play, there’s no way back. You are capture by their powerful grip, and they won’t let you go. Don’t believe me? Compare this mix to other UK Hardcore mixes, how many of them have reached 10+k plays?! Not many.

Fracus and Darwin have delivered yet another awesome mix. I have never heard a bad mix from either of these two, they are top quality producers and DJs, and friendly too. It’s been too long since I last saw them and heard them live, but now I’m the country of her Majesty there’s no excuse for me anymore, I must see them.

The music has progressed over the years, but from day one it’s been quality over quantity. These tunes brought a smile on my face, and hearing them again after so many years proves one point to me: they are timeless! Not sounding outdated at all. They are creators of timeless music. Pioneers.

Best track? I can’t pick.

Hardcore Underground, probably the best label in the world. Fracus & Darwin, the best duo in our scene. This mix: the best they’ve ever made.


Al Storm Presents Dark Shadows 2: The Sequel (2015)

Al Storm Presents Dark Shadows 2: The Sequel (2015)

Al Storm Presents Dark Shadows 2: The Sequel (2015)

Artists: Al Storm & Various Artists
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp, Breakbeat, Gabber, Hardstyle
Release Year: 2015
Info: Al Storm Presents Dark Shadows 2: The Sequel
CDs: 2 (two)
Length CDs: 02:32:55
Tracks: 46 (fourty-six)
Label: Hardcore Underground
Product Number: 247HCLP003CD
Buy Here: Hardcore Underground Store
More Information: Al Storm – Facebook Fanpage

Halloween is about to happen. On the 31st many fans of this event will go bananas and dress like they’ve just emerged out of hell, or anywhere similar, and try to get candy from innocent people. Trick or treating, that’s what it’s called. But let me warn you, don’t come to my house, the treats in my house are mine. Halloween isn’t huge over here in the Netherlands, so I shouldn’t worry about being scared to death when I open my door on the 31st. Many people get dressed, and some do something quite unusual: some release an album dedicated to the darkest day of the year. Al Storm did it last year too, when he released ‘Dark Shadows’, and it was a huge success. The tracks on this album were all scary, and if you can remember, a couple of years ago he did a Halloween mix (Tales From The Darkside), which blew my mind away! I reckon that Al likes Halloween a lot.

So what can we expect? An album filled with snippets from ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, or any other Halloween film? Sounds of limbs being torn off by creatures of the night? Voices from the darkest place known to mankind, hell? Not really, you can expect UK Hardcore with a darker tone, that is all. No need to be scared and hide yourself behind a blanket. For this album he has worked with a lot of well established names such as Alex Prospect, M-Project, Scott Brown, DJ Sy, Shimamura, and the list continues. Or some have remixed classic Al Storm anthems, like Olly P, IYF & Nobody and Bloodsuckerz. And that’s only disc one! On disc 2 you can hear these an more anthems being mixed together beautifully by the main man himself. Again, no need to be afraid, you really should get this album and make this the best Halloween you’ve ever experienced! Al Storm knows exactly how to increase the fun during Halloween!

The tracklist is one you need to see to believe it! This album is seriously good, this is truly an amazing album! But is it Al Storm’s best album so far? Well, continue reading and you will find it out!


CD 1 – Unmixed 
01. Scott Brown meets Al Storm – The Blob!
02. M-Project & Al Storm – The Twilight Zone
03. Al Storm – Bad Dreams (Bush Re-Opened) 
04. Alex Prospect meets Al Storm – Frankenstein!
05. Al Storm – Leatherface (Massacre Mix) 
06. Mob & Al Storm – Poltergeist (Olly P Remix) 
07. DJ Sy meets Al Storm – Haunted (Original Mix) 
08. Darkman – Death’s Waiting Room
09. Al Storm – I Created A Monster (IYF & Nobody Remix) 
10. DJ Shimamura meets Al Storm – Godzilla vs Gigantis!
11. Technikore & JTS meets Al Storm & Weaver – Feeder (2 Minutes Of Hell Mix) 
12. Bananaman & Gisbo – The Dead
13. Al Storm meets IYF & Nobody – Cannibalizm!
14. Black & White – The Awakening
15. Eat Grave – The Dark Stranger (Bloodsuckerz Mix) 
16. Al Storm – Psycho (Masters Of The Flying Guillotine)
17. Chris Fear meets Al Storm – Consumed

