Contagious To The Core Promo Mix (Mixed By M-Project) (2017)

Contagious To The Core Promo Mix (Mixed By M-Project) (2017)

Contagious To The Core Promo Mix (Mixed By M-Project) (2017)

DJ: M-Project
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Powerstomp
Mix Info: Contagious To The Core Promo Mix
Length Mix: 00:32:09
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 73.6 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: M-Project – Facebook Fanpage

A couple of weeks ago I was the first to review the latest album being released by Contagious Records, and it was an amazing album to listen to. Progression within the Powerstomp scene can be heard on this album. Quality over quantity, and that’s fair to say about this album. And if you look at who were on the album (artist-wise) you had a few big names : No Sweat, Riko, Chris Fear, Kurt, Joey Riot, and ofcourse the biggest name to come out of the East: M-Project. You all know him and love him, and as always he keeps on making promo mixes for literally everything. A party? Promo mix. A birthday? Promo mix. Had a bath? Promo mix. So obviously he had to do something, to promote the album which has his records on it.

I loved the album, and now you can get a taster of what’s actually on it, if you haven’t bought the album yet. A 33 minute long mix (well, 32 minutes and 9 seconds long, but let’s round it up) with 16 tracks,  all from the album, mixed by the mysterious man himself. Yep, you can expect only snippets from the tracks, not one track is played out long, about 2 minutes max per track. But M-Project is good at that, don’t think that it might disappoint you, because it won’t. And the tracks are really good.

It’s been carefully mixed by the mighty M-Project, so if you are ready to have an amazing Sunday morning, go and press play!


01. Kujin-Fu – Breaking (Contagious 170 Mix) 
02. Hyper & Electic Beatz – Hands In The Air
03. Jonny El – Ritual
04. Riko vs ACB – Freak On
05. S-WORX & M-Project – Mother F#=ker
06. Chris Fear – Bitches Shake It
07. Kujin-Fu – Ratatata (Contagious 170 Mix) 
08. Liqo – Piledriver
09. Kurt vs Psyvex – Time To Fuckin Rock
10. Demize & Bassline Animals – Fuck Dat Hoe
11. No Sweat – Lets Get Down
12. Hyper – Remember The Name
13. Kurt vs Ry-On & Beefy – All Bitches
14. M-Project – Ganjaman
15. Kujin-Fu – Get Back
16. Joey Riot vs Danny R-Core – Ascension

A big tracklist, isn’t it? And I have to say that the music is really, really good! Next level Powerstomp stuff. I really liked the album, but it was a DJ friendly album, so to hear a proper mix for this album just improves everything!

M-Project knows how to produce an amazing mix, and I think I’ve said a billion times before. I don’t need to explain how good he is, or give him bad credit for anything, because there’s nothing wrong with this mix. How can you go wrong with a track like ‘Ritual’ in your mix? You can’t go wrong, you simply can’t. (ps. what a f#=king wicked track, love it to the bone!). Or ‘Piledriver’. Epic, truly epic track.

You still can get this album via the following website: . Make sure you order one now, unless you don’t love Powerstomp. If you don’t, why are you on here?

This has made my weekend even better. It was already amazing, but now it’s a hundred billion times better. More people should get into Powerstomp. That’s my goal, to persuade as much people as I can. And with promo mixes like this one I will definately get a few new fans into the scene. And also more fans for M-Project. Come on, he deserves it! Epic mix, epic man (or is he not human? can’t tell)….


Contagious To The Core (Volume One) (2016)

Contagious To The Core (Volume One) (2016)

Contagious To The Core (Volume One) (2016)

Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Powerstomp
Album Info: Contagious Records Presents Contagious To The Core – Volume One
Release Year: 2016
CDs: 1 (one)
Length Album: 01:12:02
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Label: Contagious Records
Product Number: unknown
Purchase Album: BUY ALBUM HERE
Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE (Previews)
More Information: Contagious Records – Facebook Fanpage

It’s that time of the year again, during which we can expect lots of CDs being released. 90% of the albums sold are Michael Bublé’s Christmas albums, and that’s only because he comes out around Christmas, and his voice sounds sweet in all fairness. But you can expect more music coming towards you, not Christmas related. And if you had enough of Christmas music, that’s a relief. One album you might want to look out for is yet another amazing album by Contagious Records. Yes, I am a Contagious Records fan.

You can order the album right now, and it will be shipped as soon as possible. Maybe just in time for Christmas, that would be nice. Sitting around the tree, opening your present, and after realising what you received you immediately put the album on and drive your mum, dad and the rest of the family mad. Unless they love Powerstomp, which I highly doubt. But I’m not sure if they will arrive before Christmas (I don’t work for a delivery company).

This album not only has DJ Riko on it (which is normally the case) but also artists such as M-Project, No Sweat, Kurt, Chris Fear, Bassline Animals, Joey Riot, and more. Yes, it’s focussed on Powerstomp, and that’s what we want to hear, isn’t it?

The tracklist is something you need to sit down for, because it’s amazeballs (yes, that’s a word used by the kids nowadays)..


