Penta – Hardshock Festival Promomix 2017

Penta - Hardshock Festival Promomix 2017

Penta – Hardshock Festival Promomix 2017

DJ: Penta
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore
Mix Info: Hardshock Festival Promomix 2017
Length Mix: 00:41:35
Tracks: 18 (eighteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: DJ Penta – Facebook Fanpage

In April most of the Dutch culture will seize to excist. No clog wearing people, no cheese eating, no fingers in dikes (pun intented) or living in windmills, we are embracing our true colours. As many of you lot know, the Dutch are originators when it comes to Hardcore music, and from there it took over the world, and today it’s been listened to by millions. From a cult following to mass following: Hardcore isn’t just an underground thing anymore. Hardshock Festival is there for those who have embraced the culture, and want to have one amazing experience. So on the 15th of April, be sure that you are at Almere Strand.

Penta is going to be there. He’s rocking the Voltage area,  And as you know, I’m a huge fan of Penta. You must have seen Penta’s interview last year? Click the link to read it, and read the interesting interview. Anyway, let’s talk about Hardshock and the mix. He’s made a promo mix for you all to get excited, and basically for you to pick the area to go to. It’s the Voltage area. Yes, I’ve said it twice now, but you know it makes sense. The mix contains the finest and roughest tracks money can buy. And yes, they’ve been carefully mixed by Penta. What else do you need?


00. Intro (The DJ Producer – Take Over The World) 
01. Tymon – Traps
02. Tripped feat [KRTM] – Fucking Z%tsu
03. Igneon System & [KRTM] – Jack No. 7
04. Penta – Faceoff
05. Radical Redemption & Bloodcage – Killswitch
06. Micromakine – Process
07. Satan – Psycho
08. The Clamps – In My Eyes
09. Penta – War Crimes
10. N-Vitral – Such Kick (Deathmachine Remix) 
11. Penta – Are We Worth Saving
12. The Clamps – In The Depths
13. Penta – Hiphop Drop
14. I:Gor – Straight Outta Kielce
15. Penta – Bassdrop
16. Satan – Meat
17. Tripped – Motherf%cking Ninja (Jimmy’s Motherfucking Intermezzo) 
18. [KRTM] – George & Jimmy.gif

Wow! Penta’s on a roll! I knew he was making tracks, but he’s on fire now. Maybe an album will be released in the future, if he’s got enough material? I hope he does, because if he does, I’ll be the first to buy it (if he’s already released an album, I’m a shite fan basically for not knowing).

The mix is not for the soft minded people, who want to save the world by listening to Hippy music and snorting washing powder. Get over yourself, who uses powder? It’s tablets nowadays, and it’s hard to snort them up your nose. Anyhow, you ain’t going to like this if you think that Tiesto plays hard music, or think that Justin Bieber is God. The true God is the Wizard, and if you are a die hard fan, you know what I mean.

The mix is tight. The tracks seriously insane. I’m digging this mix a lot. Penta can’t stop making awesome mixes, if truth be told. He’s the one you need to follow, as I said in the interview. Penta brings us Hardcore like never before, and yet I can sense influences from different artists, such as Promo. Which is a good thing. But the end result is unique and refreshing, which leads up to an awesome mix.

If this doesn’t persuade you to go to Hardshock, you ain’t hard enough. I can’t go, wish I could, and shake this man’s hand. He’s a legend. Rough, raw, and fucking on the spot. Penta, put money on this kid, he’s the future.

Best record? ‘War Crimes’. Why? Just because. Listen to it and you will know why.

Ps. thanks Penta for making my ears bleed. This music has literally penetrated my ears, and made them bleed. I will send you the invoice for the purchase of medical things to stop the bleeding.


Contagious To The Core Promo Mix (Mixed By M-Project) (2017)

Contagious To The Core Promo Mix (Mixed By M-Project) (2017)

Contagious To The Core Promo Mix (Mixed By M-Project) (2017)

DJ: M-Project
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Powerstomp
Mix Info: Contagious To The Core Promo Mix
Length Mix: 00:32:09
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 73.6 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: M-Project – Facebook Fanpage

A couple of weeks ago I was the first to review the latest album being released by Contagious Records, and it was an amazing album to listen to. Progression within the Powerstomp scene can be heard on this album. Quality over quantity, and that’s fair to say about this album. And if you look at who were on the album (artist-wise) you had a few big names : No Sweat, Riko, Chris Fear, Kurt, Joey Riot, and ofcourse the biggest name to come out of the East: M-Project. You all know him and love him, and as always he keeps on making promo mixes for literally everything. A party? Promo mix. A birthday? Promo mix. Had a bath? Promo mix. So obviously he had to do something, to promote the album which has his records on it.

I loved the album, and now you can get a taster of what’s actually on it, if you haven’t bought the album yet. A 33 minute long mix (well, 32 minutes and 9 seconds long, but let’s round it up) with 16 tracks,  all from the album, mixed by the mysterious man himself. Yep, you can expect only snippets from the tracks, not one track is played out long, about 2 minutes max per track. But M-Project is good at that, don’t think that it might disappoint you, because it won’t. And the tracks are really good.

