• Mazzo Presents: Manic Monday (1994)

    As a blogger/reviewer you get the privileges to receive great music via multiple channels, but sometimes people remind you (without it being their fault) of a mistake you made back in the 90s. That’s exactly what happened with the following mix CD I am talking about: Mazzo Presents: Manic Monday, released in 1994. I remember

  • TAFKAMP At Unpolished 2018

    Sometimes you find an artist online, and you don’t know who’s behind it, or what the artist’s mission is, and with TAFKAMP i’ve got just that feeling. The artist formerly known as minister president. Imagine if it’s really the former prime minister. That would be ace. But it sadly isn’t, and the identity still remains

  • Laurent Hô – Mayday – The Raving Society – 1994

    If there’s a decade I want to relive again, it has to be the 90s. Those glorious days, when raving became bigger and bigger every year, and the music just became better and better. And I’ve got to say that those 10 years have changed the electronic dance music completely, but sometimes you want to

    Mayday - The Raving Society-1994
  • DJ Van Bellen – Nightclubbing Vol. 1 (1996)

    It’s 1996, and I’m walking through a record store called ECI, if I’m correct. My mom used to be a member, and you had to buy every so often a book or a CD, and you would get them ‘cheaper’ than the usual records stores or book stores. And that was a complete myth. Nothing

  • Al Twisted – Motormouth Recz & MadBack Recs Yearmix 2017

    Being on a promo list is always a good thing. Not many artists or labels have got me on their list, but a few have. And one of those labels sent me a link to a mix the other week. The mix in question was a mix made by Al Twisted, showcasing the labels Motormouth

    Al Twisted - Motormouth Recz & MadBack Recs Yearmix 2017
  • Mazut – Atlas (2018)

    The perks of being a blogger is the fact that people send you music constantly. Most of those items sent to me are not worthy of a review, but when they do make it onto my website, it’s because the music is good. The other day I received a message from a duo called Mazut.

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