Delicate Soundz – Old School Industrial Techno Acid [1990-1993] (2017)

Delicate Soundz - Old School Industrial Techno Acid [1990-1993] (2017)

Delicate Soundz – Old School Industrial Techno Acid [1990-1993] (2017)

DJ: Negative A
Genre/Style: House, Early Rave, Hardcore House, Tech House, Oldskool, Techno
Mix Info: Delicate Soundz – Old School Industrial Techno Acid [1990-1993] Length Mix: 01:21:22
Tracks: 41 (fourty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Negative A – Facebook Fanpage

I’ve been offline for a few days, not looking for new music. My ‘like’ page on Soundcloud is already filled with many mixes I must write a review about. But one I couldn’t let go pass. I simply couldn’t, because you don’t find mixes like this one that often. Yes, you do get dodgy and crappy Techno/House mixes with mostly 2Unlimited tunes in it, some Cappella and Twenty4Seven, but what I want to hear is the older stuff. The classics. The forgotten gems. The beauties. The tunes that made us realise that the music is here to stay. And I found it!

This is the kind of music I grew up with. The tunes that made my youth. I was too damn young to understand the quality of it all, but I still remember hearing these tunes for the first time back during the early years of the 90s. The sickening sound of House/Techno, which paved the way for new styles such as Hardcore House, etc. Negative A created a brand new mix, filled with tunes from 1990 til 1993. The true classics. The records you won’t find on ‘the best of’ album. They mostly have the cheesiest tunes on them, when sometimes you just want to hear the rough stuff. And Negative A’s mix is just what my ears wanted to hear!

The tracklist gave me goosebumps. So old, but oh so good! Let me show you the tunes!

tracklist TCD

01. Fuck The Industry And Motherfuck Radio Man! – This Is Bug
02. Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
03. The Ambassador – Deduction
04. Joey Beltram – My Sound
05. Ramirez – La Musika Tremenda (Fabrice Remix )
06. Set Up System – Fairy Dust (Blastomania Mix) 
07. Brain-e – What A Bassline
08. Underground Resistance – The Punisher
09. 80 Aum – Stronger Than Steel
10. Meng Syndicate – Sonar System (Speedy J Mix) 
11. Adam X – Lost In Hell (Remix) 
12. EX 4 – Possessor
13. Two Pieces – Magic Bells
14. Equitek – Stylus Flight
15. Strongheads – Frequency Test
16. Mescalum United – We Have Arrived
17. World Power Alliance – The Seawolf
18. Brain Storm – Do I Feel Lucky
19. Trashman – Cosmotrash (Industrial Trash) 
20. Edge Of Motion – Set Up 707
21. Cybersonik – Trashing
22. Dr. Fernando – Stomach Substance
23. Crowd Control – Tranzformer
24. Turbulence – Whurlstorm
25. Bountyhunter – The Bountyhunter
26. Tellurians – The Navigator
27. Test – Overdub
28. Circuit Breaker – Trac K
29. Insider – T.O. 001 (A-Side)
30. Overdrive – Limited
31. Brain Storm – Cybernatic Noisefly (Part 1)
32. Cybersonik – Machine Gun
33. Mindscape – Sugar Tax
34. Holo Graphic 4th – Tranzluzent
35. I.S.Q. – The Mosquito
36. Circuit Breaker – Trac-X
37. X-Buzz – Overload
38. 2 Uninterested – I Don’t Care (Lenny Dee Remix) 
39. Hard Attack – Resonation
40. Knight Phantom – Basic Terror
41. The Agressor – I’m Coming

Don’t you think this is a beauty? If you are old (and wise) enough you will know these tunes. These tunes were written on the most basic equipment, if you would compare it to the present day, but the impact it had when it was released, can not be described by anyone. This was the music that shook everyone at their core. This was so ground breaking, even the media didn’t know how to respond to it. They categorised this as the music made by the Devil, but if that was the case, thank you very music, mr Devil.

I wonder what happened to most names on this tracklist. I knew they used a lot of aliases back in the 90s, but I always wonder. Those who made only 1 or 2 records and then decided to leave the scene, would they have expected their tunes to still be played over 25 years later? I don’t think so.