It’s been carefully mixed by the mighty M-Project, so if you are ready to have an amazing Sunday morning, go and press play!


01. Kujin-Fu – Breaking (Contagious 170 Mix) 
02. Hyper & Electic Beatz – Hands In The Air
03. Jonny El – Ritual
04. Riko vs ACB – Freak On
05. S-WORX & M-Project – Mother F#=ker
06. Chris Fear – Bitches Shake It
07. Kujin-Fu – Ratatata (Contagious 170 Mix) 
08. Liqo – Piledriver
09. Kurt vs Psyvex – Time To Fuckin Rock
10. Demize & Bassline Animals – Fuck Dat Hoe
11. No Sweat – Lets Get Down
12. Hyper – Remember The Name
13. Kurt vs Ry-On & Beefy – All Bitches
14. M-Project – Ganjaman
15. Kujin-Fu – Get Back
16. Joey Riot vs Danny R-Core – Ascension

A big tracklist, isn’t it? And I have to say that the music is really, really good! Next level Powerstomp stuff. I really liked the album, but it was a DJ friendly album, so to hear a proper mix for this album just improves everything!

M-Project knows how to produce an amazing mix, and I think I’ve said a billion times before. I don’t need to explain how good he is, or give him bad credit for anything, because there’s nothing wrong with this mix. How can you go wrong with a track like ‘Ritual’ in your mix? You can’t go wrong, you simply can’t. (ps. what a f#=king wicked track, love it to the bone!). Or ‘Piledriver’. Epic, truly epic track.

You still can get this album via the following website: . Make sure you order one now, unless you don’t love Powerstomp. If you don’t, why are you on here?

This has made my weekend even better. It was already amazing, but now it’s a hundred billion times better. More people should get into Powerstomp. That’s my goal, to persuade as much people as I can. And with promo mixes like this one I will definately get a few new fans into the scene. And also more fans for M-Project. Come on, he deserves it! Epic mix, epic man (or is he not human? can’t tell)….


Coone – Qlimax 2016 Promo Mix

Coone - Qlimax 2016 Promo Mix

Coone – Qlimax 2016 Promo Mix

DJ: Coone
Genre/Style: Hardstyle
Mix Info: Qlimax 2016 Promo Mix
Length Mix: 00:21:55
Tracks: 6 (six)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Qlimax 2016 – Facebook Event Page

This year is one amazing year for Dance music in general: bigger and better events, the music keeps on progressing every day, and this year Qlimax has done the same thing: progressed and yet becoming bigger and better! Already sold out, there’s no need for you to haunt down tickets, because you won’t be able to get them legitimatly. No one will sell their ticket for one of the biggest events of the year! The line-up might be short, but it’s one event which would get my attention from the first second the line-up was released, but sadly this year I’ve missed it, and only found out the line-up a second ago.

Project One, Tuneboy, Frequencerz, Brennan Heart, Bass Modulators, B-Front, Audiotrics, Angerfist, and ofcourse the man who made the promo mix for undoubtely the roughest and toughest event out there for Hardstyle lover: DJ Coone. Winner of some awards and already a known name on the big stages, he doesn’t need an introduction, and for him to play at Qlimax is obvious: he must think it’s all normal, playing in front of thousands of people. I reckon when Coone plays in a small café around the corner for 10-15 people, that’s what will shock him and amaze him more. Not 10k+, he’s used to that!

Back to the promo mix. Only released yesterday, already 3.3k+ plays! People are embracing it, loving it! And ofcourse I had to give this very short but exciting looking mix a go. Only 22 minutes long and 6 tracks are used to compose this promo mix, but if you are a Hardstyle lover and going to Qlimax, I reckon these tunes will be played out loud, and I think it’s time to cleanse your ears, and make sure you are ready for another dope mix by the legend Coone!


01. Coone – Rise Of The Celestials (Qlimax Anthem 2016) 
02. Coone – Black Submarine
03. Psyko Punkz – Spaceship
04. Armin Van Buuren & Human Resource – Dominator (Bass Modulators Remix) 
05. Coone & E-Life – Riot
06. Hard Driver – To The Bone

A short mix. But don’t let the length ruin your mood: this mix will enlighten your mood, and make you smile from ear to ear. And also it will make you sad if you haven’t purchased tickets. If you haven’t, you are going to miss the best event of the year. Has Qlimax ever disappointed anyone? Has Coone ever disappointed anyone? I’ve made my point.

Coone is still developing himself, and his music changes too, and the result are tunes so unique and fresh. Coone can make music which might entertain you for not only minutes, but will haunt you for the rest of the day! So catchy, you wouldn’t believe it!

