NEST HQ Minimix : Justin Jay (2016)

NEST HG Minimix : Justin Jay (2016)

NEST HQ Minimix : Justin Jay (2016)

DJ: Justin Jay
Genre/Style: House
Mix Info: NEST HQ Minimix
Length Mix: 00:34:45
Tracks: 9 (nine)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Justin Jay NEST HQ Interview 

Time does fly by when you are having fun. It’s been more than 1 years since I last heard a mix/liveset done by Justin Jay! Can you believe it? I can’t. The liveset I’m talking about was the one recorded at Desert Hearts, back in 2015. Thankfully I found this new mix on Soundcloud, a mix he specially made for NEST HQ, and alongside the mix was an interview (which you can read if you click the link underneath the ‘More Information’ section). A mix and an interview? What else do we need? Well, maybe a huge bag filled with money. Oh, and also some good speakers, you want to listen to this mix with only the best sound system available. I am currently playing this mix (for the third time today), and I think I have woken up not only my neighbourhood, but also the astronauts at ISS. Damn, this mix is good.

It’s all about House with this man, and the music he has selected for this mix is exquisite. If you want to know a little bit more about this DJ and producer, read the interview. He talks about bollocks a bit (you will understand it when you read a few questions) and also about his own album. Definately an album you need to look out for. To promote the album he has also done a tour, which is called ‘Fantastic Voyage’. I told you a year ago that this man should be followed by everyone (I think I did: if I didn’t, follow him now), and you should follow him. Give this man a like on Facebook, listen to this mix, and appreciate it. You don’t find proper House mixes like this one.


01. Sam Horn – With You
02. Justin Jay & Ulf Blonde feat Josh Taylor – Indecision
03. Loz Goddard – It Will Come To Me (Fouk Remix) 
04. The Friend – Edit
05. Steven Wobblejay – Shake Your Tingz
06. S3A – Orme
07. Paso – Brandschatzer
08. Kalabrese – The 2010 Kitchen
09. A.A.L. (Against All Logic) – You Are The One

The mix is short (compared to his Desert Hearts set), and the tracklist is short, but the music is oh so good! So tasty, so funky, so fresh. I can listen to this every day, no matter what time it is, at night, during the early hours, or at night. House music is the way forward. Christ, I want to party HARD right now, after hearing this mix.

NEST HQ have asked the right person to compose a mix, the result is astonishing! I can’t mention a single thing which should be a worry to you listeners. There’s nothing wrong with it at all! I will check out his album, really looking forward to it. The music is seriously good. This is timeless music. You can’t tell the difference between the music from the 90s and now, because House is timeless. The ultimate style.

A wonderful mix, you should all check it out! This will make your weekend. It has made mine!


Justin Jay Live From Desert Hearts (2015)

Justin Jay Live From Desert Hearts

Justin Jay Live From Desert Hearts

DJ: Justin Jay
Genre/Style: House, Deep House, Electro House, Funky House, Acid House
Liveset Info: Live From Desert Hearts
Length Liveset: 02:31:28
Tracks: 38 (thirty-eight)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 346 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Justin Jay – Facebook Fanpage

A month ago I was browsing Soundcloud as I normally do, and I was looking for a proper liveset, and found one. A rather long one, and the person who performed was Justin Jay. In all honesty, I have never heard of this man before, but by judging the amount of Facebook likes he has, I’m probably the only one who didn’t knew who he was. It took me a while to listen to it fully, and a recent trip back from the UK made it possible for me to listen to it constantly. The journey from Calais to where I live is around 3 1/2 hours and this mix 2 1/2 hours, so I had plenty of time to listen and enjoy. And I enjoyed myself, the journey was much more pleasant.

When I pressed play for the first time, I wasn’t ready for this amount of House-ness. Fully unaware of the artist and where it was recorded, but after some browsing I found out who the artist is, and the vent he played at. Let’s talk about the artist, if you were like me, unaware of him. His name is Justin Jay, and according to the internet he’s an DJ and producer from Los Angeles, California. His Facebook page info section is quite short, but the most important thing for you all to know is that his influences are Daft Punk, Claude VonStroke and Rachmaninoff. The first two I’m familiar with, the last one I’m not. But the first two count, eh?

