Summa, Hale And Thunda (2017)

Summa, Hale And Thunda (2017)

Summa, Hale And Thunda (2017)

DJ: Summa Jae
MCs: Thunda & Riddle
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, EDMCore, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: ‘Summa, Hale And Thunda’
Length Mix: 00:44:05
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 100 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Summa Jae / Thunda / Riddle – Facebook Fanpage

A couple of weeks this mix was the talk of the town. Well, not the town I live in. And when I say town, I mean Facebook. Can’t remember when I first noticed the picture on Facebook, but I was feeling good after reading about a new upcoming mixtape. I do love mixtapes a lot, my whole UK Hardcore folder is filled with mixtapes from the mid 90s to 2017. And this is the most recent one I’ve added. Three artists from three major labels (Futureworld Records, Lethal Theory and Justice Hardcore) have come together, and the result is a mix called ‘Summa, Hale and Thunda’.

Yes, you’ve got Summa Jae, Thunda, but no Hale. Instead of Hale you’ve got MC Riddle. The title is quite funny, it has to be said. But does that mean when you are around Summa Jae it’s always hot, when Thunda walks into the room he causes mayhem and thunder, and when MC Riddle walks near you, you’ll be soaking wet?

Anyway, before I turn into a BBC weather presenter, let’s talk about this mix. As you would expect, it’s packed with awesome tunes from the big names in the scene like MOB, Mark Breeze, Stonebank, Jakka B, to the very talented Ganar, Macks Wolf, Outforce and more. Summa Jae doesn’t need an introduction, as you would expect, she has turned 16 individual tracks into one blinding mix. Want to see the tracklist?


01. Stonebank – Soldier (Assertive Hardcore Edit) 
02. Boaz van Beatz – Partymad (Callum Higby Edit) 
03. Kayzo – Born Again (Darren Styles & Gammer Remix) 
04. Mark Breeze – Be Alone VIP
05. Macks Wolf & Callum Higby – Right Here
06. Outforce & Hartshorn – Put Yo Hood Up
07. Ganar – Acid Rocker
08. Jauz & Pegboard Nerds – Get On Up (Jakka B Edit) 
09. Zero Hero – Energy
10. MOB & Enemy – Iron Heart
11. Macks Wolf – Orgy Of Terror
12. Zero Hero – Home
13. DISKORD – Anything U Want (Macks Wolf x Callum Higby Edit) 
14. Jakka B & Summa Jae – Your Love
15. Darren Styles & Callum Higby – TMA
16. Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix & DVBBS – Gold Skies (Darren Styles & Dougal Remix) 

The tracklist is really good. I’m liking what I’m seeing, and as you are aware of it, I’ve already listened to it, and I’ve got to say that the mix is tight. As tight as… anything that’s tight.

MC Riddle and MC Thunda showcase their skills throughout their mix, and I’m loving the fact that they don’t sound alike at all! Two different MCs, two different styles when it comes to MCing. One’s a bit rougher, one’s a bit softer. But the message comes across: ravers should not sit still when this mixtape is on. They make the ravers go absolutely insane, from Scotland to the South of England, from the Netherlands to Japan, from Russia to Botswana… we are loving it.

The tracks are good. Not liking one track, but that’s just because they’ve used the vocals from one of the worst ‘rappers’ of all time. He sounds like he has no clue what he’s doing on this beautiful Earth. Don’t like ‘Put Yo Hood Up’.

On the other hand, Zero Hero is a completely unknown artist to me, but the two tracks are absolutely dancefloor smashers! ‘Home’ is so damn good, it grabbed me by my throat and made me feel good inside. Oh, and let’s not forget ‘TMA’ by Darren Styles and Callum Higby.

These three have come up with the perfect mixtape. I don’t know the weather in Australia, but I reckon it’s absolutely the opposite compared to the UK. This mixtape turns this dreadful and miserable Saturday into one of the most amazing days of 2017! Go out, and enjoy life. Put your headphones in, and press play! Or download it, and listen to it wherever, whenever!


