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Fatality Outdoor Festival 2018 | Beast Gates | Warm Up Mix By Melvje


Fatality, what a name for an event. I could understand all the other names, but Fatality is kind of brutal. But if we compare it to the music which is played there, it does make sense. This Hardstyle/Rawstyle event takes place in a couple of weeks time, and has got a killer line-up, one you could only dream of: Minus Militia, Radical Redemption, Warface, Adaro, Delete, Aggressive Act, E-Force, Rebelion, Deetox, Caine, and there are so many more going: it’s unbelievable, this line-up. And people are getting excited, really excited. There was one mix on my timeline, especially for this event, and it was made by Melvje. Read More