DJ: Goetia
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno
Mix Info: Hardcore Riot Cast 01
Length Mix: 00:47:44
Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 109 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Goetia – Facebook Fanpage

After a nice and relaxing Hip Hop mix I was thrown into the deep. Back to the Rave music. Someone sent this mix to me, stating it should be reviewed, or at least listened to. Thanks for that. Now the beats, basses and melodies are pumping through my speakers. What kind of mix? A proper Hardcore mix by an artist called Goetia. What kind of Hardcore? The roughest and filthiest Hardcore around. Not the cheesy stuff, only the banging stuff. The stuff so hard, it makes the Devil wonder why he hasn’t come up with this style. This is filthy.

I’ve seen the name before, but I know nothing about Goetia. According to her Facebook fanpage, people call her the Queen Of Terror. She dominates the French Hardcore scene, and she pushes Hardcore all over the world as being one of the first Hardcore female DJ (well, they probably mean from France?). She turns out to be a very big name, playing at the biggest events all over the world, so this ain’t a one day DJ, but someone who has a long lasting impact. And to be frank, this mix has left an impact on me. Not many female DJs play the roughest records coming out of the scene. She does it. She probably says ‘bollocks to the mainstream’. And I’m liking the attitude.

The tracklist is a beauty. A few unknown ID’s in it. Let me show it to you!

tracklist TCD

01. Goetia vs Sandy Warez – ID
02. The Unfamous feat MC Mike Redman – Hated To Hero
03. Tieum – Drugs
04. The Beatkrusher – Hedde Drugs Op
05. The Satan – Meat
06. F.Noize & Crime Scene – Extinction
07. The Unfamous feat Bloodievoice – I Don’t Give A Fuck
08. Scarphase & Angernoizer feat Tha Watcher – Chaos Of The Mayans
09. Dyprax – Titty Pom-Pom
10. Mind Erazer – Fckin Shit
11. SRB – Rocket Muppet
12. Spitnoise & Deathshock – Brahh (NSD Remix) 
14. NSD – Dope Aside
15. Goetia – ME, MYSELF & I
16. Sodiak – I Like Bad Bitchez
17. Goetia vs Sandy Warez – ID
18. The Unfamous & Unrest – Just Two Loud
19. Mr. Miyagi – Tear Shit Up
20. Goetia – ID
21. Goetia vs Angernoizer – ID
22. Kurwastyle Project – Snow In Summer
23. Goetia – Move On

A wonderful tracklist. The few ID-less records will be announced soon. So don’t send me messages asking what the track title is, because I don’t and wouldn’t know.

Goetia’s mix is rough. And very, very tough. She has picked so many rough records, my speakers are struggling. But is it worth it? Yes, it is. There are a lot of her own records in here, so if you haven’t heard of her before, you will know who she is from now on.

Tomorrow me and the missus are going on a holiday, and this goes on my media player. I’m taking this with me, and will play it out loud. Greece, be aware, this Hardcore fan will blow speakers up!

The mix kept me going. Even the quirky records like ‘FOREVERYOUNG’ and ‘Rocket Muppet’ made me smile, and bounce my head up and down. A few little errors, but manageble. Goetia’s mix is quite intoxicating. She keeps the BPMs way up, and doesn’t bow down to the conventional mainstream Hardcore. F**k that, only fast and ear destroying records.

What’s my favourite record? Oh, difficult. Can’t pick one. I simply can’t.

Put your speakers up to the max, and let the Queen take over your life for 47 minutes. Let yourself go.


Tunnel Of Terror Mix By: Drokz (2017)

Tunnel Of Terror Mix By: Drokz (2017)

Tunnel Of Terror Mix By: Drokz (2017)

DJ: Drokz
Genre/Style: Terror
Mix Info: Tunnel Of Terror Mix By: Drokz
Length Mix: 00:32:50
Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Thunderdome – Official Website

You know Thunderdome is coming closer and closer. You are seeing and hearing more music and dedication mixes, and your timeline is filled with videos from older Thunderdome events. We’ve seen mixes by Casketkrusher, Ruffneck, Bass-D and many more, and now it’s time for you all to hear the latest mix made by the legendary DJ Drokz, also known as the King of Terror. The absolute ruler of the darker side of Hardcore. He dominates the scene for many years, and is basically the voice of Thunderdome. Who else would be suitable for a Tunnel Of Terror mix?