There are way too many fond memories surrounding this kind of music. And each and every track is an underrated masterpiece. Negative A’s mix is just spot on, so many beautiful records, I can’t pick one. I simply can’t. This (to me) has got to be the greatest early Rave/House/Techno mix ever made. This paved the way for Hardcore House, so we should be thankful of what this created.

Negative A, your mix is so sick. Nothing wrong with it. Respect for it. Can’t praise this mix enough. One of the best mixes of all time!

Ps. (sorry this bit is in Dutch): godnondeju. Die oude troep, blijft botergeil!


DJ Neophyte @ Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 9 (Energiehal) (21-10-1995)

DJ Neophyte @ Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 9 (Energiehal) (21-10-1995)

DJ Neophyte @ Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 9 (Energiehal) (21-10-1995)

DJ: Neophyte
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Early Hardcore, Early Rave, Oldskool, Happy Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 9 (Energiehal) 21-10-1995
Length Liveset: 00:37:29
Tracks: 13 (thirteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Neophyte – Facebook Fanpage

1995, that’s a long time ago. Most people won’t remember what they did in 1995, whilst I can’t remember what I did yesterday. 22 years ago an event took place, which was called ‘A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 9′, and on the flyer it states that it’s the largest rave-event in the world. When the ticket prices were in Guilders, and in the presale the tickets would be 45 guilders, and at the door 55. And not only was it cheap to get in, the line-up was amazing, even to today’s standard: Darrien Kelly, Lars, Omar Santana, Panic, Paul Elstak, The Stunned Guys, Yves, and DJ Neophyte. And the last one uploaded his set from 1995.

According to Neophyte, this was his very first DJ set performed on stage, so it holds a lot of memories for him. Don’t get confused with the actual act called Neophyte, this is just Jeroen a.k.a. DJ Neophyte on stage. I don’t even know if the act Neophyte was created yet? It wouldn’t be that long until they took over the scene and demolished many bedrooms with their mixes and records. But in 1995 it was DJ Neophyte on the stage, demolishing speakers (in a good way) and penetrating ear drums.

His set is filled with Oldskool classics we all love. He also said that the quality might be a bit low, but this was taken from a cassette, so you shouldn’t expect high quality anyway. But for those who raved through the 90s, cassettes were our thing. Many ‘My First Walkman’s have been used to get our Hardcore kicks. Thanks Sony. Where would we have been without you?

The tracklist was kindly provided by a fan, so here it is:


01. Repulsive 2 – Recactussed
02. T.N.T. – Brainwashkiller (Killermix) 
03. Nasty Django & DJ Cirillo – Deal Wit’ Beats
04. Rave Creator & The Mover – Atmos-Fear
05. Bionic Commanders – Bust A New Jam
06. Q-Tex – Get On The Floor
07. Q-Tex – Eqauzion Part 4
08. The Scotchman – Happy Vibes
09. ID – ID
10. Stingray – Dance Your Ass Off
11. DJ Isaac & Pagan – 2 Definitions
12. Bodylotion – Make You Dance (Remix) 
13. Wasting Program – Bring That Shit Back

This event already got a ‘Geweldig’ on Partyflock, and this set proves it. I think you can find other sets online from this event, but for now let’s focus on Neophyte’s set. And it’s a good one. It’s kind of short though, but still you can appreciate it. I know I did. And my neighbours. And the Internation Space Station. They heard me playing this out loud. Sorry NASA.

The set was short, but amazing. There are so many great anthems in here, and a lot of Scott Brown stuff. But the one track that still holds the most memories for me, is the anthem of the 90s: ‘Brainwashkiller’, be it the Killermix version. What an anthem! Don’t know who was responsible for this record, but they’ve made a timeless classic. You can still play it today, and the crowd will go absolutely ape.

DJs used vinyl back in the days, so it was harder to make the mix flawless, and there are a few tiny errors, but nothing big. Nothing that might turn you off. If you were looking for a mix which contains a nice dosage of Early Hardcore, you don’t need to look any further. This is DJ Neophyte, destroying eardrums etc. The set is good, no doubt about that.

If you complain about the quality of the set, you are not a 90s raver. You are a 00s raver, and you’ve missed the cassette and MIDI player period.