The event he played at is called ‘Desert Hearts’. 4.6k people went to it, and it lasted 3 days. The event presented hours of House, Techno & Love. Justin Jay was one of the headline acts, and he delivered a truly amazing set, which you can download right now. If you love House this is a must have set. A wide range of styles are played, from Electro House to Funky House to Deep House. Let me warn you, this liveset will blow your mind away, and will leave you breathless.


01. Dene Anthony – Enjoy Detroit
02. Claude VonStroke – Barrump
03. Dakar Carvalho – Woobly w/ Breach – Let’s Get Hot
04. Justin Jay – You Give Me Butterflies
05. Paul Simon – Diamonds (Âme Private Edit) 
06. Kolsch – Zig w/ Scuba – Adrenaline
07. Massimiliano Pagliara – Sensation 9 (Marco & Orpheo Remix)  w/ Waka Flocka Flame – Grove St. Party
08. Maceo Plex – Conjure Dreams
09. Kill Frenzy – H.O.U.S.E.
10. Claude VonStroke – Make A Cake
11. D4L – Laffy Taffy (Justin Jay Edit) 
12. Chemical Surf & Illusionize – Bass
13. Justin Jay feat Josh Taylor – Karma
14. Dubtribe Sound System – Equitoreal
15. Madioko N Rafika – Ellelli (Kalabrese Remix) 
16. Norken, Deer – Remember That Feeling
17. Deniz Kurtel feat Jada – The L Word (Guy Gerber’s Countryside Remix) 
18. Code 718 – Equinox (Henrik Schwarz Remix – Dixon Edit) 
19. Scott Grooves – Movin’ On
20. JV – Edit Channel XXX
21. Joe Smooth – Promised Land
22. Ulf Bonde – Brother Piña
23. Super Flu & Andhim – Scuzzlebutt
24. Matthew Styles – Hot
25. Daft Punk – Revolution 909
26. DJ Sneak – Keep Groovin’ (Ian Pooley Mix) 
27. Markus Homm, Mihai Popoviciu & Jay Bliss – Bis Co
28. Nic Fanciulli – Work The Week
29. Jodeci – Freek ‘N You (MK Dub) 
30. Dale Howard – Thinkin’
31. Audion, Tiga x Ron Costa – Gez Dancing (Eats Reebeef) 
32. Eats Everything – Vertigo w/ MTD & Dutty Dan – Stranded
33. Billion feat Maxine Ashley – Special (Glimpse Remix) 
34. Justin Martin – Molokini w/ Julio Bashmore – Battle For Middle You
35. Formally Unknown – Tribalz
36. Pete Graham & Lorenzo – Marina Gasolina (808 Refix) 
37. Justin Jay – Cheese
38. Justin Jay feat Josh Taylor – What Do You Want

If you have to make a journey very soon, and it’s not 2 1/2 hours long, just drive a long way away and then come back. You must listen to this mix whilst driving, the ultimate driving mix! Or, if you don’t have a car, you can listen to it at home or wherever you are.

This mix blew me away! Seriously insane mix! It’s just too damn perfect! I fell in love from the first time I heard it, and now I’ve finally listened to it continuously, it has become my favourite House liveset of all time! Look at the amount of awesome tunes! This man knows House, and his passion for it is contagious! I couldn’t stop wiggling and wobbling around in my car during my journey. And secretly I still do it.

There are too many great anthems to mention, or to pick as favourite. The ones that really blew me away were the following: ‘Diamonds’, ‘Make A Cake’, ‘Karma’, ‘Equinox’, ‘Revolution 909’, ‘Brother Piña’, …. and the list goes on! So many great tunes did Justin Jay play, the crowd went mental (you can hear it throughout the set). And they aren’t the only ones, I’ve gone completely ballistic. I never heard of Justin Jay, but he’s gained another Facebook fan! What an excellent set, pure House from the first to the last second. No mucking about, pure music.

Justin Jay, you are a superstar! Already a House legend! Brilliant set.