• Angerfist Live | Masters of Hardcore – Tournament of Tyrants (2018)

    Do I really need to explain the two names I’m about to write in one sentence: Angerfist and Masters Of Hardcore? I think it’s the most unnecessary thing to do. Unless you are not a Hardcore fan. If not, I am wondering why you are visiting my website in the first place. One of Angerfist’s

  • Insanity Invites Omkara On Toxic Sickness / May 2018

    I can’t even remember when the last time was when I reviewed an Omkara (cq. Techichi) mix. It’s been a few years now. And I had to delete some mixes from my website, seeing as they were already taken off the internet. But his album, surely I still have that on my blog? Nope. Don’t

  • Drokz – MOH Cut N Paste Mix 2018

    It’s a common thing nowadays, for Drokz to make a ‘Cut N Paste’ mix just before Masters Of Hardcore. It’s a yearly thing, isn’t it? And this year is no exception. Masters Of Hardcore took place on the 24th of March, and thousands of ravers from all over the world witnessed many, and I do

  • Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz – LEAKED SEX TAPE! (GPF Live) (2018)

    I’m still amazed, how can an act be so intriguing and amazing like the Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz? Who’s behind the masks? Who’s behind these awesome and sometimes idiotic records? I haven’t done my research properly, but maybe I just don’t want to. Maybe I’m just happy the way I am right now. Just adoring the

  • Resonant Squad – Live @ Decade – The Halloween Edition (29-10-2016)

    Today I discovered yet another new artist, or in this case, a trio of Early Hardcore/Terror DJs called Resonant Squad. And when you mention the words ‘Early’ and ‘Hardcore’ in one sentence, I am aroused. Sexually unstable. I can not controle my enthusiasm at all. Well, basically that’s what they’ve done: they’ve played at 2016th

    resonant squad
  • Al Twisted – Motormouth Recz & MadBack Recs Yearmix 2017

    Being on a promo list is always a good thing. Not many artists or labels have got me on their list, but a few have. And one of those labels sent me a link to a mix the other week. The mix in question was a mix made by Al Twisted, showcasing the labels Motormouth

    Al Twisted - Motormouth Recz & MadBack Recs Yearmix 2017
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