Pussy Lounge Wintergames Warm Up Mix By Genius (2017)

Pussy Lounge Wintergames Warm Up Mix By Genius (2017)

Pussy Lounge Wintergames Warm Up Mix By Genius (2017)

DJ: Genius
Genre/Style: Jumpstyle, Freestyle, Hardstyle
Mix Info: Pussy Lounge Wintergames Warm Up Mix By Genius
Length Mix: 00:58:23
Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Pussy Lounge Wintergames – Event Page

On the 11th of March you are probably in Eindhoven, aren’t you? You must be, seeing as you are a Freestyle lover. You are not? What are you doing here? Anyway, you are probably getting excited for this event, seeing as the line-up is immense, and this ‘new’ style is the hottest thing at the moment. The line-up has got the following names: Paul Elstak, The Darkraver, Ruthless, The Viper, Deepack, Kasparov, Rob & MC Joe,Mystery, Nowaxx, and it’s hosted by MC Ruffian.That’s an impressive line-up, and one name on the list that I haven’t mentioned has made a promo mix, to get everyone happy for this awesome event: Genius.

And I know nothing about this DJ. Absolutely nothing. I’m new to the Freestyle world. I know the artists who have been in the game since the early 90s and early 00s, and it could have been that Genius played for many years, but he slipped underneath the radar. Thankfully I found this mix, and now I’m going to indulge myself into this wonderful mix. Yes, it’s looking good, if you should judge the tracklist added to the mix.

I will look into this DJ and will know more about him by the time I’ve finished this review. But here’s the tracklist first.


01. Diplo & DJ Snake – Drop
02. DJ Francois & Pat B – Yeah Yeah
03. Bestien – Deep In The Jungle
04. Lethal MG – Youeternal (Ronald V Remix) 
05. Relic – The Hard Dancer
06. Ransom & Nowaxx – Out Of Light
07. Pat B & The Rebel – Turn It Dap
08. Potato & Pat B – Goodtimes
09. Vitellus – Are You Ready
10. Ransom – Hustlin’
11. Showtek vs Duro – Sied Ihr Begun (Genius Bootleg) 
12. DJ Paul Elstak & Dr. Phunk – It’s A Dream
13. Genius – Game Time
14. Zany & Duro – Our Power
15. Crisis Era – Mosh Pit
16. Taa – Arabic Empire
17. Ruthless & Dave S – My Little Drummachine
18. Genius feat The Russian – R.A.G.E.
19. Dr. Phunk – B.T.F.U.
20. Dozer – Disco Music
21. Proppy & Heady – Summer Of Hardstyle
22. DJ Duro – Cocaine MF (Alpha2 Remix) 
23. Da Tweekaz & Sub Zero Project – DRKNSS
24. Masters Of Ceremony – Bottoms Up (Digital Punk Remix) 

This is an excellent mix to listen to on a boring Saturday night. Unless you are going on: this could be an excellent mix to listen to when you are on your way to a party. Whatever you do, stay safe. You don’t want to injure yourself and not being able to go to Pussy Lounge’s excellent party.

The music is just good. I’m really digging this new style, which is basically the following combined: Hardstyle, Jumpstyle and Hardcore. Play whatever you like, whenever you like, and do it as hard as you can.

I’ve got nothing bad to mention about this mix. Maybe only track I don’t like, and that’s because it’s got the dreadful and horrible lyrics from ‘Wonderwall’ in it. Boring lyrics. But besides that, Genius has done an excellent job in making a very interesting and very entertaining mix.

Sadly I can’t go to Pussy Lounge – Freestyle Wintergames. But what’s keeping you? Nothing should stop you, in all fairness! Let this mix be your guide, and let Genius get your excitement level up to the max.

Oh yeah, I’ve learned something about Genius: he’s a man. Now, aren’t I a genius?


Supremacy 2015 | Warface

Supremacy 2015 | Warface

Supremacy 2015 | Warface

Artist: Warface
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Hard Rawstyle
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Supremacy 2015
Length Liveset: 00:46:23
Tracks: 17 (seventeen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Art Of Dance – Official Website

Today was one of those days I wanted to hear something rougher and tougher. I found exactly that! Not really as hard as Terror or Speedcore, but still hard enough for my ears and rough enough. I looked at this set on Soundcloud, and immediately pressed play. I had to listen to this, I simply had to, because it’s a set by Warface, which was recorded at Supremacy 2015. Held on the 26th of September 2015, the line-up was insane. Let me just name a few: Radical Redemption, Ran-D, Adaro, Digital Punk, E-Force, Miss K8, Delete VIP, Luna, and more. One event you simply had to witness and visit: no reason for you to stay at home, what’s there to do at home?