Thanks Neophyte for this. This has made my day! Anyone who puts ‘Brainwashkiller’ in their set is a hero. But Neophyte is a hero anyway.


stranger – ’91/’92 Conceptmix (2017)

stranger - '91/'92 Conceptmix (2017)

stranger – ’91/’92 Conceptmix (2017)

DJ: stranger
Genre/Style: Oldskool, Techno, Rave, Acid House
Mix Info: ’91/’92 Conceptmix
Length Mix: 00:58:34
Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: stranger – Facebook Fanpage

Sometimes you see on Soundcloud a mix being reposted, but when a mix is good, you see multiple reposts coming past on your timeline. One of those mixes, well, I couldn’t ignore. Reposted so many times, it was a sign, I reckon. A mix done by stranger, focussed on the Techno side of life, but with a twist. What might that twist be? Well, it’s focussed on 1991 and 1992, as most of us will know it as the pre-Gabber era. This is when Techno became slightly darker and edgier, and created sounds which would be used in the Gabber/Hardcore scene only a few years later.

Most of these tracks are dark, edgy, and yet extremely beautiful. You can hear the Gabber influence in them.Well, I do mean the other way around, Gabber was influenced by this kind of music a lot. And when I say a lot, I do mean a LOT. If this doesn’t make you move, it could mean 2 things: or you are too young and do not understand it, or you are stupid. How can you not like the early Techno sounds? The tracklist will literally blow you away, it certainly will!

stranger, he’s a stranger to me, but his concept mix is one you need to listen to. If you like or dislike Gabber, this is a must listen to mix. Check out the tracklist!


01. Unknown Artist – Countdown FFM V (B3)
02. Gangsters Of Techno – Lost In A E
03. Two – Rescue Me
04. Bhab & Cas – Pulsiv
05. The Suburban Knight – Infra Red Spectrum
06. Alien Christ – The Art Of Shredding
07. V-Room – G-Hertz
08. Missing Channel – Edge Of Infinity
09. Jimmy Crash – Crash Course
10. Frank De Wulf – I Love You
11. Carl Cox – Let The Bass Kick
12. Poltering Rhythm Traxx – Armed Conflict
13. Nasty Django – Ey Dude (Totally Fucked Up Mix) 
14. Program 2 – Twister
15. The Gateway Experience – Living Body Map
16. Jeff Mills – DNA
17. Final Exposure – Vortex
18. Spark – AC3
19. Technotrash – Noise!
20. Teknoboys – Mad Beat
21. Bhab & Cas – Radiate
22. DJPC – Insomniak
23. Ace The Space – 9 Is A Classic (Bay Area Drive-By Mix) 
24. Noise Factory – Bring Forward The Noise
25. Control DC – Ritmo Dell Diavolo (Inferno Mute Mix) 
26. Beyond – Bang!

When you hear tunes such as these, it immediately takes you back to the wonderful 90s. The early 90s to be precise. Those wonderful years are still amazing, event though time has flown by so quickly. But the music still remains as good, and the vibes it generates can not be topped by any of the new-age styles at all. Yes, Techno is timeless. There, I’ve said it!

Even to me most of these tunes are unknown. Yes, of course I do know DJPC, Ace The Space (wasn’t that Marc Arcadipane?), Nasty Django, Carl Cox (duh!), Frank De Wulf, but the other artists are not known to me. It’s good to learn from the good old days, and it’s never too late to hallucinate, eh?

stranger’s mix is tight, really tight. He’s picked the right tracks, and the overall feeling I get is happiness. Euphoric from time to time. Which track is the one that made me feel so nostalgic the most? Well, I am a raver, a Gabber, and I love ‘Ritmo Dell Diavolo’. Never heard it being played so slow (is this the original speed?), but even being played slow it makes me get goosebumps. I can just picture ravers at a rave in 1991-1992 and hearing this track for the first time and literally be flabbergasted by its strength and rawness!

stranger, whoever you might be, your mix is dope. Extremely dope. More mixes like this one should appear on my timeline. Please Soundcloud, make it happen!!!!

Thank you to those who reposted this mix. Where would I be without this mix?