Many moons ago I witnessed Drokz play at Mysteryland 1998, in the Tunnel Of Terror. And for those who actually bought physical albums, the Tunnel Of Terror CDs (released by ID&T and Arcade) were really good. Drokz has played a huge part in making the scene bigger and better, and frankly his face is well known all over the world, and the Terrorheads have embraced him as the Godfather, the King, or whatever posh title you might give him. A God? Could be. He’s indeed untouchable. After so many years he’s still the ruler of the scene, and with this latest mix he shows us all why he’s booked to play at Thunderdome. There could be no other suitable. Drokz is a master, as we would say in the Netherlands ‘een baas’.

It’s only 32 minutes and 50 seconds long, but you get so much! 26 records carefully selected and mixed together, by the one who knows how to please the Terrorheads. Let me show you the tracklist. Oh, and there are also bits and bobs extra added inbetween records, they are underneath the tracklist.

tracklist TCD

01. Destructive Tendencies & Drokz – Hardcore Won’t Die Till I Die
02. Stickhead & Don Demon – Demonhead
03. Detest – Get The Fuckaaa (2017 VIP) 
04. Neophyte & Drokz – Sloop Die Speakers (Terreur Mix) 
05. Drokz & The Vizitor – FML
06. Paranoizer – Half Forgotten Terror
07. DOA – DJ Assfucker
08. Drokz – Rock 2017
09. KRTM – George ’n Jimmy
10. Delta 9 – Die
11. Creatures Of The Occult – Dipping Crackers
12. The Vizitor – Simply Terror
13. LTM & Drokz – The Working Man
14. The Destroyer, Drokz & ADHD XXL – We Are Harder
15. Drokz, Akira & MC Michel aka Hentaiboy #1 – Hentai Hardcore
16. Angernoizer & Tripped – Beats Can’t Handle This
17. Striker – Back To Infernus
18. UVC – Death Is…
19. Drokz – Grandpa Drokz
20. Drokz – They Suck
21. Creatures Of The Occult – Fear Is The Most Powerful Weapon
22. Drokz, Akira, Noisekick & MC Mike Redman – We Bring The Heat
23. KMCA & Rottencore – You’re A Fucking Bitch
24. Striker – No Mercy
25. HCM feat Kobe – True Hardcore
26. Noisekick – Holland Is GVD Het Hardste

Bits & Pieces
– DJ Skinhead – Extreme Terror
– Overcast – Attack
– Bold Bob – Dive Into Steel
– Reanimator – Terminal Care
– Sonic Overkill – Raise Ya Fist
– Drokz & Tafkat – Terror & Violence
– DOM & F.Noize – Fuck Politics
– Radium – Cocaine Disaster
– Nasenbluten – Cock Suckaaa
– The Destroyer – Oxygene
– Noisekick – Terreur Boven Alles
– Riot Nation – Abba Gabba

Within 1 day it already reached 5445 plays! That’s seriously impressive. Who would have thought in the 90s that it would still be alive and still kicking/demolishing speakers? It was the most underrated sound coming out of the Hardcore scene, but it’s now become as big as it should be. Terror worldwide.

Drokz deserves to be at Thunderdome. He is Thunderdome. His voice was loud enough to be heard by thousands of ravers, when he shouted ‘Thunderdome’ in his usual Drokz way (with a microphone assisting him). Thunderdome is Drokz, Drokz is Thunderdome. It will be an amazing event, that you all will talk about for many years to come.

This mix is a nice dedication mix. With some old, some new, and some seriously f**king hard sh*t. This is mindblowing. He picked so many great anthems, including a few of his own productions. They are hard as hell, but my favourite record in this mix is ‘Demonhead’ by Stickhead & Don Demon. I reckon this was on the original compilation ‘Tunnel Of Terror’. Or am I being daft?

