• Loudness Warm-Up Mix | The Purge (2018)

    It’s been quite a while since I last visited my own website. Due to some errors I wasn’t allowed to actually enter my website, so I had to sit on the sideline and witness all the great music being uploaded/released, and not write a single word about it. It was around 2 to 3 weeks,

    Loudness Warm-Up Mix  The Purge
  • Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz – GPF’s Sexy Mix For True Survivorz (2017)

    Every day you learn things, and one of the things I learned today was the fact that there’s a duo called Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz, and they look like something out of a horror book. Never seen or heard anything like this before, but it’s something so unusual, it caught my attention and I was drawn

    GPF's Sexy Mix For True Survivorz (2017)
  • Infectious Presents: XTRA RAW #16 (2017)

    Wake up! It’s time for you lot to wake the f**k up. It’s Sunday, and I know you all want to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing, but there’s a world out there, which has got hours of music you have never heard before. And you want to stay in bed? Give me one

    Infectious Presents: XTRA RAW #16 (2017)
  • Madhouze: Unresolved ‘Act Of God’ | Unresolved Promomix (2017)

    The week has started with a bang, and what a bang it is! I’ve only found a promo mix for an event which already looks great on paper, but I reckon it will be amazing when you are there. On the 2nd of December 2017 you all need to go to Culemborg, at the Event

    Madhouze: Unresolved 'Act Of God' | Unresolved Promomix (2017)
  • Bass Events Outdoor | Sub Zero Project | Promo Mix (2017)

    Next week there’s going to be an event happening in de Lilse Bergen, and the event is called ‘Bass Events Outdoor’. You must have seen on Facebook many things passing your timeline regarding this event, and truth be told it’s going to be a good event. The line-up is something so delicious, let me name

  • Malice – Loudness 05.03.2016 Warmup Mix

    On the 5th of March there’s an extraordinary party, organised by the mighty B2S, held at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. The event? It’s called ‘Loudness’, and this is a party which will sell out completely, because of many reasons. The main reason could be, because the line-up is amazing. Let me just type the line-up,

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