DJ Casketkrusher – The Summer Rave Mix (2017)

DJ Casketkrusher - The Summer Rave Mix (2017)

DJ Casketkrusher – The Summer Rave Mix (2017)

DJ: Casketcrusher
Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Rave, Oldskool, UK Hardcore
Mix Info: The Summer Rave Mix
Length Mix: 01:17:01
Tracks: 33 (thirty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: DJ Casketcrusher – Facebook Fanpage

As you all know I am a fan of Oldskool music, and only a couple of months ago I discovered an artist who loves the Oldskool stuff as much as I do, and his name is Casketkrusher. Want to hear something funny? He likes the oldskool UK Hardcore/Rave stuff too! Not just Happy Hardcore or Gabber, but tracks by Q-Tex, Dougal & Mickey Skeedale, Eruption, SMD, and more. And that has made my day even better!

What can I say about Casketkrusher that you already don’t know? He likes the older stuff, and he’s got long hair. Yep, that’s all I know. But what he does, he does it extremely well. Still can’t stop listening to his previous mixes, they are solid as a rock. He’s like King Midas, everything he touches, turns into Gold. And because the Summer is about to happen (or has it started already, never know which date it starts, but the weather is going up and up, so we must be close), he made a Summer mix, full of UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore/Rave/Oldskool tunes, and I suggest that you give this a go. Today is my day off, because of a holiday in the Netherlands, and it’s perfect to turn up the speakers to the max, and sit in the garden, drink a nice beverage, and embrace the sunshine!

Tracklist anyone?


01. DJ Seduction & DJ Dougal – It’s Not Over (Remix) 
02. DJ Sy & Eruption – 12″ Of Love
03. Eruption – Give Me Back My Heart
04. DJ Dougal & Mickey Skeedale – Really Love You (Remix) 
05. Q-Tex – Hardcore Science (Live Version) 
06. Controller 1 – Nonono
07. DJ Davie Forbes – Play Like A Tiger
08. Elation – Force
09. Gordon Tennant & Technotrance – Revenge Of The Cosmic Ice Cream Men
10. Bass-D & King Matthew – What U Gonna Do? (Original Mix) 
11. Elation – The Buzz
12. S.M.D. – S.M.D. #2 [Side A] 13. Hyperbass – Hardcore Domain
14. Q-Bass – Music Man
15. G.T. Sampler & Technotrance – Natural Born Killer
16. Total Confusion – Phazion
17. Assym – Enjoy The Creation
18. Gigglatron – Floatation Tank
19. Matrix Project & Wargroover – Don’t Come No Ruffa
20. Dooms Day Machine – First Sense
21. Overlord – Overeasy
22. Men In Black – Mental Passion
23. Technological Terror Crew – Where Angels Fear To Thread (Original Mix) 
24. Matrix Project & Wargroover – Fokus On The Beat
25. Overlord – I Am The Lord!
26. Creepozoïds – Great Manipulator
27. Ingler – Sandra Hopkins
28. Wargroover – Skank
29. Chosen Few – R.N.O. Theme
30. Men In Black – Dat’s How We Do It
31. Auto Tropp – Magna
32. DJ Agonizer & MC Jerome – Agonizer & Jerome (Happy Hardcore Version) 
33. Ingler – Trek °°

Wow! I am an Oldskool fan, but I don’t know where Casketkrusher got these tracks from, because I only know about 1% of these tracks! They are all new in my books. His collection must be extremely impressive, but now it’s obvious why he loves his Oldskool stuff so much, because he’s got so many amazing records!

Quick rant of the day: who came up with track titles such as ‘Revenge Of The Cosmic Ice Cream Men’? That has got to be one of the weirdest titles I have ever seen!

Back to the mix. The mix is good. Tight (few tiny errors, but nothing big), and the tracks are really good. I think that digging up these forgotten gems is really what more people should do. Yes, we have heard the all-time classics before, but we want to hear more mixes such as this one, filled with tracks most of us don’t even know existed.

Casketkrusher is a hero to me. In the widest range he is. He’s got the same passion as I do, and it’s contagious. I can’t stop listening to it. Rumours do excist that he’s doing a special mix focussed on Thunderdome soon, so keep your eyes and ears open: if that mix is as good as this one of previous mixes, we won’t be disappointed.

Like his page, and share this mix (sadly no download option). Make sure the kids know where the Hardcore sound originated from, and teach them how good the music back in the days was, and still is!

Best record? The first one. What a track to start your mix with! Slamming track!