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Rielism – Eryon Stocker Guestmix (2017)


With a brand spanking new looking website you need to get new music onto it, otherwise people might loose interest. Now, to keep you all entertained, I have looked and found a good mix, a couple of months old, but still extremely hot. And I have to say that I’m embarassed for not have found this before, seeing as I’m a huge Rielism fan. But never mind, I have found it, and now it’s time for me to talk about Eryon Stocker’s guestmix for Rielism, to promote his ‘Commander EP’.

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Giuseppe Ottaviani presents GO On Air 2.0 – LIVE from Toronto (2018)

Giuseppe Ottaviani presents GO On Air 2.0 - LIVE from Toronto

It’s Sunday, and the weather is absolutely perfect. It’s already nice and hot outside, and I’m feeling the good vibes coming through my body. The sun is doing me good. But what could make today even better? A wicked liveset from an artist that never disappoints. Only a handful are beyond the level of epic, and one of them is Giuseppe Ottaviani. Since I discovered him many moons ago, I always go to his Soundcloud page, to get my Trance kicks. He’s my supplier of awesome music, and guess what? He’s got a brand new GO On Air 2.0 set, recorded at U4RIA in Toronto.

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Bluum – Proton Radio VS Guest Mix (2018)


When you wake up on a lovely Sunday morning, and the weather forecast is good. You obviously want to hear some good music, and even though my computer is filled with excellent music, I always want to hear and see new music. So when I witnessed a brand new mix, I had to give it a go. Both the DJ and the radio station this guestmix was for are unknown to me, but don’t you worry: I’m not picky. I just listen to anything with a tracklist, and this mix by Bluum has got one. So, let’s give this a go!

This mix was made by DJ Bluum for Proton Radio VS. Never heard or seen either of these names, so the focus should be at what Bluum has to offer to the listeners. And as you all know, I am a huge music lover, and I love literally everything (besides commercial pop-shite and Dutch music). This mix contains Progressive House/Trance, and melodic EDM music. That’s a promising start, and if it’s executed well, this could be the perfect mix on this wonderful Sunday morning. Let’s see the tracklist.

tracklist TCD

01. ATTLAS – You (Close)
02. Lane 8 feat Patrick Baker – Skin & Bones (Enamour Remix) 
03. Jeremy Olander – Andkoln
04. Ziger & Blusoul – Delta (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) 
05. Cid Inc – Abyss
06. D-Formation – Anbar
07. Mike Tohr – The Last Zebra
08. Bluum – Kepler
09. Bluum – Glide
10. Bluum – Rodea
11. Darko De Jan & Esphyr – Clairvoyant (Matter Remix) 
12. Dosem – Not A Coincidence
13. Stan Kolev – Sequence 1.168
14. Danny Oliveira presents DNYO – Cypher (Original Mix) 
15. Fehrplay – Malnati

This is a … well, I can’t say a good looking tracklist, because I only know one name, which is ATTLAS. All the other names are new to me, including the DJ who has made this mix. But he’s done a terrific job in making an hour fly by really quickly. I have had this one for at least 3 hours, and still it hasn’t annoyed me, or made me want to skip it.

An hour of blis. Absolute bliss. I have really enjoyed myself, and this introduction into Bluum’s world has been a good one. As I already said, this mix has not been boring or a nuisance at all. I’ve had the pleasure to hear this mix, and loose myself completely. This nicely balanced mix does exactly what I wanted a mix to do on a lovely day: take me away to a different place. Close your eyes and let yourself go, that’s what the message is behind this mix. So beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful.

I liked each record. I can’t pick a favourite. And I can’t point out a flaw or an error. This has been extremely satisfying.

Bluum, a name I am following now. This guest mix has been astonishingly good! More of this, please!


