Thunder Mix – Bass-D (Exclusief Voor DJ Mag NL x Thunder Magazine) (2017)

Thunder Mix - Bass-D (Exclusief Voor DJ Mag NL x Thunder Magazine) (2017)

Thunder Mix – Bass-D (Exclusief Voor DJ Mag NL x Thunder Magazine) (2017)

DJ: Bass-D
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore, Early Hardcore
Mix Info: Thunder Mix (Exclusief Voor DJ Mag NL x Thunder Magazine)
Length Mix: 01:07:58
Tracks: 33 (thirty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Thunder Magazine – Buy Here

This year is the biggest year for many Hardcore lovers: the return of the almighty Thunderdome. Celebrating 25 years in the game, it’s been a game changer for many years. An inspiration to many, a lifestyle for those who chose Hardcore to lead them through their (mostly) teenage years. Thunderdome was, and still is a way of living. Some have embraced it so much, they’ve tattooed the legendary logo on their body, making sure everyone knows their love and dedication for this legendary event  and their legendary CDs. This year is the return after a few years of silence, and the party is going to be huge. So extremely huge: before the line-up was announced the tickets sold within half an hour. I was too damn late.

I really wanted to go, because it’s been years since I last experienced the Thunderdome experience. But I was late, as many others sadly were too. So for me this year will be a sad year. A unique event will happen, and the promotion around it is immense (as usual). Not only can you buy merchandising, but also the never forgotten Thunder Magazine. For the DJ Mag NL and Thunder Magazine DJ Bass-D made an exclusive mix, to celebrate what Thunderdome has meant to all of us, and what it will do to those who’ve bought tickets for the 28th of October. The Jaarbeurs will be filled with the die-hard ravers, wanting to experience it one more time,

Will it happen again after this year? Who knows? Only the people at ID&T know. Please organise it again. And yes, before people go mad and mention the fact that Thunderdome also has a section at this year’s Mysteryland, it’s still a different feeling, a different thing. Thunderdome on its own is just heavenly. And to remind us what ID&T have done for us, Bass-D selected a few excellent tracks, reminding us of the golden era of Thunderdome!

Check out this beautiful tracklist!!!


01. Darkraver & DJ Vince – Intelligent Hardcore
02. The Masochist – Killing Scum (DJ Promo Meets Shaolin Remix) 
03. Waxweaxle – Hardcore Power ’97 (Promo Remix) 
04. Headbanger – Sweet Dreams You Bastard
05. Stunned Guys – Hymn
06. Neophyte – None Of Ya Left
07. Gizmo & Delirium – Do You Wanna Dance
08. Bertocucci Feranzano – XTC Love
09. E-Rick & Tactic – Bring That Beat Back
10. Reyes – Rock With Me
11. Weirdo & Sim – Go Get Busy
12. Predator – Mind Of A Lunatic
13. Dr. Phil Omanski – Rockin’ Your Body (Buzzy Goes BZRK Mix) 
14. Lancinhouse vs Jappo – Exlxaxl
15. Chosen Few – Name Of The DJ
16. 50% Of The Dreamteam – B With U
17. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – DJ Fuck
18. Juggernaut – Don’t Fuck With A Ruffneck
19. Sim – Straight Of The Dancefloor
20. Lenny Dee – The Dreamer
21. Mike Ink & The Chain Of Brotherhood – Love Ugly Brutal World
22. Bodylotion – Always Hardcore
23. Promo – Can’t Hold Me Down
24. Buzz Fuzz – Drop The Pressure (Buzzy Goes BZRK Mix) 
25. Delirium – Surrender Your Dreams
26. Bass-D & King Matthew – Is New York In The House
27. Nasty Django – Hardcore Muthafucka
28. Dano – Welcome To The Thunderdome
29. Rob Gee & Repete – Riot In NY
30. Scotchman – Gatecrash
31. 3 Steps Ahead – Hakkuh
32. Mutoid – The Necronomicon (Buzz Fuzz Remix) 
33. Riot Squad – Nonshlen Tustokken

I’ve got the feeling that Bass-D is stalking me. How can someone know exactly which tunes to pick from my collection, and only fill in the best tunes from the Thunderdome CDs? These are literally the BEST tunes from the compilations!! Bass-D, are you spying on me?

