The Chainbreaker Presents: XTRA RAWFARE 1 (2017)

The Chainbreaker Presents: XTRA RAWFARE 1 (2017)

The Chainbreaker Presents: XTRA RAWFARE 1 (2017)

DJ: The Chainbreaker
Genre/Style: Rawstyle, Raw Hardstyle, Hardstyle
Length Mix: 00:29:56
Tracks: 12 (twelve)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: The Chainbreaker – Book Here

Remember I reviewed a mix for Defqon.1 a couple of weeks ago? I think it was a camping mix, a mix you could download and play whilst camping at Defqon.1? Remember that mix? Okay, you do. That mix was done by the Infectious DJ’s, and now one half of this duo has decided to do his own project aside of it, called ‘The Chainbreaker’. Now the Infectious DJ’s were new to me, so I couldn’t mention anything about them, but now this new project I literally know nothing about, only that the person behind it is one half of Infectious DJ’s. Well, let’s focus on the music, shall we?

I think it’s best to focus on the music. This rather new project is so new, it still has the wrap around it, and it still shines extremely bright. What this concept is about, is to play what doesn’t fit in the Infectious DJ’s playlist. Are you confused yet? It’s not that complicated at all. Two projects, focussed on bringing the music towards you. This half has decided to make his first mix, and it’s called ‘XTRA RAWFARE’. It’s packed with really interesting tunes by names such as E-Force, D-Sturb, Regain, Luminite and more.

Let’s check out the tracklist. If you are into Hardstyle and its sibling Rawstyle you are definately going to appreciate this tracklist. The Chainbreaker has picked really good anthems, and if you don’t believe me, look down to the tracklist now!


01. D-Sturb – High Power
02. Two Sixty – Child’s Play
03. E-Force & Bass Chaserz – Attack
04. Raiden & E-Force – Beware
05. Regain – All In Darkness
06. D-Sturb & Emese – Legacy
07. Warface – Fake Ass Bitches
08. E-Force – The Dead Rap
09. X-Pander & Lowroller – Animal
10. War Force – Reloaded
11. War Force – Break Your Ankles
12. Luminite – Maccarena Deathmatch

It’s a short but really interesting mix. So this is the stuff Infectious DJ’s don’t play? Everyone should play this, because it’s awesome music. Untouchable music. Anthems for the future. This will still sound awesome in 100 years from now!

The might starts off with what is the greatest anthem I’ve heard in a while! Sweet Lord, this made me press repeat again and again! This is really uplifting and euphoric Hardstyle/Rawstyle. This is the music I was after. Hard, and yet beautiful at the same time. That is definately the greatest record in this mix, and a good starter of this first episode of XTRA RAWFARE.

Record after record the level of awesomeness stays high. I really liked this first instalment, and I reckon the Chainbreaker will keep on posting awesome mixes like this one for quite a while. Unless he makes a Justin Bieber dedication mix: if he does so, I will stop following him. But until then it’s the Chainbreaker all the way.

This was an epic first mix. And I’ve really enjoyed it. Can’t mention anything bad about it. Well, maybe the fact that it’s not downloadable, but that’s just a minor thing, isn’t it? Not something I should deduct points for.

Get this down you right now. Press play and make this Sunday the best one you’ve had in 2017. Wake up the neighbourhood, and let them know what kind of music you support!


04 | Jason Payne Presents: Bring The Payne! (2017)

04 | Jason Payne Presents: Bring The Payne! (2017)

04 | Jason Payne Presents: Bring The Payne! (2017)

DJ: Jason Payne
Genre/Style: Hardstyle. Rawstyle, Raw Hardstyle
Mix Info: Jason Payne Presents: Bring The Payne! (episode 4)
Length Mix: 00:58:42
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 592 MB
File Type: .wav
Bitspeed: 1411kbps
More Information: Jason Payne – Facebook Fanpage

Jason Payne is back! Oh, it’s been a while since I last heard something from Jason, let me check which set I’ve last heard from him and when that was: wow! It was back in 2016 (28th of March), and it was his set at Loudness in 2016. Can you believe it, a year without Jason Payne? When I first heard a set by this man, I knew he was going to be the future. Such a dedication for Rawstyle, he and also Rooler and Malice are the future of Rawstyle. To be fair, Jason Payne’s set was actually the reason I started listening to Rawstyle, so thank you sir, for enlightening my music knowledge!