Smoke And Lasers (Album Mix) – DJ No Sweat Hosted By MC Jack (2016)

Smoke And Lasers (Album Mix) - DJ No Sweat Hosted By MC Jack (2016)

Smoke And Lasers (Album Mix) – DJ No Sweat Hosted By MC Jack (2016)

DJ: No Sweat
MC: Jack
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp
Mix Info: Smoke And Lasers (Album Mix)
Length Mix: 00:52:10
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 789 MB
File Type: .wav
Bitspeed: 2116kbps
More Information: No Sweat – Facebook Fanpage

The year has only started, and we already find a lot of presents online! Yeah, you might think that ‘50% discount’ is a present (you still pay more than the retailers price for purchasing it), but what I’m talking about is free mixes. Yes, online you find a lot of yearmixes, but what I’m about to review is No Sweat’s album mix, which was uploaded onto Soundcloud only 3 days ago! The mix contains tracks from his upcoming album, which is called ‘Smoke And Lasers’. Can’t give you any details regarding the album, because I couldn’t find any information about this album. When No Sweat / Lethal Theory Raw provides us with more information, you know where to find it!

On this album I reckon you can find the tracks which you can find in the tracklist. Maybe this is just a short selection, or are these all the tracks you will find on the album, and I reckon they will be DJ friendly? I should stop talking about the album, I know nothing, absolutely nothing. So let’s focus on this mix, which he didn’t do on his own, he had MC Jack alongside him. The duo are making sure that the ravers are all excited and ready for No Sweat’s album. Showcasing their skills as an MC and a DJ and a producer. Be prepared for an awesome mix!


01. No Sweat – About To Blow
02. No Sweat – Goat Scream
03. No Sweat – Frozen
04. No Sweat & Aaron Lee – Birth Of The Bounce
05. No Sweat – Show Us The Way
06. No Sweat – Disco Balls
07. No Sweat – Under Fire
08. No Sweat – All You Need
09. No Sweat & Poison – Haka
10. No Sweat feat MC Jack – Bringing The Fire (Proper Toe Tapper)
11. No Sweat – Light A Rainbow
12. No Sweat & Smashed – Horns Crew
13. No Sweat – No Skool Like The Old Skool
14. No Sweat – Milk Shake

The tracklist does looks exciting, and once you’ve pressed play, there’s no stopping the beats, basses and melodies coming through your speakers! I can’t tell you any more about the album, but what I can tell you that this album mix is extremely dope!

The tracks are quite exciting, and just what we need right now. Don’t know why they gave away this free album mix, but it was a nice gesture, and it has made my day! The music is extremely catchy, and the mix contains some of UK Hardcore’s finest tracks: ‘Show Us The Way’, ‘Bringing The Fire’, ‘Horns Crew’, and more. You must have heard these tracks before, they are a dancefloor smasher! No Sweat does know how to make music interesting, and this album mix is quite frankly, brilliant!

MC Jack does accompany No Sweat, and knows exactly when to hype up the crowd, and when to let the music do its thing. A nice balance, a nice voice to hear coming through your speakers. No MC that swears every second, which is always a nice thing to hear. He does it well, and together with No Sweat they’ve made a wicked album mix.

Can’t wait for the album. If it’s as good as this album mix, we should all be in for a treat. A new year, and it has started well with an awesome mix. 2017 will be good for the scene, this is proof of it!

You can download this bad boy via Soundcloud (external link), so I urge you to do it right now. Like you’ve got anything else to do?

Best track? ‘Bringing The Fire’. Simple, no explanation needed.