Yes, he never disappoints. This is not his first Hardcore mix, and it will certainly not be his last. His dedication for Hardcore is truly immense, and with a killer mix like this one you can’t go wrong! This has got the finest tunes, and I mean the finest. Who doesn’t like ‘Go Get Busy’, ‘B With U’, ‘Can’t Hold Me Down’, ‘XTC Love’, etc. You get my drift.

But how amazing does this tracklist look? Bass-D picked the greatest anthems from the era during which these memorable anthems were made. Classics, and never forgotten. So will our love for Thunderdome. I can’t go, and I’m seriously gutted. It made me sick when I saw online that the tickets were sold out. I wouldn’t care, I would drive on my own to Utrecht, but I can’t. I want to wish everyone an amazing evening, and make it memorable, as the previous events were, and their awesome compilations!

I can’t say a single negative thing about this mix. Well, it’s not downloadable, but do we care? Most of us anyway have got the whole collection anyway. Play this out loud, and show your love to the music that made us who we are. Rebellious, but more human than most people give us credit for. We are friends for life, gabber until we die.


Tellurian Mokum Madness MiX (2012)

Tellurian Mokum Madness MiX (2012)

Tellurian Mokum Madness MiX (2012)

DJ: Tellurian
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: Tellurian Mokum Madness MiX
Length Mix: 01:03:14
Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Mokum Records – Official Website

If you are an 80s kid like I am and Dutch, you grew up during the 90s listening to Hardcore music. It was our way of expressing ourselves, stick a finger up to the establishment, and it did work. It was critised by the media and the government, and after a few years of it being succesfull it slowely died down, to re-emerge during the early noughties. But when it was big during the 90s, many labels were pushing Hardcore forward, and one of those labels was Mokum. This Amsterdam label started back in 1992, and had many well known names under their label signed, but also one of the world’s biggest Hardcore anthem ‘I Want To Be A Hippy’ by Technohead. A label with a rich history.

Their artist catalogue is impressive, these names were on Mokum’s artist list back in the 90s: Chosen Few, Technohead, Dano, Tellurian, Flamman & Abraxas, Buzz Fuzz, The Prophet, Scott Brown, and many, many more. They were also responsible for putting Hardcore music on the map, and they are a respected label. The amount of tunes they’ve released during the 90s are immense, and to showcase the label’s strength and diversity DJ Tellurian a.k.a. Leviathan made a mix back in 2012, an hour long mix filled with Mokum records. And if you haven’t heard it already, it’s a fantastic mix!

The amount of awesome records in this mix is amazing! It’s shows how great the label was (and still is). If you haven’t seen this mix, be prepared to be amazed!


01. Chosen Few – Insane
02. Dano & Liza N Eliaz – Fireball
03. Titanium Steel – Slapback
04. The Salami Brothers – Wet Salami
05. Technohead – Mary-Jane
06. Party Animals – Used & Abused (Amnesia Mix) 
07. Chosen Few – Name Of The DJ
08. Annihilator – I’ll Show You My Gun
09. Tellurian – Straight To Hell
10. Tellurian – Guyver
11. Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee – Brain Confusion
12. The Outside Agency – Break It Down
13. Walter One – Hardcore Suckers
14. Scott Brown – Annihilator
15. Spoetnik – Mokum Madness
16. The Original Gabber – Pump That Puzzy
17. Cyanide – String-X
18. High Energy – The Box
19. Vitamin D – One Thing
20. Tellurian – Bloody Fucking Hardcore
21. Annihilator – S.D.R.
22. Technohead – Number One Contender
23. The Outside Agency – Demonic Consultation
24. Riot Nation – Fucking House
25. Vitamin – Cosmic Trash
26. Ceasefire – If Only I Had One

Wow! Just simply wow! This is a serious mix, no mucking about. Pure power, pure roughness! Tellurian’s mix is serious fire, and will turn your weekend completely around!

As with other labels, Mokum had its own sound. You knew exactly when a tune was released on Mokum, or made by a Mokum artist. Amsterdam and Rotterdam, two different cities, two completely different sounds. But they both created masterpieces, and from Mokum’s perspective you can find a few in here: ‘Name Of The DJ’, ‘Used & Abused’, ‘Number One Contender’, ‘Mary-Jane’, but to me my favourite record of this mix has got to be ‘Guyver’. This was Hardcore music made back in the 90s, but so futuristic, people still don’t understand the true meaning of it, and its strength. Most Hardcore tunes can be pointed out to a certain period, but not ‘Guyver’. This is timeless Hardcore.