DJ: Bluum
Genre/Style: Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Melodic EDM
Mix Info: Proton Radio VS Guest Mix
Length Mix: 01:02:17
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 142kbps
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Bluum – Soundcloud Page

Sensation White 2002


Back in 2002 I went to Sensation White with a few friends from the place I worked, NedCar. They were into Trance music, and were talking about this event like it was going to be the best night of our lives. Everyone dressed in white, and a night filled with Trance music, in the Amsterdam Arena. Well, I really wanted to go with them, but the tickets were sold out. To cut a long story short: I bought a train ticket, went with my friends to Amsterdam, walked around the Arena, trying to spot someone who sold a ticket, and as luck might have it, I found someone. Scared that it might be a fake ticket, I walked to the entrance (at the complete oppossite side of where my friends were), and got in! I was a happy bunny, but not happy when I realised that I would never be able to find my friends, if literally everyone was dressed in white. Took half an hour to find them, in this wonderful setting. But once the gang was complete, the party could start! Read More

Giuseppe Ottaviani Presents GO On Air 2.0 – Live From Lush, Portrush, NYE (2017)

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It’s becoming a common thing: reviewing a Giuseppe Ottaviani liveset. The last two were recorded at the ADE and the other at Guangzhou, China. This month’s edition was recorded at Lush!, Portrush, Northern Ireland. On the 31st of December 2017 he played there, with fellow DJs John O’Callaghan, Shugz, and the Northern Irish Trance Family (never heard of them before). For £15 you would dance your way to the new Year in style, with legendary names playing. Now that’s a NYE you wouldn’t want to miss.

Giuseppe Ottaviani is a legend, and is gaining a huge fanbase with his GO On Air 2.0 liveshow, which has led him all over the world, playing wherever there’s a craving for Trance music. And if you’ve heard these sets before, you know he’s there to leave a lasting impression. His sets are superb, and live. That’s the thing: he makes every night unique and special. And that’s what I like. But that’s not the only thing….

Here’s the tracklist, a true feast for your eyes. Just look at this beauty!

tracklist TCD

01. Rafael Osmo – Renaissance (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) 
02. Amos & Riot Night – Interstate Four
03. The Moon feat NU NRG – The Moon Loves The Sun (Giuseppe Ottaviani 2017 Rework) 
04. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Live ID
05. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Slow Emotion 3
06. Filo and Peri vs Simon Patterson feat Eric Lumiere – The One Anthem
07. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Live ID
08. Giuseppe Ottaviani feat Lo-Fi Sugar – Rush (Giuseppe Ottaviani 2017 Rework) 
09. BT & Jes – Every Other Way (PureNRG Remix) 
10. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Legacy
11. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Live ID + Queen – Flash (Sample)
12. Eric Prydz – Opus (PureNRG Bootleg) 

And again he has done it. How does he make every bloody set amazing? During the early noughties it was Tiësto who made everything work brilliantly, but now, during the tens (tenties? what is it called) it’s Giuseppe Ottaviani who does every with a lot of passion and dedication, and makes it work. A truly underestimated legend in the making. A superstar.

He might not even care about the money, but he’s more focussed on the actual music. And that’s what’s been missing in the scene. The big names started to become bigger, and decided to make music to a wider audience. Influenced by the bigger styles like Pop music, it just made it worst. I don’t like it, when they change the style completely, basically for extra sales. Giuseppe stays true to the Trance scene, and whenever you see him play live, you can see a man with a passion, dedication, and a smile from ear to ear. With this set he blew away the audience in Northern Ireland.

I can only give credit to him, for making yet another amazing set, and also for making awesome music. It’s a gift that only a handful of artists have. Literally everything they touch, turns into gold. Even the air Giuseppe is breathing, turns into this. And during this set he played the dopest track of 2018: ‘Legacy’. What a brilliant anthem. He could have played this on a loop for 2 hours and I wouldn’t give a shiny shite. This is pure, this is Trance. And I’m digging it.

Anything bad about this set? Erm. Well, I don’t know. I seriously don’t know. Mmm, difficult. It’s for free, it contains awesome records, and you get Giuseppe talking a bit through it, to highlight certain records. I can’t think of anything else we actually need? Even the crowd shouts out loud, and you can hear it. They are loving it, and so am I!

A big set, and the usual score.