M-Project & MC Korkie – WAH – History Of Hardcore Part 2 – Warm Up Mix (2016)

M-Project & MC Korkie - WAH - History Of Hardcore Part 2 - Warm Up Mix (2016)

M-Project & MC Korkie – WAH – History Of Hardcore Part 2 – Warm Up Mix (2016)

DJ: M-Project
MC: Korkie
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Powerstomp, M-ProjectCore, Gabber
Mix Info: WAH – History Of Hardcore Part 2 – Warm Up Mix
Length Mix: 00:41:04
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 37.7 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: M-Project / MC Korkie – Facebook Fanpage

When this mix passed by on my timeline I went on a quick scroll through my own website… MC Korkie, I do recognise the name, I must have reviewed a mix done by him. And the answer is yes, back in 2014 he and Technikore released a Xmas mix. No need to answer the question if I have ever reviewed a mix by M-Project, have done quite a few and also interviewed the man! He doesn’t need an introduction, the UK Hardcore scene all knows his for his J-Core and Powerstomp sound, and we love him for it. And that’s why he played at The History Of Hardcore Part 2 a couple of months ago.

This mix was a promo mix for the event, and it was uploaded again, but this time you can download it. It’s literally jam packed with M-Project’s own stuff, which is always good to hear. M-Project is the fastest rising star in the scene, and his music has dominated the charts, and has been played in many clubs/raves all over the country, and in many countries around the world. MC Korkie… well, I wish I had more information, have only reviewed one mix so far, so when it comes to information I am limited. I know that the previous mix was very dope, gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

The tracklist was kindly provided, and if you are interested in getting these tunes, the links are all given: the only thing you need to do is go to Soundcloud, and underneath the mix it has all the links you need.


01. Eufeion & M-Project – Mad As Hell
02. M-Project & Riko – The Underground
03. M-Project & Steve Heller feat Jonjo – U Know I’m Hardcore
04. The Prodigy – Omen (M-Project Remix) 
05. DJ Skye & M-Project – Mosh Pit
06. DJ Depath & M-Project – HxCx JUNKIEEE (Makinastomp Remix) 
07. Jason Bouse feat Gemma Bevelle – If I Let You Go (M-Project Remix) 
08. M-Project & Riko – Luv U More
09. Sash Dee & Daniel Seven feat Zoe VanWest – Over & Over (M-Project Remix) 
10. M-Project vs Riko – Make Some Fukkin Noise
11. M-Project & Bezza feat Unity – Beast Mode
12. M-Project & Daniel Seven – Beyond The Sky
13. M-Project – Make ‘Em Bounce
14. M-Project feat Jonjo – Razor Tongue (Hellsystem & M-Project Remix) 

As usual M-Project has selected the finest Powerstomp tracks, and they are all his own! Well, a few remixes, but these remixes were made by…. (you’ve guessed it correctly)… himself. A good promo mix.

The people must have had a wonderful time at the event he played at, it’s not that often he comes over to the UK and plays the best of the best. I don’t know if MC Korkie accompanied him during his set, but during this promo mix these two are blinding! It’s a match made in heaven. Loving the lyrics MC Korkie pushes out through my speakers, and hearing M-Project’s tunes in the background is just an added bonus.

Maybe one or two tracks I do not like, because I still like the original version much more. I’m trying to like them, but it will take time. I can not listen to ‘Luv U More’ without hearing Paul Elstak’s version. Or ‘Omen’.

The best track in this mix? The last one! My God, wasn’t expecting M-Project to make Hardcore Techno/Gabber, but it sounds so damn good. If I can give M-Project a tip: make more. This is truly a wonderful track, one that made the hair in my neck stand up!

A nice and free downloadable mix from MC Korkie and M-Project. What are you waiting for? Download it now!


Obie – X (2015)

Obie - X (2015)

Obie – X (2015)

Artist: MC Obie & Friends
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Freeform, Breakbeat, Happy Hardcore
Release Year: 2015
Album Info: Obie – X
CDs: 2 (two)
Length CDs: 01:48:45
Tracks: 30 (thirty)
Label: Lethal Theory Records
Product Number: LTSCD003
Buy/Listen Here: Hardcore Underground – Official Webstore
More Information: MC Obie – Official Website

Being a decade in anything is an achievement. My favourite MC (besides MC Enemy) has reached that last year, and to celebrate his success as an MC and also as a producer he released his own artist album called ‘X’. As usual I am too damn late to get on the hype train, but I remember vividly when he released a video, a mysterious video, and it got me thinking: this man is going to do something unusual and it will cause a stir in the scene (in a good way). He did exactly that, his album was like nothing released before, a first in the UK Hardcore scene.

