DJ Delite – Raver Queen October Event Mix Bag Mix (2014)


DJ: Delite
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Powerstomp, Drumcore/Dubcore, Hardstyle
Mix Info: Raver Queen October Event Mix Bag Mix
Length Mix: 01:00:41
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 139 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: RaverQueen – The Big Reunion Event Page

Delite is back with yet another mix. This time it’s a promo mix for an event which will take place on the 18th of October in Stoke On Trent, and the event is called ‘RaverQueen – The Big Reunion’. Yes, it’s a UK Hardcore party, but the dresscode is Disney. Don’t ask me why or how, but you’ve got to be dressed as a Disney character. I reckon that most women will be dressed as the princess from Frozen, and most DJs will play a UK Hardcore version of that movie. Expect madness, and all for free! You want to know the line-up? Joey Riot & MC Thunda, Marc Smith vs Nizzle & Unity MC, Denzo & Wotsee, MOTNS Showcase, Shax & Rainah B2B LeggettB2B Mono, DJC & Octane, MPH B2B Nelza & Crunchy B2B Kalibar, Ripps B2B Danii & Jack, and ofcourse DJ Pegsy B2B Delite & Sid P. What a line-up, and you don’t need to spend money to get in, you only need to spend money at the bar.

The line-up is ridicilous, the entrance fee is gorgeous, and the mix Delite made too. He decided to mix a couple of new tracks from various styles/genres. 22 amazing tracks by amazing and talented producers such as Darren Styles, Joey Riot, Re-Con, and more. He knows exactly what to play, to get the people hyped up to the max. One talented DJ, one of TCD’s most favourite DJs of all time, a true hero. It’s nice to hear something new and fresh by the man himself, Delite never disappoints at all.

Anyone interested in a fancy tracklist? You can only look at it if you are dressed as Nemo, or as Cinderella.


01. Skrillex – Holding On (Nero Mix – Intro) 
02. Darren Styles & Modulate – To The Stars
03. Michael Scout, Brad Sure, Breeze & Katie Halliday – Summer Rain
04. Pegboard Nerds – Hero (Gammer Mix) 
05. Joey Riot – Don’t Hold The Animals
06. Joey Riot – Booya
07. Technical Difficulties – Tears You Up
08. Technical Difficulties & Coretek – You Said You
09. Joey Riot – Thriller
10. Dougal & Gammer – Best Of You
11. Nero & Skrillex – Promises (Gammer Mix) 
12. Re-Con – Scared
13. Darren Styles – Getting Better (Gammer Update) 
14. Scott Brown & Cat Knight – All About You (Breeze & Styles Mix) 
15. Breeze & Styles – Heartbeatz (Supreme & MOB Remix) 
16. Gammer & Michael Scout – Bye Bye
17. Sy & Technikore – Calling Your Name
18. Darren Styles – Satellite (Update) 
19. Styles & Breeze – Your Shining (Petruccio & Modulate Remix) 
20. Apollo – Dance (Re-Con Remix) 
21. Hypasonic vs Jorg Schmid – Doesn’t Matter (Squad-E vs Re-Con Remix) 
22. Darren Styles – You & I (Da Tweekaz Remix) 

What a splendid mix. Rather unusual mix, seeing as Delite mixes mostly Oldskool mixes. But not saying this is shite, not at all! Quite suprising to hear this mix, it shows how diverse and versatile Delite is.

He has chosen many amazing tracks, tracks that make the dancefloors turn into moulted lava, and the people dancing on top of it dance like it’s the end of the world. Banging tracks, absolutely true. I do love his selection, he’s got a good pair of ears, mr Delite.

One track will not appear in my all time favourite list, it will mostly appear in my ‘this is shite’ list, and that’s ‘Animals’ and each and every remix there has been made. I dislike the original track, and there hasn’t been a version that made the sickening taste in my mouth disappear. This revolting track has the power to make people sick, it does.

A good mix, with one ‘meh’ track. Banging mix. Good mixing skills, and 21 amazing tracks. Love Delite’s work, and if you have got time in October to go to RaverQueen’s event, I think you should. It’s for free, and Delite’s going to be there. He’ll never disappoint you, trust me. As long as he doesn’t play ‘Animals’, everything’s fine.

Fine mix. Delite’s finest mix so far.