DJ: Giuseppe Ottaviani
Genre/Style: Trance, Progressive Trance, Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Lush! Portrush, Northern Ireland, 31-12-2017
Length Liveset: 00:59:11
Tracks: 12 (twelve)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 58.4 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 129kbps
More Information: Giuseppe Ottaviani – Facebook Fanpage

Sied van Riel – EOYC 2016

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Sied van Riel - EOYC 2016

Sometimes you are sitting behind your computer and you want to hear something new and fresh from one of your favourite artists , and today was such a day. I woke up, first listened to a nice DnB mixtape, and after that I wanted to hear some Trance music by probably the best Trance DJ/producer/label owner in the whole wide world: Sied van Riel. If you don’t know him and thought he looked like a grown up version of Rachel and Ross’ kid Ben, you are wrong. Or Ross’ curly haired brother (who has lost his curly hair), you are so wrong. This man is an absolute legend to me, and whatever he touches, turns into Gold. He’s the modern day equivalent of King Midas, and if you don’t know the story, Google it.

Every year on Afterhours.FM they have the End Of Year Countdown, which basically means leading up to the New Year, mix after mix by well known names, and for the 2016 edition they had seriously a lot: Markus Schulz, Lange, Andy Moor, Mark Sherry, RAM, Talla 2XLC, Super8 & Tab, Signum, Indecent Noise, Project8, Maarten De Jong, and many more. Starting on the 19th of December 2016 and going to the 1st of January 2017, this was non-stop music for all us music lovers. And of course they had Sied van Riel playing on the 24th of December at 23:00, leading us into Christmas day. A nice present, that’s for sure.

For those wondering why I am reviewing the 2016 edition and not the latest one, is because he wasn’t on the list. I didn’t spot his name, and normally he would have put his mix online already, but this is not the case. So let’s focus on the 2016 edition, which is an hour of Trance heaven by this mighty DJ, which includes a few of his own records. And as you all know, I’m a fan of whatever this King Midas does, so you can imagine the state I’m in right now.

tracklist TCD

01. Sied van Riel feat Jennifer Rene – The Reason
02. Super8 & Tab – Komorebi (Sied van Riel Remix) 
03. Sied van Riel – Sirena
04. Anna Lee feat Kate Miles – Back Again (Sied van Riel Dub Remix) 
05. Steven Dekay – La Perla
06. Allen Watts & Jak Aggas– Spitfire
07. Misja Helsloot & Dirkie Coetzee feat Diana Leah – Won’t Stop Searching
08. Jak Aggas – The Walker
09. Curtis Young & Bryan Summerville – Helix
10. Fredd Moz vs Perrelli & Mankoff – Outer Space (B Side Mix) 
11. Arnej vs 8Wonders – Together We Will Rise (ID Remix) 
12. Tiësto – Traffic (Sied van Riel Remix) 
13. Sied van Riel & Estigma – BOW

This is a very good mix. An hour long, and filled with only the best Sied could find, and boy, he knows how to please the listeners yet again.

The last couple of years Sied’s label has been doing well, and also the legend himself. Last year he rieleased his fourth Rielism album, which got the best score from me, and is still to me the best Trance album ever. And all of his mixes are well received by TCD (=me). I’ve downloaded every mix online from this mighty legend, and also every Rielism podcast mix. I don’t know what it is, but his take on Trance music suits me more. And with the EOYC mix of 2016 he shows yet again why he should be the number 1 DJ in the world.

He starts off with an amazing record, and ends with another classic record. Sied is on fire. Sied is life. Sied is Trance. He puts in vocal Trance records and non-vocal records, and makes every record blend into each other beautifully. Even though he looks like Ross, he knows his stuff (and I’m not talking about dinosaurs). And the few which have commented are all happy about his EOYC mix. And I’m one of them.

The best record? Oh, that’s difficult, there are too many. And I can’t simply point out one record, hence why I have three which are superb to me: ‘The Reason’, ‘Won’t Stop Searching’ and ‘BOW’. Just listen to these three records and you will know why I’ve picked these.

All in all yet another amazing mix by Sied. He’s been a bit quiet on Soundcloud, hopefully he will be uploading a lot of his own stuff. It’s 2018, and we need more Sied. And I’m being serious, rielly!


DJ: Sied van Riel
Genre/Style: Trance, Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance, Euphoric Trance
Mix Info: Sied van Riel – EOYC 2016
Length Mix: 00:58:31
Tracks: 13 (thirteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN 
File Size: 80.3 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 192kbps
More Information: Sied van Riel – Official Website