Team Red – Hard Bass 2017

Team Red - Hard Bass 2017

Team Red – Hard Bass 2017

DJs: E-Force, Warface, Rebelion
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Hard Bass 04-02-2017
Length Liveset: 01:14:50
Tracks: 29 (twenty-nine)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: B2S – Official Website

You know you’ve been in the wrong country if you keep seeing and hearing livesets, and wonder why you left this glorious land in the first place. The Netherlands, a safe haven for ravers, has got to be the place to experience the best parties. I’ve been to parties all over the continent and the UK, and it’s safe to say that the Netherlands have the best parties. One of them being Hard Bass. If you like your music to be rough and tough, this event is the place to be. But to be fair, many events have an area for those who like things rough. But Hard Bass, its name already has a reputation for awesomeness, if that’s actually a word. And one of its liveset from this year’s event can be found on Soundcloud!

It’s the set that many people were waiting for. Team Red, E-Force, Warface and Rebelion. In the intro it also says Minus Militia, but nowhere on Soundcloud are they mentioned? Anyhow, the set is up for grabs, not downloadable, but do we care? As long as we’ve got 4G network and the Soundcloud app, we can listen to it anywhere we like. And that’s exactly what I did when I discovered this mix. It was shit, because I was on the overground and the tunnels kept interfering the mix, but on long stretches without tunnels the music kept on blasting through my headset. I reckon I had the volume too damn loud, people kept on looking at me. But do I care?

87.7k+ listens already. People must seem to like Rawstyle? Not an underground sound anymore, is it?


01. Warface – FTP (E-Force Remix) 
02. Psyko Punk – Left With The Wrong (Warface Remix) 
03. Rebelion – Echoes
04. E-Force – Seven
05. Warface – Mash-Up 6.0
06. Rebelion – Uprising
07. E-Force – Stresstest
08. Rebelion – Back To The Future
09. E-Force & Luna – Kill The Noise
10. Skrillex & Rick Ross – Purple Lamborghini (Rebelion Bootleg) 
11. Warface – Reloaded
12. Warface & D-Sturb – Pull The Killswitch
13. Rebelion – Keep It Fuckin’ Poppin’ (Live Edit) 
14. E-Force, Warface & Rebelion – One
15. Killshot – Beastmode
16. Warface feat Superior – Beyond Aggression (Rebelion Remix) 
17. E-Force & Delete – Pleasure & Pain
18. Warface feat Tha Watcher – Overkill
19. Rebelion – A-Bomb
20. E-Force – Deathtrap
21. Warface – Execute
22. Malice & Rebelion – Confronting Violence
23. E-Force & Luna – Are You With Me
24. Rebelion – Domination
25. E-Force – One Of A Million
26. Warface – Doomslayer
27. Rebelion – Salvation
28. E-Force & Tha Playah – Distorted Noises
29. Deadly Guns – Stick To My Guns

Someone was so kind to upload the tracklist onto Soundcloud, so we exactly know what we are listening to. But most of you are fans of E-Force, Rebelion and Warface, so you must know their full back catalogue?

It turns out that whoever recorded this mix and uploaded it took some amazing slammers out, probably due to copyright issues. So if you were there and you are wondering why you are missing tracks, there’s a reason for it.

Anyhow, back to the set. It’s f**king rough. Amazing. Tough. And I’m loving it. Not my neighbours, but who cares. I couldn’t care any less. They can move house, I am staying here. This set literally destroyed my speakers, and there’s another reason why you should embrace this mix: you can hear the crowd in the background completely loosing it! Screaming out their lungs.

Hard Bass 2017 must have been amazing, if this was the level of music they were delivering. E-Force, Warface and Rebelion made sure the crowd went mad, and you can hear that throughout the set. A wonderful set. Rawstyle at its finest. And I’m digging it.

Press play, but I reckon you already did that. Why read this review, there’s no point in waiting. 87.7k already did, and you are the next one to embrace this awesome and flawless set!


Loudfest 2017 Warm-Up Mix By The Shade

Loudfest 2017 Warm-Up Mix By The Shade

Loudfest 2017 Warm-Up Mix By The Shade

DJ: The Shade
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle
Mix Info: Loudfest 2017 Warm-Up Mix
Length Mix: 00:43:46
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: The Shade – Facebook Fanpage

The last review of this sunny and wonderful Sunday. Many of you Dutchies are getting ready for Loudfest this year, and to get everyone excited for it, The Shade has uploaded a promo mix (well, technically B2S did that), to make sure that time does fly by quickly, and that Loudfest happens sooner than later. With a line-up that will make your jaw drop to the floor, it’s going to be an epic event: Radical Redemption, B-Front, Adaro, Warface, Delete, E-Force, Sub Sonik, Rebelion, Jason Payne, and many more. Don’t know if the event is sold out: if it isn’t, hurry the f**k up, because it will.