There’s nothing wrong with this mix. Drokz has delivered yet another amazing speaker tearing/demolishing mix. If you haven’t bought tickets, that’s ‘helaas pindakaas’. You can not get any tickets. Wish I could go, I was a tad late (a few hours too late). For those going to Thunderdome, rave hard, and rave safe. Keep the scene alive and kicking, and make this the most memorable Thunderdome ever.

With Drokz there it will be an amazing event. Trust Drokz.


Rotterdam Terror Corps – Release Your Anger (180+) Mix (2017)

Rotterdam Terror Corps - Release Your Anger (180+) Mix (2017)

Rotterdam Terror Corps – Release Your Anger (180+) Mix (2017)

Act: Rotterdam Terror Corps
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Terror
Mix Info: Release Your Anger (180+) Mix
Length Mix: 00:50:28
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Rotterdam Terror Corps – Facebook Fanpage

One of the most recognisable logos in the Hardcore scene, you should know it immediately. Rotterdam Terror Corps, active for many years, has made their name back in the early days of the 90s, and dominated throughout the 90s with big hits such as ‘Unleash Hell’, ‘Raveworld’, ‘No Happy Shit’, ‘The Horror’, ‘The Sound Of Madness’, ‘God Is A Gabber’, and the list goes on and on. They’ve been active since 1993, and they are still an established name in the industry. And even late 2016 they released another album, which is called ‘Release Your Anger’.

I came across this mix today by accident, and I was pleased to have found it. A proper bonus mix, which is part of the album, which you can get now via Hard Tunes. I tried to search for it via Rigeshop, but it wasn’t there anymore. But anyway, the album must have been sold out (the physical copies) and you can only get it as an online download. No worries, you will still be able to listen to RTC’s latest album.

This mix contains records you can find on the album. 15 records, all crammed into a 50 minute long mix. This is not for the weak minded, and those who walk around with a pace maker. This will create unwanted issues, so you should be prepared before you press play. This ain’t just another mix like a billion others, this is quite rough and raw. So be warned.

tracklist TCD

01. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Stagedive
02. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Stomp Ya Feet
03. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Are You Prepared To Die? (Refix 2017) 
04. Rotterdam Terror Corps – We Make You Feel
05. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Troublemaker (The BeatKrusher Remix) 
06. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Time To Kill Another One (Hungry Beats Remix) 
07. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Destiny
08, Rotterdam Terror Corps – Survivors
09. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Before Dawn
10. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Gas Op Die Krukas!
11. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Dirty Bastards
12. Rotterdam Terror Corps – No Aces
13. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Release Your Anger
14. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Attack The Flow
15. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Pondafloor

This mix contains dangerous records. This will make your speakers go absolutely insane! RTC is doing what they do best, getting the masses of people insane, all around the globe. And with this album they showcase what they still stand for!

It’s completely different to the stuff they used to make in the 90s, but they’ve moved on, progressed. More rougher and tougher, the beats and basses are ridicilously hard. Take the first record, a good example of what you get throughout the rest of the mix. When the beat and basses kick in, it’s fiers. And slowely throughout the mix the amount of BPMs go up. It’s not really a 100% Terror, but really close.

I love the kicks. They are really good. Which record is the best in this mix? Well, to me it is the 2017 refix of their all time classic ‘Are You Prepared To Die?’ A bit of the 90s with 2017’s kind of Hardcore, merged into one record.

There are a few quirky records like ‘No Aces’, ‘Destiny’, and ‘Dirty Bastards’, these are the three records I don’t understand, and not really like. Maybe a bit too dull.

I couldn’t find a physical copy in the Rigeshop, you might have to do your best. But it’s a nice album to have, if you like your music to be extremely violent (in a good way). And it’s also good to hear that RTC are still keeping up the Hardcore alive and kicking!

A good promo mix for a good album!


