F.NoIzE – Supersized Kingsday 2016 Warm-up Mix

F.NoIzE - Supersized Kingsday 2016 Warm-up Mix

F.NoIzE – Supersized Kingsday 2016 Warm-up Mix

Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Hardcore, Terror
Mix Info: Supersized Kingsday 2016 Warmup Mix
Length Mix: 00:53:03
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: F.NoIzE – Facebook Fanpage

How come I am always late? I keep on finding mixes a couple of years old, for old events which already took place. Damn, damn. For example, only a couple of days ago I found this mix done by F.NoIzE on Soundcloud, don’t know why I wasn’t warned about this mix back in 2016, before the event took place? Soundcloud does what it wants, and it doesn’t make any sense. Or maybe it’s my fault, for being too damn lazy. Whatever reason it is, at least I’m listening to his promo mix. Don’t get too excited for it, the event took place 1 year ago, and even this year’s edition took place. You could get excited for next year’s Kingsday?

F.NoIzE, isn’t he the one with that scary mask on? (quick Google search). Yes, he is. Don’t know much about him, but what I do know matters: he plays literally the roughest Hardcore money can buy. This ain’t melodic/euphoric Hardcore, this is the roughest, toughest, bloodiest, angriest Hardcore. Hence the mask. If he played less angry Hardcore, his mask would be a ‘Hello Kitty’ mask, wouldn’t it? Thankfully he’s not wearing that crap, otherwise I would have passed on this mix. I needed something rough this Sunday morning, and bingo, I found it!


01. D-Fence – Pompen (Original Mix) 
02. Cyborg – Lord Of the Underground (Remix) 
03. Kutski & Joey Riot – Listen Carefully
04. Hardbouncer – Party Starter
05. Angernoizer & Vandal!sm – Peptalk
06. Hardcore Masterz Vienna – Have A Party
07. Al Twisted & Necrotic – Screwface
08. Angerfist & Miss K8 – Bloodrush (Destructive Tendencies Remix) 
09. Mr. Myagi – Tear Shit Up
10. Lady Damage & Meccano Twins – Cookie Thumper
11. Lunatic & The Dope Doctor – Gangsta Shit
12. Lunatic & Chrono – Fuck Society
13. Tharoza – Chicken Stuff
14. Razor Edge – Death Row ([KRTM] Remix) 
15. Vandal!sm & Ysiss – Down With The Underground
16. Mbk & External Rage – Product Of Lost
17. F.NoIzE vs Motordogs feat Rob Gee – Another Brik In The Core
18. Cryogenic feat Unproven – Take It Or Leave It
19. F.NoIzE vs System Overload – Gabbers In Pariz
20. Darkcontroller & Freeze – Bangareng Bass
21. F.NoIzE vs Chain – Breakin Back
22. The Vizitor & Aggressive – Hardcore Op Je Muil

Wow. If this isn’t your thing, I completely understand. You are not hard enough. This is only for the hardest motherf**kers out there. What I don’t understand is the fact that this mix (and mixes similar to this one) do not come with a warning. This is seriously hard. This will lead up to permanent brain damage.

Nearly 40k plays. People are digging the music he has selected. And they seem to love F.NoIze. Truth be told, I couldn’t listen to this for hours in a row, my ears would start to bleed. But maybe listen to the mix twice in a row, yep, that’s perfect for me.

The mix starts with an absolute banger, and ends with one rough track. And the tracks inbetween? Well, they build up to an aggressive end. The build up is good, the tracks are good, I’ve got no negative comments regarding this mix.

Best track? ‘Lord Of The Underground’. Why? Just listen to it, and you will understand.

Maybe F.NoIzE will play at Kingsday 2018? If so, you can get excited for that. Press play and let this mix dominate your Sunday, like it did mine.


Drokz – MOH 2017 Dragons Of Doom Cut N Paste Promomix

MOH 2017 Dragons Of Doom Cut N Paste Promomix

MOH 2017 Dragons Of Doom Cut N Paste Promomix

DJ: Drokz
Genre/Style: Terror
Mix Info: MOH 2017 Dragons Of Doom Cut N Paste Promomix
Length Mix: 00:17:28
Tracks: 8 (eight)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Masters Of Hardcore – Event Website

DROKZ IS BACK! Yes, I’ve written it down in capital letters to make sure everyone read it! We’ve got a new promo mix by the legend himself, the man who’s voice goes through our veins. Drokz is the leading figure in the Terror industry, and with this latest mix he showcases his love, dedication and passion for it. This man is the example of how to be great in a small yet vibrant scene. Yes, it’s not really huge as Hardcore is in general, but it’s got a cult following. Those who listen to it, have embraced it with both arms, and are passionate about it. Like Beliebers they are passionate: some even have his name tattooed on their body. How’s that for dedication?