I know nothing about The Shade, maybe because he’s been in the shade for too long, and I have only noticed his name today. That’s a shame, isn’t it? I should have known the name, seeing as I’m in love with Rawstyle, but this one has slipped through the cracks. Never mind, it ain’t too late to learn the name and what he’s capable off. And what he does is impressive, otherwise they wouldn’t have him playing at Loudfest this year, eh?

Let’s see the tracks The Shade has mixed together!


01. The Shade & Unknown Mutations – Russian Lullaby
02. Re-Vamp – Don’t Stop
03. Krowdexx vs Enemy Contact – Get Paid
04. Phuture Noize – The Temple
05. Soulless – You Damn Punk
06. Jason Payne – Venom (The Shade Remix) 
07. D-Sturb – Ancient
08. Invector – X Gonna Give To Ya
09. TWSTD – MOH Tool
10. Vazard – Who I Really Am
11. The R3bels – Pattern 1 & 2 (The Shade Mash) 
12. The Shade – Radical Mash 2.0
13. Delete – Genocide
14. Project Omega – Prednison Attack (N-Vitral Remix) 

Wow! This is really a wicked mix. The tracklist is good, really good! The Shade’s own productions/remixes/mashups can be found in this mix too, so don’t worry if the name still doesn’t ring a bell: from today onwards you will know The Shade.

To play at Loudfest is an honour, and with a promo mix as this one he will surely destroy speakers. Rawstyle is gaining grounds all over the world, and the world is ready for an invasion, prepared by artists such as The Shade. And let’s not forget the platform they play at: Loudfest. Already an established name in the Rawstyle scene, it’s growing in followers every day. And I urge you to search online for tickets, because this is an event you don’t want to miss out on.

Best record? Well, it’s ‘Who I Really Am’. Never heard this track before, and the level of darkness it reaches is astonishing! It’s so deep, it’s untouchable. F**k me sidewayds, this track is pure filth! Never heard anything similar, and I reckon nothing can compete with this record!

Got nothing bad to mention about this promo mix. Maybe one tiny thing: it should come with a warning sign, warning people how dangerous this mix is, and that you should play it out too loud without re-inforcing your walls, otherwise your house might crumble into pieces.

The Shade. Good mix sir. Good promo mix! I want to hear more.


Rooler – XXlerator Raw 2017 – WARM UP

Rooler - XXlerator Raw 2017 - WARM UP

Rooler – XXlerator Raw 2017 – WARM UP

DJ: Rooler
Genre/Style: Rawstyle
Mix Info: XXlerator Raw 2017 – WARM UP
Length Mix: 00:31:21
Tracks: 12 (twelve)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Rooler – Facebook Fanpage

Shit. Shit. How come I am always too damn late with promo mixes? This mix was a promo mix for XXlerator, which happened on the 15th of last month. How lame is that, I’m typing away and you were getting excited for it, and yet I immediately had to tell you that this event happened in the past? I’m sorry. I only found this mix after the bloody event took place. And the line-up looked amazing: E-Force, Radical Redemption, Warface, Digital Punk, Delete, Sub Zero Project, Rebelion, Luna, Malice, Rooler and the list goes on.

Well, at least we’ve still got the mix to appreciate. And the mix, oh sweet Lord, is so damn good! I’ve listened to this mix wherever I went. From going to Sainsbury’s to work, from BP to wherever the journey took me. Any Rawstyle mix made by Rooler excites me, because to me he (and Malice) is the future. Malice and Rooler have shown me that Rawstyle is in their hands, and whatever they touch turns into gold. They might be upcoming, but to me they are roolers (see what I did there?).

Tracklist was kindly added, and for those who know Southpark you will smile when you see the title of one of the tracks…


01. Delete – Pulse
02. Sasha F & Rooler – Number 23 (WAH Edit) 
03. Warface – Cosmic Sin
04. Rooler – Extinguish (Live Edit) 
05. Rooler – Martyr
06. Rooler – Rollin’
07. MYST – Man Bear Pig
08. Malice & Rooler – Destructive Acts (Live Edit) 
09. Rooler – My Dream
10. Jason Payne – Venom (Rooler Remix) 
11. Rebelion – How It Goes (Malice & Rooler Remix) 
12. Delete – Mutants (Malice & Rooler Remix) 

Man bear pig! I’m serial! OMG, how cool is that? If you follow Southpark, you know exactly which episode that came from, and how awesome it is to hear a Rawstyle track using bits of Southpark. My life can now end, I’ve heard it all now! I’m blessed.