This time it’s not a liveset, but a studio mix. A mix series. And this is the fourth instalment of his ‘Bring The Payne!’ mix series. As you would expect, it’s filled with the finest tunes money can buy, and it’s been carefully mixed together by the man himself. A nice mix series, and not only do you get 22 records crammed into an hour long mix, but also less room on your phone/computer: it’s a WAV file and it’s 592 MB big! So be aware that if you are going to download it onto your phone, to create some space for it. Get rid of a few porno films on your phone, you don’t need them anyway, you’ve got Pornhub.

You want to end this weekend on a high note? Well, technically this is not high, but more raw. Ok, let me rephrase that: want to end this weekend on a raw note? Check out this mix right now!


01. Frequencerz – The Unknown
02. Enemy Contact – Spirit
03. Marco V – Godd (Adaro Remix) 
04. Jason Payne – One (Defqon.1 2017 Edit) 
05. D-Sturb feat Emese – Legacy
06. Apexx – Escape The System
07. Neroz – Ode To The Raver
08. Delete – The Power
09. Killshot – Who’s The Boss
10. Adaro & Jack Of Sound – Disruption
11. Rebelion – Watch What You Say
12. Donkey Rollers – Chaos (Radical Redemption Remix) 
13. Regain – Celebration (Dedicated Outdoor Anthem) 
14. Genox – Power
15. Stereotuners – Screaming
16. Luminite – Get Rich
17. Rebelion – BTTF
18. Delete feat Nolz – Until We Die (Fatality Outdoor Anthem) 
19. Luna & Hardcraft – Sickhead
20. Warface – FTP (E-Force Remix) 
21. Thyron – Murder Me
22. Jason Payne x Unkind – Punish

Now how’s that for a tracklist. That’s a wonderful tracklist. Jason has selected a shitload of awesome tracks. And with this fourth instalment he captures the strength and diversity of what the scene has to offer. The scene is growing at a fast pace, it’s an unstoppable force. A force to be reckoned with.

There are simply too many great anthems! From the first second to the last it’s one amazing ride, full of raw music we were waiting for. From the ‘lighter’ Rawstyle to the extreme brutal stuff, you can find it here. And when I say brutal, I mean brutal. Listen to ‘The Power’. How brutal is that record! That record reaches such a depth, it’s so dark, even the Devil would be scared to press play.

Which record is the best? ‘Watch What You Say’. I love the melodic bit. Raw, but stylish.

Jason, I promise you it won’t be another year before I hear something from you again. And I think everyone should do the same: follow him on Social Media, and make sure you get your dosis of Payne every week. Check his Facebook, his Soundcloud, his Mixcloud, I don’t care what you check, but you should check out this legend! This mix shows the level he’s at right now: the epic level!

Bring the Payne! Yes. A very succesful mix series. I’m going to check the others and share them with everyone, because we have to. They are epic!


BoomBastic 000004 Mixed By Deejay Pat B (2017)

BoomBastic 000004 Mixed By Deejay Pat B (2017)

BoomBastic 000004 Mixed By Deejay Pat B (2017)

DJ: Pat B
Genre/Style: Hardstyle. Jumpstyle, Freestyle
Mix Info: BoomBastic 00004
Length Mix: 00:59:12
Tracks: 29 (twenty-nine)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 137 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: DJ Pat B – Facebook Fanpage

DJ Pat B’s Soundcloud is a page of beauty, if you love Freestyle/Jumpstyle/Hardstyle. Not only will you find tracks on there, but also full length mixes, in which he goes absolutely bonkers. For example his latest BoomBastic episode: 29 tracks in a 59 minute long mix! How will you find the time to stand still and understand what just happened? But don’t think that only his Soundcloud page is awesome: you should check out his Facebook page, on which he shows us projects he’s been working on. They could be released, or not. It’s all one happy thing, isn’t it? Pat B has probably the most cheerful smile in the whole scene, and it’s addictive. How can you not like Pat B?