01. Kujin-Fu – Breaking (Contagious 170 Mix) 
02. Hyper & Electic Beatz – Hands In The Air
03. Riko vs ACB – Freak On
04. Joey Riot vs Danny R-Core – Ascension
05. S-Worx & M-Project – Mother F#=ker
06. Kurt vs Psyvex – Time To Fuckin Rock
07. Jonny El – Ritual
08. Liqo – Piledriver
09. Kujin-Fu – Get Back
10. Chris Fear – Bitches Shake It
11. Kurt vs Ry-On & Beefy – All Bitches
12. M-Project – Ganjaman
13. Hyper – Remember The Name
14. Kujin-Fu – Ratatata (Contagious 170 Mix) 
15. No Sweat – Let’s Get Down
16. Demize & Bassline Animals – Fuck Dat Hoe

See, this is a beauty. This is Powerstomp at its finest. This will make your Christmas awesome. Nothing else will improve the atmosphere at a dinner table or around the Christmas tree: it’s already extremely dull. Why watch crap on television and listen to boring Christmas tunes on the radio when you can listen to this?

There are some really fresh and exciting tunes on this album, and you should really check them out. Like ‘Ritual’, ‘Piledriver’, ‘Ganjaman’ and more. New music always excites me, and if you like new and exciting DJ friendly anthem you don’t need to look any further, this album is everything you wanted.

You get 16 amazing tracks, and if I can, I will announce my favourite record now: not one, but two blew me away, ‘Ritual’ and ‘Piledriver’. Just listen to them and you will realise why I picked these two.

The album is great. This is Contagious Records’ finest album to date. This is a must have album. Riko and his label are pushing Powerstomp forward, and I’m loving the music coming out of this subgenre.

Get this album right now, you won’t be disappointed. Trust the Dutchman, you should in all fairness. We might smoke weed all day, wear clogs, stick fingers in a dike, and live in windmills, but we created the current dance scene, so we know a thing or two when it comes to music. So ner.


M-Project & MC Korkie – WAH – History Of Hardcore Part 2 – Warm Up Mix (2016)

M-Project & MC Korkie - WAH - History Of Hardcore Part 2 - Warm Up Mix (2016)

M-Project & MC Korkie – WAH – History Of Hardcore Part 2 – Warm Up Mix (2016)

DJ: M-Project
MC: Korkie
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Powerstomp, M-ProjectCore, Gabber
Mix Info: WAH – History Of Hardcore Part 2 – Warm Up Mix
Length Mix: 00:41:04
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 37.7 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: M-Project / MC Korkie – Facebook Fanpage

When this mix passed by on my timeline I went on a quick scroll through my own website… MC Korkie, I do recognise the name, I must have reviewed a mix done by him. And the answer is yes, back in 2014 he and Technikore released a Xmas mix. No need to answer the question if I have ever reviewed a mix by M-Project, have done quite a few and also interviewed the man! He doesn’t need an introduction, the UK Hardcore scene all knows his for his J-Core and Powerstomp sound, and we love him for it. And that’s why he played at The History Of Hardcore Part 2 a couple of months ago.

This mix was a promo mix for the event, and it was uploaded again, but this time you can download it. It’s literally jam packed with M-Project’s own stuff, which is always good to hear. M-Project is the fastest rising star in the scene, and his music has dominated the charts, and has been played in many clubs/raves all over the country, and in many countries around the world. MC Korkie… well, I wish I had more information, have only reviewed one mix so far, so when it comes to information I am limited. I know that the previous mix was very dope, gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

The tracklist was kindly provided, and if you are interested in getting these tunes, the links are all given: the only thing you need to do is go to Soundcloud, and underneath the mix it has all the links you need.


01. Eufeion & M-Project – Mad As Hell
02. M-Project & Riko – The Underground
03. M-Project & Steve Heller feat Jonjo – U Know I’m Hardcore
04. The Prodigy – Omen (M-Project Remix) 
05. DJ Skye & M-Project – Mosh Pit
06. DJ Depath & M-Project – HxCx JUNKIEEE (Makinastomp Remix) 
07. Jason Bouse feat Gemma Bevelle – If I Let You Go (M-Project Remix) 
08. M-Project & Riko – Luv U More
09. Sash Dee & Daniel Seven feat Zoe VanWest – Over & Over (M-Project Remix) 
10. M-Project vs Riko – Make Some Fukkin Noise
11. M-Project & Bezza feat Unity – Beast Mode
12. M-Project & Daniel Seven – Beyond The Sky
13. M-Project – Make ‘Em Bounce
14. M-Project feat Jonjo – Razor Tongue (Hellsystem & M-Project Remix) 

As usual M-Project has selected the finest Powerstomp tracks, and they are all his own! Well, a few remixes, but these remixes were made by…. (you’ve guessed it correctly)… himself. A good promo mix.

The people must have had a wonderful time at the event he played at, it’s not that often he comes over to the UK and plays the best of the best. I don’t know if MC Korkie accompanied him during his set, but during this promo mix these two are blinding! It’s a match made in heaven. Loving the lyrics MC Korkie pushes out through my speakers, and hearing M-Project’s tunes in the background is just an added bonus.