Tellurian’s mix is really cool. It might be 5 years old, but still sexy as hell! It’s got a few small errors but they are managable. Nothing to worry about.

What happened to me when I pressed play, was that I was immediately back in my bedroom, listening to Hardcore back in the 90s. I was listening and raving through my living room, and driving my parents completely nuts. This mix (and others alike) are so good, they take you back, way back, back into time. Let this mix guide you through this dark and boring weekend!


Vince & Stylo – Pandemonium – Physical Readmission (16-11-2013)

Vince & Stylo - Pandemonium - Physical Readmission (16-11-2013)

Vince & Stylo – Pandemonium – Physical Readmission (16-11-2013)

DJs: Vince & Stylo
Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Early Rave, Hardcore, Gabber
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Pandemonium – Physical Readmission (16-11-2013)
Length Liveset: 00:53:43
Tracks: 32 (thirty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 122 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Cyndium – Official Website

During the last couple of weeks my timeline on Soundcloud has been a bit odd. From Trance to Techno, and now oldskool Hardcore/Early Hardcore. But this morning I woke up with my laptop on my lap, and I wanted to hear something that reminded me of my younger days. One liveset emerged, and I was curious enough about it, so I gave it a go. It was a liveset recorded at Pandemonium – Physical Readmission back in 2013, and the DJs who were behind the decks were Vince and Stylo. Now as I said it’s packed with the Early Hardcore stuff, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear on this sunny Monday morning.

Don’t know much about both DJs. I’ve seen DJ Vince’s name before, no doubt about that. But Stylo? Not really. So let’s focus on the music, which in this case is much more important than anything else. And the stuff they’ve selected for their set is actually quite good. I thought I knew literally every tunes from the early days, but I was clearly wrong: even in this day and age I learn new music. I reckon about 50% of the tunes are new to me. And that fascinates me. And makes me happy, no doubt about that. ‘New’ music always excites me, especially when it takes me back to my bedroom during the 90s.

The tracklist is a thing of beauty. I reckon you want to see it.


01. DJ Delirium & DJ Hypertech – The Funky Skunk
02. DJ Alex – Say What?
03. BC Kid – Wild And Wonderful
04. Terror Arnold – Terror In Frankfurt
05. Ectomorph – The Fall Of Babylon
06. Flamman & Abraxas – Drugs (Juggernaut Mix) 
07. DJ Rob & Tim B – Two Freaks In The Factory
08. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Live In London (DJ Paul Remix) 
09. Tellurian – Vortex
10. Omar Santana – From The Darkside
11. Tango vs DJ Vince – TV
12. Promo – Cheating Bitch
13. Sounds Of Doom – Gravity Will Take Ya
14. Crypt – The 9th Circle
15. DJ Ricci – The Symbol
16. Shadowlands Terrorist – Impossible To Lose
17. Knightvision – Humanoid
18. Ultimate Buzz feat MC Bee – On A Mission (Acappella) 
19. Tellurian – Kick That Shit
20. Leviathan – Yes, No
21. Tellurian – Don’t Stop
22. Raveman – R.A.V.E.M.A.N.
23. Boom Service – I Am The Leader
24. Fazer – When I’m Gone
25. DJ Rob – Caveman
26. Bruyaa & Ozonic – Seawolf
27. Twins Artcore – Freaky
28. True Hardliners – Fuckin’ Noise
29. DJ Waxweazle – Brainscan
30. Boom Terrorism – Untitled (The Return EP)
31. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Verrotted
32. R Wagner – Final Revolution

A masterful tracklist. I seriously have never heard half of these tunes before. Thankfully with livesets such as this one you can hear these well known tunes again, and those who most of us forgotten about (or never heard before). Look at the amount of awesome tracks by names such as Tellurian, Rob, Waxweazle, Omar Santana, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, Delirium, and the list goes on.

During the record from time to time it all fades. Don’t know why, maybe they were playing a track which they weren’t allowed to play, or maybe due to copyright reasons they decided not to put it on Soundcloud, I don’t know.

The tracks are good. From the really Early stuff to the Millennium Hardcore, you can find everything in here. And it sounds good to hear after so many years. A bit of this and that, and Vince and Stylo do their best to get the crowd hyped up throughout the night, back in 2013.