I’ve actually grown towards this mix a lot! I can’t stop listening! It’s contagious, this mix. If you’ve purchased tickets, have fun on our behalf, those who will sit at home and cry in a corner. Have fun, and let Coone blow your mind away! With this year’s Anthem he will do exactly that!

A wonderful mix. Coone, you are a legend. Next week he will demolish the speakers at the Gelredome in Arnhem. Good luck staying in one shape after witnessing Coone!


‘Welcome To The Jungle’ Promo Mix – Al Storm (2016)

'Welcome To The Jungle' Promo Mix - Al Storm (2016)

‘Welcome To The Jungle’ Promo Mix – Al Storm (2016)

DJ: Al Storm
Genre/Style: UK Hardcoe, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore, Powerstomp
Mix Info: ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ Promo Mix
Length Mix: 01:03:27
Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Al Storm – Facebook Fanpage

I know it’s a bit silly to talk about a promo mix for an event which took place yesterday, but I will. Yesterday a rave took place where you should have been: Welcome To The Jungle. To promote the event and the fact that he was playing, Al Storm placed a mix on Soundcloud only yesterday, and that’s the reason I missed it. If you’ve been, you must have had a wonderful time. With a killer line-up: Dougal B2B Gammer, Kutski, Styles & Breeze, Billy Daniel Bunter, Faydz, Sicknarf, Kurt, CLSM, Outforce, A.B, Mark EG, M-Zone, The Fat Controller, Cruze, and a whole lot more. You must have been there. Sadly I couldn’t. But I’m regretting it.

Al Storm played several sets there, as Deadman and as Al Storm. I can’t say how the event was, seeing as I haven’t seen any reviews yet (most people are still in bed, after raving as hard as they could), but it must have been great. So this review ain’t about an upcoming event, but let’s just focus on Al Storm’s promo mix, showcasing his strength as a producer and DJ, and in all fairness, he doesn’t need an introduction, because he’s one of the greatest DJs in the UK Hardcore scene. His music has touched us since the early days, and to this day he keeps on producing awesome tunes, which you can find in this mix.

Most of the tracks were Al Storm’s own tracks, or tracks being remixed by him. It’s a nice tracklist. Let me remember you: the event already took place, so there’s no need to get hyped up. But you can get Al Storm-crazy, and worship the legend.


01. Al Storm – Move Ya Hands Up (VIP) 
02. Scott Brown – I Rave You
03. Bananaman & Al Storm feat Kellie Woods – Start The Magic
04. Technikore, Al Storm, JTS & Weaver – Feeder
05. John O’Callaghan feat Sarah Howells – Find Yourself (IYF & Nobody Remix) 
06. Scott Brown & Al Storm – All About Evolution
07. Al Storm – Mind Of A Lunatic
08. Evolve – Sugar & Spice (Al Storm Remix) 
09. Scott Brown & Al Storm feat Taya – Run To Me (M-Project Remix) 
10. DJ Storm – Kickin Hard (Scott Brown Remix) 
11. M-Project & Al Storm – The Power Punch
12. Alex Prospect meets Al Storm – Frankenstein
13. Al Storm & Euphony – All I Wanna Do (MOB Remix) 
14. Dougal & Gammer – Shoulder Lock
15. Al Storm vs Deadman – Werewolf VIP
16. Scott Brown – Rock That Body (Al Storm Mix) 
17. Technikore & Zander – My Territory 2016
18. Al Storm & Euphony – Turn Around (VIP Mix) 
19. Bananaman & Gisbo feat Jodie – Blue Eyes (Technikore Remix) 
20. Scott Brown & Al Storm – The Blob
21. Al Storm feat Vicky Fee – Thunderground
22. DJ Pulse & Al Storm feat Donna Marie – Wherever You Go 2016
23. Da Tweekaz – Twerkout Revolution (IYF & Nobody Bootleg) 
24. Al Storm – Surrender (Gammer Remix) 
25. Al Storm – The Noisemaker Is Back!
26. Force & Styles – Heart Of Gold (Al Storm’s HTID Mix) 

Sweet Lord, there’s so much Al Storm in here, if you are a fan of him it must be hard to look at this without collapsing! This is beautiful, mind blowing to see al these amazing tunes packed into an hour mix. And the result? Well, were you expecting it to be bad? Nope, the complete oppossite: it’s a mix by Al Storm, so it’s always good!

So many great anthems in here, and it’s good to hear that Al Storm keeps the oldskool sound alive! He’s one of the few artists who actually does care about the past, and he adds the oldskool sound in each track he makes. Not making the tracks sound outdated but fresh and with a little twist.

As a producer he deserves all the credits, and as a DJ he deserves the biggest stage in the world. If you have seen him yesterday, how was it? Was it as good as I would expect it to be?

A wonderful promo mix by a majestic artist. No download option, but there’s a play button, and you can press it again and again and again.

What’s the best track? ‘Thunderground’. The vocals are so beautiful! Vicky Fee, you have a beautiful voice! You have uplifted this track to the next level!