Only uploaded a day ago, but already 1.2k+ listens already. People seem to like what he does, and so does TCD (me). Pat B’s passion and dedication is addictive, and you can tell that he really, really loves the movement he leads. I don’t disagree, this Freestyle movement is really happy and cheerful. Sadly I haven’t been to an event where they play Freestyle music, and the next couple of weeks/months I won’t be able to anyway (surgery on my kidney), but when everything has healed I will go and see a Pat B set. I must. Have you seen his videos, where the crowd goes absolutely bonkers? That’s basically what happens in each and every video online.

He might lead the scene, but he’s still a normal dude. One that sometimes takes things seriously , but sometimes he just mucks about (like the track he made, in which he used The Darkraver’s vocals). Don’t know how, but Pat B’s success is a formula unknown to many. But I think the main thing is, to have fun. And I had fun listening to this mix!


01. Pat B, Francois & Nowaxx – MDMA 2017
02. Royal S – VIOLENTO
03. Mandy – Raggadrop
04. David Guetta feat Justin Bieber – 2U (Lowriderz Remix) 
05. Pat B & Miss Puss – Catnip
06. Bestien – Git It Girl
07. Pat B – Hands Up For Boobies
08. Mark With A K & Robert Falcon – Warrior
09. Orphan & DV8 Rocks! – De Fanaat
10. Danger Hardcore Team & Pat B – Pokkeherrie
11. Dazzler & Differens – Put It To The Music
12. Adrenalina – Serenity
13. Ransom & Mad-B – Bomberman
14. FlashPat – Love Popcorn In My Nose
15. FlashPat – Derp Motherfuckers
16. FlashPat – Much Better Macarena
17. Ommatic – Pirate Alley
18. PLN-B – Turn It On
19. Shadowfact & DV8 Rocks! – Ring Of Fire
20. ID – ID
21.  ID – Nothing But Zany (Pat B Mashup) 
22. Ruffian & Monkaholics – This Belongs To Me
23. MB&KK & Ivan X-Treme feat John Harris – Medicate
24. Royal S – Mariachi
25. Nowaxx – M.Y.F.D.
26. Adrenalina – Composure
27. Dozer feat MC V – I’m A Player
28. JeBroer & Paul Elstak & Dr. Phunk – Kind Van De Duivel (Pat B’s 98 Oldskool Remix) 
29. The Beatkrusher feat MC Alee – Lekker Knetter

This is crazy. Really crazy. Such a wicked and cheerful mix, it can’t make you stop at all. Yes, it might be a bit cheesy from time to time, but not as cheesy as the previous review of Da Tweekaz’s Defqon.1 liveset I did an hour of so ago.

This is what Pat B does best. Cramn as many records in an hour long mix as he can, and make them diverse as possible. And if possible, even quirky. And he’s managed to do exactly that. ‘Love Popcorn In My Nose’? What a name. ‘Derp Motherfucker’? ‘Much Better Macarena’.? How does he come up with thos weird titles. And let’s not forget ‘Hands Up For Boobies’. You might like this record, unless you are not a booby man/woman, but a leg or arse fan.

It does go quirky from time to time, and sometimes it’s serious. The best record is ‘Warrior’. Love the vocals, love the track in general.

Which track isn’t my thing? Well, ‘Ring Of Fire’. That’s too cheesy for me. The original is already dull and makes me want to put MDMA in my butthole, but this version is even worst lol. It might be different when you hear it at a big event.

DJ Pat B made sure that we have an awesome weekend. Make sure you download this right now. This will make your weekend even better.