There are some small mixing issues, but nothing major. Acceptable issues lol.

A very strong liveset with tons of awesome records. My favourite? Well, ‘Yes, No’. Even after so many years this still has a big impact on me. The recording level is quite low, but you can still hear the impact Leviathan’s record has.

A good set. Got a few glitches here and there, but all in all a very entertaining set. Good listening material for this boring Monday morning.


Panic @ Neophyte Records 15 Years – Bigger Than Ever (Matrixx, NL) (2014)

Panic @ Neophyte Records 15 Years - Bigger Than Ever (Matrixx, NL) (2014)

Panic @ Neophyte Records 15 Years – Bigger Than Ever (Matrixx, NL) (2014)

DJ: Panic
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Neophyte Records – 15 Years – Bigger Tham Ever 11-01-2014
Length Liveset: 00:59:35
Tracks: 19 (nineteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Neophyte – Official Website

I think Soundcloud knows what I want, when I want it. For example this weekend, I wanted to hear some Techno and Trance sets, and I got what I asked for. But this morning it was a bit ‘meh’ at work, not really busy, and I was a bit exhausted. So the first thing that emerged, was a Hardcore set. How about that? That kept me awake, and focussed at work. A bit of Panic throughout 8 hours of work, who doesn’t want to hear that? If you don’t, please leave this planet right now! And I do mean right now! Who doesn’t love Hardcore?

Panic is a name who doesn’t need an introduction. Hence the reason why he was asked to perform at this massive event at the Matrixx in Nijmegen (the Netherlands). He played alongside superstars such as Neophyte, The Viper, Tha Playah, Evil Activities, E-Life, Furyan, Endymion, Jeff, and the Neophyte Records All Stars. Now that’s a line-up that will make you dribble like Homer J. Simpson. And the tracklist will blow your mind away too. It’s a thing of beauty.

Want to see the tracklist? I’m not sure about a few tracks, someone made this tracklist, but some tracks do not sound like the original, so they could be remixes….


01. Masters Of Ceremony – Bottoms Up
02. Tha Playah – Bling Bling (Nitrogrenetics Remix) 
03. Evil Activities vs Tha Playah – Imperial
04. Masters Of Ceremony – A Way Of Life
05. Bodylotion – How Much Can You Take (Catscan Remix) 
06. Scott Brown – Bass Be Louder
07. Evil Activities & Chaosphere – State Of Emergency
08. Tha Playah – Hit Em
09. Scott Brown – King Of The Beats
10. Neophyte vs Tha Playah & MC Alee – The Ultimate Project
11. Masters Of Ceremony – Under Control 09
12. Tha Playah vs DJ Mad Dog – Enter The Timemachine (DJ Mad Dog Remix) 
13. Evil Activities – What’s Inside Me (Tha Playah Refix) 
14. Evil Activities & DJ Panic – Never Fall Asleep
15. Bodylotion – Neighbourhood Crime (Tha Playah Remix) 
16. Evil Activities & DJ Panic feat MC Alee – Bigger Than Ever
17. Neophyte & The Viper – Got 2 Be Original
18. Evil Activities & Neophyte – To You Who Doubt Me (Tommyknocker Remix) 
19. Art Of Fighters – Artwork (Tha Playah Remix) 

Now that’s a tracklist and a half! What a serious tracklist, no fuzzing about, pure Hardcore from the first to the last second! Before you blink, you’ve got to agree that it looked like a set done by Evil Activities, doesn’t it? Or a set by The Playah? The amount of tracks by these two names is just tremendous. Maybe Panic is a fan of them?

Panic has picked serious records, no shite wannabee Hardcore records, but he’s part of Neophyte Records, they don’t release crappy music (truth be told). And being part of this collective is obviously something unique: you don’t become a member without having potential. And Panic has meant a lot for the Hardcore scene, and you can hear his enthusiasm throughout the set.

From time to time he does go a bit bonkers, in a funny way. As I said before he loves Hardcore, but his cross fading can be a bit off/dodgy from time to time. But that’s no big thing. All in all a wicked set, if you love Hardcore coming out of your speakers.

A wicked set. Can’t believe it’s 3 years old! It still sounds fresh. Another liveset that proves Hardcore is timeless. And so is Panic!

Best record? ‘Bottoms Up’. Just listen to it, and you will know why. The ultimate crowd pleaser.