Harmony of Hardcore 2017 | Warmin’ Uptempo Mix – MindPumper

Harmony of Hardcore 2017 | Warmin' Uptempo Mix - MindPumper

Harmony of Hardcore 2017 | Warmin’ Uptempo Mix – MindPumper

DJ: MindPumper
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Uptempo Hardcore, Gabber, Terror
Mix Info: Harmony Of Hardcore 2017 | Warmin’ Uptempo Mix
Length Mix: 00:42:34
Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 98.9 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: MindPumper – Official Website

This weekend it’s happening, an event only for those who embrace Hardcore fully. Harmony Of Hardcore takes place in Erp/Veghel, and what can you expect? Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore, Darkcore, Terror and Oldskool (and more). If you look at the line-up, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before! A full on Hardcore line-up, no mucking about, no nonsense. I actually got goosebumps when I looked at who is performing. And to get everyone excited for this event there’s a mix on Soundcloud by MindPumper, focussed on the Uptempo Hardcore, which will be played out loud at Harmony Of Hardcore.

This is MindPumper’s favourite Hardcore festival of the year, and because of that he made a nice uptempo mix, dedicated to those Hardcore fans who will dance throughout the weekend at HoH. He picked records from artists who are performing there, so you know what you can expect! Not unknown artists or records, these are dancefloor smashers. And amongst thousands this weekend will be extremely ace, and you will have a weekend like no other.

MindPumper’s selection is raw and rough, not your standard Hardcore tunes were selected. The beats and basses are quicker and slightly rougher, hence the name ‘Uptempo Hardcore’. This is not for those who can not handle beats above 120bpm. If you think Hardcore is too fast, please leave my blog right now. I won’t talk to anyone who doesn’t like Hardcore…. and literally every style above 120bpm. Shame on you.

Let’s see the records MindPumper has selected.


01. N-Vitral – Don’t Fuck With The Squad
02. Partyraiser & Bulletproof – Nothing’s Over
03. Destructive Tendencies – I’ll Let You Have Your Day (Lady Dammage Remix) 
04. Destructive Tendencies & Partyraiser – Sound Becomes One
05. Spitnoise – 200 BPM Mash-up
06. Radical Redemption – Brutal Mad Man (Hatred Edit) 
07. System Overload vs Insane S – Break Me Down
08. Hatred vs Unproven vs NSD – I Smoke
09. Sjammienators & Ysiss – Boogie Woogie
10. Vandal!sm – Ketamine
11. D-Fence & Angernoizer – Afbreken
12. System Overload vs Drokz – Click Bang
13. Anhatema – Beat Crash
14. Dave Dope – Deadly Sins (Rawmachine & Convict Remix) 
15. MBK – Time 2 Crunch
16. Re-Fuzz – Theatralic
17. System Overload vs Wars Industry – Raggabomb (Chaotic Hostility Remix) 
18. NSD – Al Doilea E. Abstraction
19. Spitnoise & Death Shock – Brahh (NSD Remix) 
20. DRS vs FRX – Contact
21. Death Shock & Spitnoise – Pop That Pussy
22. eDUB vs MBK – Fuck You In The Methlab
23. LunaKorpz – Fck On Cocaine

Damn. this is hard. Harder than hell, I imagine. I reckon even the Devil doesn’t worship Hardcore as fast and rough as this!

I remember the days when I went out and went to the rougher areas, I could only manage half an hour, otherwise my brain would melt, and my feet would detach from my body. It seems that the majority of Hardcore fans have embraced the faster style, and I’m liking it too a lot. Wouldn’t be able to manage hours of it at an event such as HoH, but I still listen to it here at home, or whilst driving to work. Speeding tickets are obviously the result, but I don’t care.

MindPumper’s mix is a very nice mix. Especially when you are sorting out your wardrobe, choosing what to wear today for HoH. Download this badboy right now, and get ready. Put the speakers on maximum, and let the beats, basses and melodies penetrate your skull so extremely hard, your brain will be pulp after.

It was hard to pick one favourite, but the one I liked a lot is ‘Ketamine’.

MindPumper and everyone going to HoH, have fun! And as we Dutch would say: breek de tent af! Breek het af!