This year he will be playing at Masters Of Hardcore – The Skull Dynasty. And ofcourse the bloody event is sold out: who doesn’t want to go to the biggest Hardcore event in the world, with the most precious history attached to it? Only the die-hard mofos go to it. And you know what? The terror fanatics have got their own area called ‘Dragons Of Doom’. In it you can find Akira (who’s Drokz’s brother in arms), The Destroyer, Noisekick, Striker, The Vizitor (who has the same barber as Drokz), Kurwastyle Project (???), Vague Entity and Mike Redman. In this area no Beliebers can be found, only those who have got pure acid running through their veins and who have a normal pulse of 200 bpm at least.

To promote the event and this area, Drokz made a very short promo mix. Already listened to around 500 times in 2 hours! See, there’s a following, and when they find a mix, they won’t let go. Like myself, I’ve listened to this already 20 times. I love Drokz, I really do. No tattoo though. I’m not that hard.

Check out the tracklist.


01. Drokz – Rock 2017
02. Kurwastyle Project feat Furere Lycanthrope – Don’t Fuck With The Chuck!
03. The Destroyer & ADHD XXL feat Drokz – We Are Harder
04. Striker & D-ohmicyd – Hellzone Anthem
05. Vague Entity – Monstrosity
06. The Vizitor – Houd Je Muil
07. Noisekick & Sjammienators – Zolang Het Maar Stampt
08. Akira & Lenny Dee – Hardcore Neko

8 amazing tracks. Especially ‘Houd Je Muil’. Tiny and Lau, if you don’t know them, you ain’t Dutch. They made history many years ago by becoming a sensation in the Netherlands, and now their voices are in a Terror track. And what a good combination this turned out to be!

I’m loving this mix, like many others already have. A short but very interesting mix. I wish I could go to MOH this year, because the line-up in general looks amazing, but the main reason would be my Terror fix. I need more Terror pounding my brain.

This is seriously an amazing mix, loved it from the first to the last second. The best track? By ‘The Vizitor’. Listen to it and you will understand why. The darkness in which this track is covered is really amazing.

Drokz’s latest mix is as good as all the others you can find on his Soundcloud page. I would urge you to follow this man on every social media page imaginable. This man deserves a statue, and his own event. A yearly event, with 12 hours of only Drokz. Drokz and friends? Bollocks, just Drokz.

The usual score for the Godfather of Terror!

And one extra sentence for the Dutch only: van deze mix krijg ik een zwerende eikel, zo goed is hij! Punt.


DJ Casketkrusher – New Years Mix 2016: Ultimate Gabber Mix

DJ Casketkrusher - New Years Mix 2016: Ultimate Gabber Mix

DJ Casketkrusher – New Years Mix 2016: Ultimate Gabber Mix

DJ: Casketkrusher
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Terror
Mix Info: New Years Mix 2016: Ultimate Gabber Mix
Length Mix: 00:57:53
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Casketkrusher – Facebook Fanpage

As you all know, I am a HUGE fan of the early Hardcore/Gabber/Happy Hardcore stuff. My music collection is quite impressive when it comes to that kind of music, and I adore everyone who makes mixes, keeping the music alive and kicking. And recently I’ve discovered a DJ called Casketkrusher, who keeps the music alive and kicking like no-one else. When you do adore the music as much as I do, and grew up with it, this new DJ is the one to follow. His passion and dedication is tremendous, and for those who are unaware of what he’s capable of, here’s one of his mixes.

Released last month, I could have reviewed this much earlier, but sadly there was no tracklist. I really needed a tracklist, because I did not know all tracks by name. Thankfully yesterday he replied with a tracklist, which you can also find underneath the mix. And this mix is dope, seriously dope. Yes, the majority of DJs keep on mixing stuff which we’ve heard a billion times before, but not these tracks. You won’t know what hit you once you’ve pressed the precious ‘play’ button. This is insane, this is impressive, and above all: this is my kind of Hardcore.

The tracklist, I’ve waited for this quite a while, but it was worth it. Check this beast out!


01. Dougal & Mickey Skeedale – New Generation (Hard Mix) 
02. Da Pumping Universe – The Northstar
03. Ultimate Buzz feat MC Bee – Rofo’s Theme (El Bruto Remix) 
04. Uranium – Rippin’ Off Wax
05. The Prophet – Housetime! (3 Steps Ahead Remix) 
06. The Stunned Guys – Beats Time
07. DJ Ruffneck vs Juggernaut – I’m A Ruffneck!!!
08. Matrix + Wargroover – Energy
09. Kool Killers – Amerikaaaaah! (DJ Dano Amsterdam ’96 Remix) 
10. DJ Dano – Fuckem All (Original Mix) 
11. DJ Sim – Horras ’94
12. The Propher – The Sound He Makes
13. Pineapple Jack – Do That Dance!
14. Frank E & Mars-L – Spliffs ‘N Niffs
15. DJ Waxweazle – I Like This World
16. Urban Menace – The Wrong Nigga To Fuck With
17. Dance Overdose – Portant
18. R. Wagner – My Dominion
19. Evil Maniax – Psychopath
20. Trickster – Emphasis On Hardcore
21. The Thundergods Of Asgard – Bustin’ Walls
22. DJ Dano – 120-9000 BPM

Come on, if this doesn’t cause tingling sensation down in your underpants, you ain’t Hardcore. You might like the new generation Hardcore, but never call yourself a true Hardcore fan, because you aren’t. Like your roots, like this. This is the music that defined a generation, and created the path for future projects. This is the reason why Hardcore is still alive: because it was banging, fresh, new, uplifting, different, and above all: it was f**king ace!