Nah, my life shouldn’t end, because I want… no I need to hear more Rooler! Rooler is such a hero, his music is spot on. Look at the amount of his own stuff in this mix, and listen to each track. They are so catchy, and rough: they will leave you breathless. How can someone be so damn good? I can’t find anything bad about Rooler, nothing at all.

He and Malice are the future, and thankfully we can find a few Malice and Rooler tracks in here.If he could see me smile right now, he would be scared. I’m smiling, and it’s from ear to ear. This mix is so bloody good, the best Rooler mix I’ve heard so far. With awesome tracks such as ‘Rollin’ , ‘Martyr’, ‘Number 23’, you can not go wrong.

Best record? Well, ‘Man Bear Pig’ is awesome, and the others mentioned before, but the one which is the darkest, edgiest, filthiest, and basically the best, has got to be ‘Mutants’. Don’t question my number 1, because you know I’m right. This track is so filthy, my gran couldn’t get it clean, no matter what kind of grandma secret she uses to get it clean.

Rooler has done it again. A wonderful mix. Listen to it right now, and worship the future. The future does look good though!


BeatTheBridge Malice Promo Mix (2017)

BeatTheBridge Malice Promo Mix (2017)

BeatTheBridge Malice Promo Mix (2017)

Act: Malice
Genre/Style: Hardstyle/Rawstyle
Mix Info: Beat The Bridge Malice Promo Mix
Length Mix: 00:31:24
Tracks: 12 (twelve)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Malice – Facebook Fanpage

Damn, I am too late. This mix was sadly only uploaded yesterday for this event, so it’s too late for you all to get excited for it, because it’s currently happening. Yes, it’s Kingsday in the Netherlands, and people are going bezerk. The Orange coloured jacket is allowed out of the closet, the whigs are on, and so are the weird coloured t-shirt. And let’s not forget the raving people, visiting events all over this Orange country. One of these events is taking place now, and it’s called ‘Beat The Bridge’.

The line-up is insane! Radical Redemption, Warface, Deetox, Frequencerz, Frontliner, Regain, Miss K8, Psyko Punkz, Malice vs Rooler, Audiofreq, Requiem, Destructive Tendencies, Neophyte, Sub Sonik, Sub Zero Project, N-Vitral, D-Fence, Freestyle Maniacs, Dr. Rude and many more. And the mix you are about to listen to, is made by Malice. Yes, that’s correct, one of the hardest acts in the Hardstyle/Rawstyle scene. And the mix is seriously insane.

I was so bored at work today, I put on my headset, and pressed play, and I was going nuts! The headset had good bass qualities, so the bass was penetrating my skull. My boss wasn’t impressed, but who cared? This music got me through this otherwise boring day (I am one of the few Dutch people working abroad on Kingsday). This got me hyped up, sadly I realised after what this mix was for; a party which happens right NOW! So I am gutted.

Malice always entertains us. Loving everything they release. They are, as one said on Soundcloud, “hardest motherfuckers in Hardstyle right now”. He wasn’t lying.


01. Malice – Xtermination
02. Malice – Rawphoric Experiment
03. Re-Mind – Nothing Wrong
04. Ncrypta – Helix
05. Apexx – Ak-47
06. Delete – Munky Shit
07. Rooler – Martyr
08. Malice & Rooler – Aggresive Acts
09. Delete – Formula Vip
10. Malice – Can’t Let You Go
11. Skrillex & Rick Ross – Purple Lamborghini (Rebelion Bootleg) 
12. Rebelion – Domination

This is one of the hardest mixes I’ve heard in a while. This is Rawstyle, that’s for sure. And the one who said that they are the hardest motherfuckers, he’s got a point. This is so damn true. Alongside Rooler I find them the best in Rawstyle. So bleeding hard, it’s soothening for my ears. And I know it might sound weird, but it just works for me.

The mix might be short, but so powerful. It’s like being punched in the face time and time again (like in Flight Club), but you get up and take it like a man, and enjoy it. The style is just what I was after, and Malice has found the right balance between being too damn hard, and being too soft. It’s rough, that’s for sure.

The tracks are correct. Just the way I like it. And I liked each and every one of the tracks. Not one being dull or annoying. This made me move so extremely fast, my boss nearly sacked me for being an idiot. But this Rawstyle is just too damn good, and Malice is leading the way for future artists to join the movement and hopefully Rawstyle will take over the world soon. We need more Rawstyle, we need more Malice.

Is it true what someone said, that they are going to release an album this Summer? If so, I must get it.

You can’t go to Beat The Bridge sadly. But you can still appreciate what Malice has done. And what I’m about to say might sound unfair to others, but they’ve made the best mix of 2017! Without a shadow of a doubt. You can’t change my perspective: just listen to it and experience the Malice ride of your life!