Maybe one or two tracks I do not like, because I still like the original version much more. I’m trying to like them, but it will take time. I can not listen to ‘Luv U More’ without hearing Paul Elstak’s version. Or ‘Omen’.

The best track in this mix? The last one! My God, wasn’t expecting M-Project to make Hardcore Techno/Gabber, but it sounds so damn good. If I can give M-Project a tip: make more. This is truly a wonderful track, one that made the hair in my neck stand up!

A nice and free downloadable mix from MC Korkie and M-Project. What are you waiting for? Download it now!


M-Project & MC Stretch – The Music Factory Warm Up Mix (2016)

M-Project & MC Stretch - The Music Factory Warm Up Mix (2016)

M-Project & MC Stretch – The Music Factory Warm Up Mix (2016)

DJ: M-Project
MC: Stretch
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Powerstomp, Happy Hardcore, Makina
Mix Info: The Music Factory Warm Up Mix
Length Mix: 00:43:58
Tracks: 17 (seventeen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 100 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: The Music Factory – Event Page

M-Project is coming to the UK! Who would have thought, eh? It’s amazing to know that one of Japan’s finest Powerstomp/Makina DJ is coming to the UK and will destroy speakers at two events (as far as I know of). On the 26th of February he will be playing at the Music Factory, and at this event he will be playing Makina. Well, it says on the flyer that it’s his UK Makina debut appearance, but he will probably play a few Powerstomp tracks too, seeing as he’s the master of it. If you haven’t got tickets yet, I urge you to get them as soon as possible, because this is an event you don’t want to miss.

At this event there’s a whole list of artists who will be performing there, and also a whole lot of MCs. I don’t know if MC Stretch will perform with M-Project on stage, but for this promo mix they decided to ‘come’ together for this mix, and get everyone excited for the 26th. It will be an easy thing to do, because if you are actually going, witnessing M-Project would be actually something to look out for. Exciting times for the UK Hardcore industry, and hopefully M-Project will perform more often. Is this actually the first time he’s over, or has he come over already? I know he did a show in the States, but has he already performed in the UK?

The tracklist is again a beauty. A lot of his own stuff is in it, and throughout the mix MC Stretch does his thing nicely. Another name added to my list of MCs, never heard of his name before, but he does his thing well!


01. M-Project – Burn The Floor
02. DJ Gary MC & M-Project – Pop It
03. DJ Neutron & DJ Fraki – The Essence
04. M-Project & DJ KAPITAL – Makina Spirit
05. DJ DEPATH & Hase – Blast Sonic
06. DJ DEPATH & M-Project – Duality
07. M-Project & DJ K-rrenyo & Jorge Zgz – The Last Trip
08. PJ Makina & M-Project – Entropy
09. M-Project feat MC Steal – Million Miles
10. Jaw-D & M-Project feat Whizzkid – Machine Music
11. M-Project & Xavi BCN – Magnetic Dreams
12. DJ DEPATH & K-rlos DJ vs Dani Delirio – Bigwig
13. Xavi BCN & M-Project – Japan-Spain Music Connection
14. M-Project – Shiny Disco Ball
15. 3 Axis – Kosmos (M-Project & Jaw-D Remix) 
16. DJ DEPATH & M-Project – HxCx JUNKIEEE (Makinastomp Remix) 
17. Metal One – Melodies Of Passion II (Powerstomp Remix) 

How come this always makes me very cheerful and happy? And how come I still can’t tell the difference between Makinastomp and Powerstomp? It all sounds the same?!

M-Project does his thing, and does it well. Only selected the happiest and most cheerful tunes, which is always a nice thing to hear. The end result is really something you will enjoy, and those who have listened to it already know that M-Project is on fire. The man who keeps providing the UK Hardcore industry with promo mix after mix has never been on fire as he is right now. If you are liking this, make sure you see him performing at The Music Factory, this will be a night you will never forget! The bloody legend is coming over, give him a warm welcome!

MC Stretch, at first I thought he was that bloke who does those weird Bounce videos. You know who I am talking about, the one in his underwear, shaking his ass a lot to Bounce music. But this isn’t him, clearly. He rhyhmes a bit too fast, my brain can’t process what he’s saying, but it sounds interesting. He does it well, but during the best bit of tracks which you shouldn’t rhyhme through, he still continues. Listen to the last track and you will know what I’m talking about. The good thing about this MC is that he keeps mentioning the date, so you won’t forget it!

Best track? Too difficult, for once I can not pick one. ‘Machine Music’ is amazing, ‘Million Miles’ is awesome, ‘Melodies Of Passion II’ a personal favourite… the list goes on. I can’t pick.

Make sure you check these two out. This won’t be a disappointment. The Music Factory, the 26th of February. That’s all you need to know, and the only date in your diary you need to look out for!

Ps. there will be Facebook noises, that’s because the person who did the master had his Facebook open when he made the final version, and the bits got recorded. You aren’t as popular as he is, but it will get you looking at your Facebook page!