CD 2 – Mixed 
01. DJ Shimamura meets Al Storm – Godzilla vs Gigantis!
02. Bananaman & Gisbo – The Dead
03. DJ Shimamura & Al Storm – Exorcism
04. Al Storm meets IYF & Nobody – Cannibalizm!
05. Al Storm – Bad Dreams (Bush Re-Opened) 
06. Chris Fear & Al Storm – Evil Side Of Man
07. Al Storm – Madhouse
08. Al Storm – Trick Or Treat
09. Darkman – Death’s Waiting Room
10. DJ Storm & Blade – Darkzone (CLSM Breaks Into The Grave Mix) 
11. Bananaman meets Al Storm – Nightmare On Blyth Road
12. M-Project & Al Storm – The Twilight Zone
13. Black & White – The Awakening
14. Scott Brown meets Al Storm – The Blob!
15. Al Storm – From The Shadows
16. Al Storm – The Jackal
17. Alex Prospect meets Al Storm – Frankenstein!
18. Al Storm & Euphony – Jack The Ripper
19. Mob & Al Storm – Poltergeist (Olly P Remix) 
20. Technikore & JTS meets Al Storm & Weaver – Feeder (2 Minutes Of Hell Mix) 
21. Fracus & Darwin meets Al Storm – House Of Horrors
22. Al Storm – Werewolf (Dark Shadows VIP Mix) 
23. Kutski & Al Storm – The Grudge (Dirty Chopper Mix)
24. Al Storm – I Created A Monster (IYF & Nobody Remix) 
25. Al Storm – World Of Darkness (JTS Remix) 
26. DJ Sy meets Al Storm – Haunted
27. Al Storm – Leatherface (Massacre Mix) 
28. Al Storm – Psycho (Master Of The Flying Guillotine)
29. Chris Fear meets Al Storm – Consumed

The first disc looks sexy, but the second disc looks even more sexier! How’s that possible?

The first disc has got a few slammers on it, it has to be said! All new tracks, and all unmixed. Quality tunes from the legend himself alongside other well established names, and it’s impossible to understand how Al Storm has made each and every track a dancefloor smasher! It’s like he has found out the secret of being the world’s best and greatest producer.

The second disc contains a DJ mix done by Al Storm himself, and not only includes tracks from the first disc, but also tracks from his previous album, the first volume of ‘Dark Shadows’. Another album you should have in your collection, seeing as it has got Halloween’s finest tunes on it: ‘Madhouse’ and ‘Trick Or Treat’. These two are the greatest tracks ever written by Al Storm and really capture what happens on the 31st every year. Pure filth, pure dancefloor smashers!

It’s difficult to pick out one track to be my favourite, seeing as there are so many to choose from, but from the first disc there are multiple tracks I like a lot, like ‘Poltergeist’, ‘The Twilight Zone’, ‘Feeder’ (sad it only being 2 minutes long, they should release a full length version of this), but the one that blew me away is an older record I have heard before, which is ‘The Awakening’! This has got to be Al Storm/Black & White’s biggest track ever made! So beautiful, this is UK Hardcore the way I like it!

The second disc has got a few amazing tracks on it, and I think I’ve mentioned these two before, ‘Madhouse’ and ‘Trick Or Treat’ are my favourite on this one. Are they better than ‘The Awakening’? Nope, but close. Very close.

Yet another great album released by UK Hardcore’s finest producer Al Storm. Everything he touches, turns into gold. This man knows exactly how to produce the sound we are all dying to hear. He’s a legend, and with another great album being released it’s about time for us all to call our counsils and ask for a statue of Al. He deserves it!

Yes, this is Al Storm’s best album. For now. Maybe next year he will release another album and it might be a bigger album than this one, but for now this is his greatest album ever. Will this become an annual thing, like Halloween? Al Storm releasing Dark Shadows volume 3 in 2016? Will it happen? Let’s hope so, because Halloween can be quite dull if you haven’t got the right music playing out loud!

Enjoy Halloween, and let Al Storm’s album be the most terrifying thing in your house! It ain’t scary, but you never know, it might be possessed by the devil and Al ‘Freddy Krueger’ Storm might haunt your dreams….. I dare you to buy this album!

Have you got the guts?