The album contains two discs, one is unmixed and the second one is mixed, but that disc will be the one which will blow your mind away. Why? I’ll tell you in a minute. The first disc contains his finest tracks with 10 artists he worked with, and let me name a few: Modulate, Fracus, Joey Riot, Alex Prospect, A.B and more. All these tracks are unmixed, so perfect for a DJ to play in his/her set. These are dancefloor smashers, real body shaking tracks.

Now, the second disc. Why is this so special? On the first disc he shows not only his skills as a producer, but he picked 10 tracks he made alongside 10 amazing producers. The second disc contains not only 20 tracks, but also 10 MCs! Name  one album which has 10 MCs on it? Technically it has 11 MCs on it, if we include MC Obie himself, but he asked the best of the best MCs to do their thing, and the MCs in question are: Storm, Whizzkid, Enemy, Wotsee, Keyes, Mayhem, Skatty, Thunda, Leggett and Dazzler! How about that?! Not done before, and not done since. This is an album you must need!


CD One – Unmixed 
01. Modulate & Obie – Some Hardcore Track
02. Fracus, Marc Smith & Obie – Party Crashers
03. Joey Riot & Obie – In The Dark
04. Alex Prospect & Obie – Viper
05. Technikore & Obie – Mr. Hoover
06. Joey Riot & Obie – Alive
07. Drop Ya Jaw – Ermagherd Lazers (Klubfiller Remix) 
08. A.B & Obie – Drop Everything
09. Darwin & Obie – Futureshock (Gammer Remix) 
10. Bear Peaks – Rudeboy Banquet

CD Two – Mixed 
01. Obie – Intro
02. Modulate & Obie – Some Hardcore Track
03. Fracus, Marc Smith & Obie – Party Crashers
04. Obie – Bodybag
05. Joey Riot & Obie – In The Dark
06. Joey Riot & Darren Grant – I’m The Cook
07. Joey Riot & Alex Prospect – DJ Turn It Up
08. Alex Prospect & Obie – Viper
09. Joey Riot & Alex Prospect feat Obie & Mayhem – Keep It Lethal
10. Obie – Activate The Sirens
11. Technikore & Obie – Mr. Hoover
12. Joey Riot feat Obie, Mayhem, Thunda & Haywire – Mic Chekkaz
13. Joey Riot & Obie – Alive
14. Alex Prospect – All Falls Down
15. Drop Ya Jaw – Ermagherd Lazers (Klubfiller Remix) 
16. A.B & Obie – Drop Everything
17. Darwin & Obie – Futureshock (Gammer Remix) 
18. Darwin, Obie & Mr. E – Stereosonic (A.B Remix) 
19. Bear Peaks – Abduction
20. Bear Peaks – Rudeboy Banquet

After listening to this CD on my way to a nice holiday (well, just a hotel in Milton Keynes, but still a holiday for me) it got me thinking that there’s no one like MC Obie in the scene. MC Obie is a legend, and with this album he shows how diverse he is as not only a producer, not only as an MC, but also as a DJ (he mixed the second disc). This man deserves more credit than most people give him.

Name anyone in the scene who has achieved the same as he has? Alongside 10 producers and 10 MCs he has delivered an awesome album, worth to get right now. I haven’t heard a single track which made me scratch my head or think ‘this is a bit meh’. These are all quality tunes, quality over quantity, eh? Not only is the first disc a beauty, but the second is more my cup of tea. I’m more of a DJ mix bloke, and to hear 11 MCs giving their all, is just amazing.

A truly remarkable album, should have bought this when it was fresh and new. But it still sounds fresh and new, and if you want to, you can still get this album from the Hardcore Underground Webstore. Get this album now, a truly remarkable album from a remarkable artist. Can’t wait to hear ‘XX’, 9 years and counting.