T-Sessions 014 – Mark Neenan (2017)

T-Sessions 014 - Mark Neenan (2017)

T-Sessions 014 – Mark Neenan (2017)

DJ: Mark Neenan
Genre/Style: Techno, Dark Techno, Deep Techno, Minimal Techno
Mix Info: T-Sessions 014
Length Mix: 01:29:25
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 204 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Filth Infatuated – Facebook Fanpage

Bloody Nora, it’s like this weekend is about only two styles: Techno and Trance. And I’ve found yet another mix you all might enjoy! A brand spanking new mix by the mighty Mark Neenan, one of the people behind the succesful Techno label Filth Infatuated. Underneath the mix on Soundcloud you can find a short biography, but I reckon that you’ve seen all the information you needed in previous Mark Neenan/Filth Infatuated reviews, eh?

So, another Techno mix. It’s like Techno is taking over my life at the moment. It’s Techno this, Techno that. The last Techno mix I heard was a mix by Dave The Drummer. And now Mark Neenan. It’s a mix sessions, and the 14th instalment took place, and they asked Mark to come up with a new mix they could broadcast. Don’t know if it’s an online radio show, or just a mix series on Soundcloud, but by asking Mark Neenan for a Techno mix … well, you can’t go wrong, can you?

It’s a nicely balanced mix, some tracks from their own label Filth Infatuated, and some by the DJ himself. A nice and diverse mix, and once you’ve pressed play, you will experience a Saturday evening like never before!

Check the tracklist out now!


01. Darkmode – Bassman (Chris Collins Remix) 
02. Louk – Gravelly Hill
03. Darkmode – 909 Raw (Kereni Remix) 
04. Energun – Circular Turnaround (Miss Electric Remix) 
05. GraGee – Paradigm Shift
06. Mark Neenan – Digital Filth
07. Kozii – Saturday Morning (Marcello Perri Remix) 
08. Mark EG vs Nico Kohler – Underworld (The Anxious Remix) 
09. Sascha Zastiral – Impetus
10. Mr Peg – Beg Me
11. Zyco – Evil Whales
12. Kereni – Subject 1504
13. Errol Dix – Acid Reflection
14. Lester Fitzpatrick & Jennifer Rambow – Jennifer Rambow 2 (Lester Fitzpatrick Remix) 
15. Naked Van Mirk – Superior Traction
16. Car-D – Thirsty
17. Glenn Wilson – Magnetic Fields
18. OB1 – Distorted Reality
19. Mark Neenan – Planned Obsolescence (OB1 Remix) 
20. Section One – Harmony Returns
21. 3Phazegenerator – Looter (Naked Van Mirk Remix) 
22. Everygreen Symphony – Apocalypse Nears (C-System Remix) 
23. Strobe – Dynabrain
24. Lester Fitzpatrick & DJ Skitzo – Work It
25. Trust The Machine – Sweatbox
26. Car-D – Control (Rene Hell Remix) 
27. Maxx – Pulse Shaper

That was one hell of a set! Normally during a mix or whatever I look on the internet, but this time I didn’t. I was completely focussed on Mark’s mix, the tracks he selected are quite Dark, minimalistic and Deep. It grabbed my attention from the first to the last second, and not one second has been dull at all.

But does Mark or anyone from his label ever disappoint us? Not me, I’ve been a fan for a few years, and I’m liking their style. Especially the darker Techno, they are good at that! And in this mix you will find a few of those. They sound like they were made by the Devil himself, so dark. But secretly we all love the darker stuff!

Normally I would chat away about the bad records, mixing errors, or something I could find which was wrong, but I can’t today. It’s yet another beautiful mix by Mark Neenan, a very, very fine Techno mix. Let this get you through the weekend, and enlighten you with new music.

Check out this mix, it’s fire. Check out Filth Infatuated, and check out Mark Neenan. But first you need to check if the volume is way up high. That’s the only way you can listen to this mix (with the volume high, very high!)!


Mark Neenan Presents – FILTHCAST 0.3 (2016)

Mark Neenan Presents - FILTHCAST 0.3 (2016)

Mark Neenan Presents – FILTHCAST 0.3 (2016)

DJ: Mark Neenan
Genre/Style: Techno, Electro
Mix Info: FILTHCAST 0.3
Length Mix: 01:20:12
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 183 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Filth Infatuated – Facebook Fanpage

It’s been nearly 2 years since I last heard a Mark Neenan mix! Can you believe it? I thought it was shorter than 2 years, but I looked it up, and I was amazed! Well, those 2 years have flown by, in all fairness. If you are a Techno lover like yours truly, you don’t need to worry: there’s a new mix you should listen to. It’s Mark Neenan’s Filthcast 0.3. I’ve missed the previous 2 episodes, but not to worry: I will haunt them down and download them too. I could write a review about 3 episodes, but seeing as it’s Sunday morning and I’m easily distrac…. hey, there’s a bird flying around my car!

Let’s focus on this mix, Mark Neenan’s latest mix. A nice Techno mix with 22 amazing tracks by artists I’ve never heard of before. I was looking for that, seeing as it’s quite miserable outside and foggy. You don’t want to listen to anything else besides Techno on a Sunday morning, and this mix has got exactly what you need. The mix is tight, as you would expect from Mark Neenan.

You should check the tracklist out!