This mix has got everything you need: Gabber, Happy Hardcore, a tiny amount of Terror (c.q. last track), early Hardcore and more. This brings back good memories, and this is the kind of music I miss. Only a handful of producers keep this sound alive, but I prefer this above the new Hardcore. Not saying that the new is crap of bad, but this was so much different. This is the music that came from the soul, and dedication lead to these tracks. On basic materials they made this, not being helped by soft- and hardware that we’ve got nowadays.

The music was so good. And this mix is going straight into my top 10 ‘all time greatest mixes’. I’m truly in love with Casketkrusher’s mix. What can I mention about the tracks? Well, the only track I don’t like is the ‘Amerikaaah!’ track. Not my cup of tea. But if that’s all… nothing bad in all fairness, eh? 1 out of 22 tracks ain’t bad?

The mixing side of it is just spot on. I can’t name a single bad thing, I simply can’t. I’m truly in love with this mix. Please Casketkrusher, keep providing us with mixes such as this one, we need more. We are desperate. This is what keeps me and others alive!

One of the greatest mixes of all time. Fantastic tunes.


Drokz Dynamite Promo Mix (2016)

Drokz Dynamite Promo Mix (2016)

Drokz Dynamite Promo Mix (2016)

DJ: Drokz
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Terror, Drokzcore
Mix Info: Drokz Dynamite Promo Mix
Length Mix: 00:33:03
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Drokz – Facebook Fanpage

Godverdomme, am I late again with yet another promo mix? I keep on finding mixes for events which have already taken place! And this event would have been one of those events I would have put money aside for, even though it’s not a huge event, but the line-up was just picture perfect: Partyraiser, Nosferatu, N-Vitral, D-Fence, Amada, and ofcourse grandad Drokz, or as we Dutchies like to call him ‘Opa Drokz’, the voice behind the legendary scream ‘Thunderdome’. The most well known Terror DJ in the whole wide world, and the most loved too.

Normally you find weird studio mixes or free EPs on his Soundcloud, and with this mix I thought I was going to listen to a mix he made at home, just showcasing his skills. But I was wrong, this was for the event ‘Dynamite Hardcore’. Well, it could have been a showcase mix, because Drokz is Dynamite and he plays Hardcore. Anyhow, to promote this event he made an awesome mix, only 33 minutes long. And as you would expect it’s too damn hard for the weakest of heart. You can not listen to this if you think 130BPMs are the right level. If you do, please leave and never come back to this page, because this Dutchman likes it hard and rough (that sounded wrong?!), just as hard as Drokz!

Let’s see the tracklist. It’s something you should open your eyes for.


01. Dione – Pain Till I Die (SRB Remix) 
02. Drokz – Bloodbath
03. Drokz – On To The Next One
04. Mithridate & Paranoizer – Crystal Shit
05. Drokz – The Groove Of The Electronic Music
06. Detest – My Porn
07. Striker – Know Your Enemy
08. Coffeecore – Snares DJ Tool
09. Hardbouncer – Bambola Assassina
10. Drokz, Akira & MC Michel a.k.a. Hentaiboy #1 – Hentai Hardcore
11. Angernoizer & Tripped – Beats Can’t Handle It
12. Kurwastyle vs Terrorclown – Do You Want A Balloon (Darkcontroller Remix) 
13. Drokz – Nobody Is Leaving
14. Drokz – I Want To Be A Terrorist
15. Hellseeker – Bodysnatchers

Seriously, this is yet another insane mix by the Godfather of Terror music! It’s 7:29 in the early morning here in London, and I’m blasting the music through the speakers as loud as you can imagine it! This has made my morning even more special, because I was after a mix which was a bit rougher and tougher (that’s how we Dutch people like our music).

I would have gone to the event, just to see the legend in the flesh. And all the other too, they rock aswel. But Drokz is the voice, the man, the legend, the myth.

The tracks are as usual simply astonishing! A nice balance between his own tracks and tracks by others. Drokz has mixed them together so nicely, those 33 minutes fly by and you press play again once the mix has finished.

I simply can not say anything bad about this mix or mention something which was bad, because everything was perfect (only Drokz knows how to). But which is my favourite track of this mix? ‘Bodysnatchers’. So rough and tough my hemorrhoid started to bleed due to the dirtyness of this record.

Drokz has done it again. No free download, but hasn’t he given enough already?