I’ve seen Warface’s name fly by every so often, but I know nothing about the artist. I’m not a walking Wikipedia, am I? Or a walking Discogs. Wish I was, so I would use my knowledge to make these reviews more professional. But anyhow, Warface. A name you’ve probably seen/heard before. I haven’t, I left the Netherlands when Rawstyle became huge, and I think that I’ve made a mistake: should have stayed in NL. But we can’t change the past, can we? At least I’ve got the internet and my good ol’ friend mister Soundcloud.

The set is rough and tough, exactly how you like it. Am I lying in saying that? I’m not, am I?


01. Warface – The Violent Storm
02. Warface feat Eric Dumont – Voice Of Addiction
03. Warface & MC Nolz – Eternal Darkness
04. Warface & The Geminizers – Path To Extinction
05. Warface & Digital Punk – Unleash War
06. Titan & Warface – Sentinel
07. Warface – Fuck You, Pay Me!
08. Warface – H8 M3 9
09. Warface – Heretics
10. Warface & E-Force – Disphoria
11. Warface & N-Vitral – Fuck The Drum Machine
12. Warface feat Superior – Beyond Aggression
13. Warface & Luna – Warzone
14. Warface – Deception
15. Warface – Mutilate & Destroy
16. Warface & Delete – The Baddest
17. Warface – Everlasting Fire

Doesn’t the tracklist look good? If you were looking for a lot of Warface, you don’t need to look any further. I seriously mean it, don’t look no further, this is really all you need on this boring and dreadful Monday afternoon/evening!

There are some amazing tracks in this mix, ‘Warzone’ is truly a wicked track.  ‘Unleash War’… and the list goes on. Warface does bring something unique to the table, and it’s ground breaking. And also speaker breaking, let’s not forget that! Warface does know how to create tracks, and they are very interesting, and they make the ravers loose themselves.

Two tracks aren’t my cup of tea, one of them because there are guitars in it (‘Beyond Aggression’) and the other being that the ‘singing’ bit sounds so off. Kind of ruined the track, but that’s just my opinion, isn’t it?

Favourite track? Simple answer: ‘Mutilate & Destroy’.

All in all an amazing set. This made my body move, and I do mean each fibre in it. I don’t hear Rawstyle sets often, but I should. They keep me going, they do. Warface’s set made my Monday much better, and much more exciting. Sadly no download, but still the ‘press-play’ option. So press play, and don’t waste your precious time!


Pila – back2school 2013 Promomix

Pila - back2school 2013 Promomix

Pila – back2school 2013 Promomix

DJ: Pila
Genre/Style: Early Hardstyle, Hardstyle, Hard House, Hard Dance
Mix Info: back2school 2013 Promomix
Length Mix: 01:01:23
Tracks: 11 (eleven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: B2S – Facebook Fanpage

Some days you are on Soundcloud and find nothing, and some days the mixes just come flying towards you, non stop. Today was such a day! It won’t stop, the music kept on pouring and pouring. One of those mixes I had to share with you all, it might be a couple of years old, but it’s still fresh as a daisy! A mix to promote the event which obviously already took place: back2school in 2013. So there’s no need of you all getting hyped up for this specific event, but you could look out for similar events in the near future. And whilst waiting, you could listen to this mix, made by DJ Pila.

I’ve seen the name Pila fly by every so often, but I can’t tell you anything about this DJ. Don’t know nothing about him (or is it her?).  I’m sorry for not knowing each and every artist on God’s given Earth, but bear with me, and I will look it up. Oh, it’s a him by the way, and he’s been in the scene for quite a while (looking at one of his releases on Discogs, which dates back to 1995). I told you I’ve seen the name fly by a couple of times, but that was all.

Anyway, before we go on and on about the same thing, it’s time to focus on this promomix, which he made back in 2013. It’s packed with the finest Early Hardstyle/Hard Dance tracks, those I really miss. This is the kind of music I fell in love with when it emerged. This is the Hardstyle I love. Still digging the new stuff, but the early 00s stuff is much better.


01. Derb – Coole Sau (DJ Isaac Remix) 
02. Walt – Let The Music Play
03. Clive King & Scott Marten – Total Confusion
04. Showtek – Brain Crackin’
05. The Raiders – Disk Warrior (Warrior Mix) 
06. Hardstyle Guru – Girls
07. Southstylers – Wraow
08. Dutch Masters – Take Some
09. Tuneboy – Housenation (DJ Isaac Remix) 
10. Zatox – Tanz Elektric
11. The Pitcher – Grindin’

This is so awesome to hear these tunes again! I remember buying ‘Bitte Ein Beat’ CDs and they rocked. They were unique and fresh, and back in the early 00s they were basically the shit. Shit hot. This music was so refreshing, and even listening to this in 2017 it’s ground breaking stuff. Quality over quantity, and many producers can learn from these producers who made Hard Dance music.