01. Saint Cole – Stent Pt 1 The Unknown
02. Darkmode – De Rezz
03. Geistech – Triton
04. The Hacker – Polonium 210
05. LasaWers & Dario Dep – Fire In The Noise (Bojan Popovic Remix) 
06. Andre Walter – Dark Knight
07. Andreas Kraemer – Fracture
08. Danny Fontana – Brickyard
09. Osiris Project – Deep Down
10. Vegim – Antihuman (Stevie Wilson Remix) 
11. Absent – 1st Reason 4 Mindfuck
12. Natascha – Red Wasn’t My Plan
13. Monoline – A Certain Death
14. TWIST3D – Black Sugar (Two Times Four Mix) 
15. Boris Brenecki – Transit System
16. Mono Voice – Protokoll (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix) 
17. Kleen Kutz & Rivet Spinners – Trauma (Section One Remix) 
18. Tony Kanwischer – As Faraday Built His Cage (Mark Neenan Remix) 
19. Mark Sherry & Gene Karz – Spacewarp (Darmec Remix )
20. Pablo Caballero – Then
21. SynnyS – Brute Factor
22. Scenedrone – 14

See, this tracklist might be beautiful to you, but to me it’s like looking at a book with only Latin words in it: not having a clue. In this case I do not have a clue who the artists are at all, but one thing I do have to mention is the quirkiness of the titles! ‘1st Reason 4 Mindfuck’? ‘Red Wasn’t My Plan’? ‘As Faraday Built His Cage’? That’s a definate LOL.

Mark Neenan has made yet another amazing mix. Tight when it comes to the mixing, it’s been perfect from the first to the last second. A very mellow yet quite dark mix, the tunes he has selected are really mindblowing! They take you to another level, a level you have never felt before. And on this boring Sunday morning, as I said before, you don’t want to hear anything else besides Techno, and this is the right mix for you!

Erm, I always have to mention one little error. But I can’t find any. Sorry.

Download this mix and the previous two episodes too! They are still on Soundcloud, so grab them while you can. They might disappear and after they were taken off, you are regretting not downloading them! Get the Filthcast now!


Mark Neenan – Crate Diggin’ Mix No 1 (2014)

Mark Neenan

DJ: Mark Neenan
Genre/Style: Techno, Acid Techno
Mix Info: Crate Diggin’ Mix No 1.
Length Mix: 01:10:49
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 162 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Filth Infatuated Facebook Fanpage

I know, I know. Many people will look at the picture above and think ‘that’s not the picture that Mark Neenan added to his mix’?! That’s true, but the reason why I can’t add it, is because Soundcloud is being a knob. So there you go, I had to add a picture, and I found one on his Facebook page. I have been trying to find the original picture on my good ol’ friend Google, but after 30 minutes, I got bored. At least I’m sharing the mix, don’t be picky!

Mark Neenan, one-third of Filth Infatuated and one-half of Naked Van Mirk (what a name!?) knows a thing or two when it comes to Techno music. I have listened to many of his mixes in the past, being part of Filth Infatuated, but recently he uploaded this new mix, which features tracks which he played using only two turntables and a mixer. Vinyl is what he used, hence the name of the mix. A beautiful Techno/Acid Techno mix was the result. If you love that, you might want to follow this man on Soundcloud, seeing as he’s going to upload more of these mixes onto it.

The first mix he has uploaded contains a few classic tunes. Some forgotten tunes, and they take me right back to the wonderful years of Techno, when I went to Techno parties, and raved the night away. It’s wonderful to hear these classic anthems, and it’s good to hear that there are still people out there who share their passion for vinyl, and keep the vinyl scene alive. Doesn’t this mix make you want to go through your own collection, blow off the dust of those memorable tunes, and dance the night away?

Mark’s mix is a good one, unless you don’t appreciate Techno/Acid Techno. If you don’t, leave this page right now!


01. Holy Ghost – Hand Of God (Live In Amsterdam)
02. Throb – Torsk
03. Shaft Punk – Squat Rock (D.A.V.E. The Drummer’s Tonal Shift Remix) 
04. Jel Ford – Cynical Part 2
05. Adam Beyer & Henrik B – Sound Identification (Par Grindvik Remix) 
07. Robert Natus – Packhucke
08. Vince Matson – Mutator
09. Magnum Force – Unlucky Punk
10. The Trapeze Artists – Barstow
11. Rozzer’s Dog – This Old World Is In A Helluva Fix
12. Fabulous 23s – Over The Limit
13. Rozzer’s Dog – World War 303
14. Immersion – Fat Acid
15. K-Tec 001 

What a splendid mix! This really brings back some memories! The good ol’ days, eh? Makes you feel old.

The mix starts off with an immense track, and track after track Mark Neenan impresses us with the tunes he has selected. His crate must be magical, seeing as he found these tunes in it! I think I ment to say record box, but you know what I mean.

A very powerful mix, never dull, from the start to the end this mix has got everything you want. It can be quite dark and edgy, but a second later it’s quite bright and emotional. Surprising, to say the least. Is it as good as Mark Neenan/Filth Infatuated’s previous mixes? It’s as good as! Even though they played much more recent stuff, the quality of it all is splendid.

Sadly, I wish I could say that I would go through my vinyl collection, but I can’t. I was a CD boy, but I can’t still play a couple of ol’ CDs.

Mark Neenan has done it yet again, a wonderful mix. This is quite impressive, and should encourage others to ditch the CDs and play those round black discs called LPs. They are quite cool, you know (if you are under 18 years of age, you might want to ask your grandad what these things are).