Da Tweekaz @ Defqon 1 – 2017

Da Tweekaz @ Defqon 1 - 2017

Da Tweekaz @ Defqon 1 – 2017

Act: Da Tweekaz
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Happy Hardstyle, Euphoric Hardstyle, UK Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Defqon.1 2017
Length Liveset: 00:57:22
Tracks: 19 (nineteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 134 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Da Tweekaz – Facebook Fanpage

The last couple of months I’ve been on Facebook a lot, and the UK Hardcore community has gone nuts when they found out that Darren Styles was going to play at Defqon.1 in the Netherlands. Was it the breakthrough we as UK Hardcore fans were hoping for? Would UK Hardcore become bigger, would it finally be recognised for its strength and its diversity? Well, in a way yes, but in another way no. But I’ll get there in a minute. The set you are about to listen to is the set by Da Tweekaz (alone) at Defqon.1, and as you can tell by looking at the picture, they’ve had a wonderful time!

I’ve not listened to a mix or a set by Da Tweekaz before, but I’ve seen tracks in other people’s mixes before. Today is the day when I’m going to indulge myself into their world, and immediately I notice a pattern: they make Hardstyle, but they make it quite happy. You’ll see it, when you read through the tracklist. It’s not the rough and raw stuff, but the more uplifting and as I said happy. Shouldn’t they rename it to Happy Hardstyle?

The people at Defqon.1 can be heard throughout the set, singing along all their tunes. If I’d be there, I would look stupid, because I don’t know a single lyric. I would just ad lib like a complete tool. Well, a few tunes I know, but that said, the crowd knows literally every song! And that’s impressive!

Let me show you the tracklist!


01. Tweekacore x Darren Styles – Partystarter (Da Tweekaz 150 Mix) 
02. Coone & Da Tweekaz vs Headhunterz – D.W.X. Reignites (DT Mashup) 
03. Eiffel 65 – Blue (Team Defqon Edit) 
04. Da Tweekaz – Tequila (Loco Edit) 
05. Paul Elstak – Luv U More (Da Tweekaz x Gammer Flip) 
06. Da Tweekaz – How Far I’ll Go
07. Da Tweekaz – Tweekay16 (HB Edit) 
08. Da Tweekaz – The Hanging Tree
09. Code Black x Da Tweekaz x Adrenalize – Heart Like Mine
10. Da Tweekaz – Wodka (2016 Edit) 
11. Da Tweekaz x Darren Styles – Heroes (T2S Edit) 
12. TheFatRat – The Calling (Da Tweekaz Remix) 
13. Darren Styles – Us Against The World (Da Tweekaz Remix) 
14. Da Tweekaz vs Forever Lost – #Tweekay14 (DQ17 Samba Edit) 
15. Da Tweekaz – Frozen (2016 Edit) 
16. Da Tweekaz – Komon
17. Da Tweekaz – Game Of Thrones (2017 Edit) 
18. Da Tweekaz x Sub Sheeran Project – Shape Of DRKNSS
19. Da Tweekaz – Little Red Riding Hood (Tweekacore Edit) 

There’s a lot of their own productions in here. Wow. And also a few tracks with Darren Styles or Gammer. That’s good. Keeping the UK Hardcore sound alive.

The crowds are loving it. They keep on singing along. I reckon there were quite a few hands in the air. Da Tweekaz are keeping the crowd entertained with their tunes. And there are a few good tracks in here, like ‘The Calling’, ‘How Far I’ll Go’, ‘Heroes’, ‘Us Against The World’, etc. If you were there, you must have experienced something extremely good!

But I wonder if they do take themselves serious from time to time? ‘Wodka’? ‘Blue’? ‘Luv U More’? ‘Frozen’? These tracks are not my thing, they are too cheesy, and I’m Dutch so normally we like our music to be cheesy, but this was too much for me. Maybe when they made these tunes they were enjoying life a lot, and decided to create silly records. I don’t know, but these aren’t my thing.

Best record? ‘Us Against The World’. Or ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Or ‘Shape Of DRKNSS’. Maybe because I like my music to be a bit rougher. And not silly.

It’s good that UK Hardcore artists have joined forces with Da Tweekaz, but it doesn’t make it sound like the original sound at all anymore. I hope that DS and Gammer know which direction to lead the scene. But please, no ‘Blue’ or anything similar. The chees-fest time should be behind us.

I liked the set a lot. But these cheesy tunes weren’t my thing. And them shouting through the microphone. Ban the microphone forever. Only at UK Hardcore festivals should they be allowed lol. Not at the world’s biggest Hardstyle event.