Pila’s selection is awesome! I know each and every track, and have played them over and over again. I’m sorry if the amount of Soundcloud plays have gone up in the last couple of hours, it’s just me pressing play over and over again! What a brilliant mix, quality tracks in it. And you wonder what happened to this specific sound, eh?

Yes, this is the mix you were after on this dreadful, cold and miserable Sunday. This will enlighten your mood, unless you are too young to remember what Early Hardstyle/Hard Dance sounded like. Enjoy it no matter what!

Which is my favourite track in this mix? Got to be ‘Grindin”. Just a brilliant anthem!


Pussy Lounge – Yearmix 2016

Pussy Lounge - Yearmix 2016

Pussy Lounge – Yearmix 2016

DJ: Unknown
Genre/Style: Freestyle, Jumpstyle, Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Hardstyle
Mix Info: Pussy Lounge – Yearmix 2016
Length Mix: 00:58:58
Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Pussy Lounge – Facebook Fanpage

The year 2016 has finished with a bang, and we can look back at a tremendous year. Music wise it has been kind to us: many styles have progressed forward. And many DJs and labels have made a yearmix, which you can find on Soundcloud very easily. And today I found another one, uploaded by the mighty B2S, and it’s the Pussy Lounge Year mix. Before you go ape and think it’s probably a hipsters place where they can send their cats/kittens to, you are absolutely wrong. Google Pussy Lounge (and I reckon you need the letters B2S behind it, otherwise your internet history will be a tad filthy), and you will find all the information regarding this institution.

Before you turn judgemental: this is all about partying to the max, not just a 100% but 250% and more. Literally re-inventing partying again, and making sure the crowds will have a great time. Yes, there’s a lot of eye candy walking on stages and it does increase not only the atmosphere, but that’s just part of it all. Love, peace and party, that’s the focus of Pussy Lounge (I reckon), and to loose your mind completely. Many have been, and every party has been sold out. Tickets always go extremely quickly: before you blink your eyes they are gone. I tell you, it’s an institution, Pussy Lounge is the place to party.

They bring the smiles back on the dancefloors. Music wise it’s a mish-mash (or however you spell it), a bit of Hardstyle, Hardcore, Gabber, Jumpstyle… basically Freestyle, doing whatever you fancy and play whatever you fancy. And it this mix you can find exactly that!

I love the fact that via parties like this one Jumpstyle still continues, maybe a bit rougher and tougher, but it’s still alive. It might have changed attitude, but it’s good to hear it still going on strong.


01. Ransom & MC Creature – Fistpumpin’
02. Ruthless – Funk Beats
03. DJ Isaac – Burn
04. Transfarmers – Here We Go Again 2016
05. LNY TNZ & Ruthless feat The Kemist – We Don’t Care
06. Hardwell & Amba Sheperd – Apollo (Dr. Punk Mix) 
07. Ransom – Let’s Roll
08. Dutch Movement & FDJR – Turn The Tide (2016 Club Edit) 
09. Outsiders – Rebel Baby
10. Showtek & TNT – Mellow
11. Dr. Phunk & Paul Elstak & Jebroer – Kind Van De Duivel
12. Outsiders x Darkraver feat Jebroer – Helicopter
13. The Prophet – Caramba
14. Mark With A K – Love Rules The Universe
15. Tricky Nation – Tricky Tricky (Dr. Rude 2K16 RMX) 
16. Jebroer feat Stepherd, Skinto & Jayh – Banaan (Ruthless Remix) 
17. Mark With A K feat MC Alee – Fear Of The Dark
18. Frequencerz – Uber Mash Up
19. LNY TNZ & Boaz feat Mr. Polsa & Kalibwoy – Ravelord (DJ Paul Elstak Hardcore Remix) 
20. Dr. Phunk & Korsakoff – Secret Alliance
21. Paul Elstak – The Promised Land (The Viper Remix) 

See, I told you. This is diverse, just as I said, and it’s good! It sound good, this will enlighten your day. If you are open-minded. If you aren’t, maybe you need to let this mix go. If you like your music to be diverse, quirky and exciting, this is the mix for you!

Don’t know who mixed this, but the person who did this, did it well! You get into the party zone from the first to the last second, don’t you? Especially with records such as ‘Banaan’. Come on, that’s got to be the record of 2016, such a party anthem. You can add that to any set, and it will make the crowd explode. If you don’t know the lyrics, who cares? It’s all about bananas.

There are a lot of anthems in here, and I’m feeling each and every one of them. This makes me wish it was Summer, and I was at a big rave. I can see myself at the Pussy Lounge stage, loosing myself completely. Oh boy, I do miss the Summer.

The mix is tight, the tracks are awesome.. everything is perfect! This is really an excellent yearmix. If this doesn’t move you, you could have the volume too low. Or you are weird. Please don’t be weird. Raise the volume, and ga met die banaan!