• Amada Live @Thunderdome – 25 Years Of Hardcore (2017)

    TweetWhat can I say about Thunderdome that many haven’t already said? This has been a much talked about event, by those who went to the event, and those who witnessed it live on Youtube and other media outlets. I wasn’t there, and I regret it massively. This was an event that only takes place once

    Amada Live @Thunderdome - 25 Years Of Hardcore (2017)
  • Para Italia – Live At Pumpkin BKJN Ballroom 2017

    TweetPumpkin? Is that really a name for a party? Turns out that it is, and on the 31st of October this year they destroyed the Turbinehalle in Oberhausen, Germany. Completely sold out, and if you look at the DJs which performed there, it’s obvious why it got sold out, and why the responds was very

    Para Italia - Live At Pumpkin BKJN Ballroom 2017
  • Podcast #6 – Special 3 Steps Ahead Tribute By MC Rave (2017)

    Tweet3 Steps Ahead, the true Hardcore legend. It’s been many years since he passed away and left a big gap in the Hardcore scene. The legendary producer and DJ from the early days of Hardcore has left a mark forever, by being not only unique and diverse, but also a brilliant producer. He has made

    Podcast #6 – Special 3 Steps Ahead Tribute By MC Rave (2017)
  • Pearsall – The View From 92 (100% Vinyl Mix) (2017)

    TweetChanging your website is never an easy thing. You need to do a billion things, and you always leave in mistakes. But that’s not something you should worry about to be honest. For now we should focus on the music, and I’ve found a mix which will astonish you. Well, depending on your age it

  • DJ Ruffneck – Thunderdome 2017 Tribute Mix 02

    TweetI said that after the last Thunderdome promo mix I wouldn’t review any mixes anymore, because I still feel gutted for not being able to go to this wonderful event, but could I keep up my promise? Could I bollocks! After hearing the first dedication/tribute mix by the mighty Ruffneck, I couldn’t let this one

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