• Al Twisted – Motormouth Recz & MadBack Recs Yearmix 2017

    Being on a promo list is always a good thing. Not many artists or labels have got me on their list, but a few have. And one of those labels sent me a link to a mix the other week. The mix in question was a mix made by Al Twisted, showcasing the labels Motormouth

    Al Twisted - Motormouth Recz & MadBack Recs Yearmix 2017
  • Hardcore 2017

    It’s still Christmas, and most of us have lived through these two days with a lot of food, a lot of drinks, and a lot of Christmas music on the radio. And you go out with thousands of presents, and come back with thousands more. One of those presents was a Hardcore CD, titled Hardcore

    Hardcore 2017
  • Dr. Peacock At Masters Of Hardcore – The Skull Dynasty (2017)

    Masters of Hardcore, who hasn’t heard of this masterful event? It’s at the top of everyone’s list, of events you need to go to. Masters Of Hardcore and Thunderdome. If you, as an artist, get the opportunity to play at both, you’ve basically made it in the world of Hardcore music. One of the artists

    moh 2017
  • DJ Distortion (RTC) Toxicator Warm Up Mix (2017)

    Sometimes you just want to hear music so rough and raw, you couldn’t care less about the world around you. Just pounding records coming at you so fast, you wouldn’t be able to comprehend what just happened. I found such a mix by Distortion, the main man behind the famous Rotterdam Terror Corps. Known for

  • Hardcore Yearmix 2016 Mixed By Jason S

    The year is slowely ending, and we are going to see more ‘end of the year’-mixes. And that’s what I have witnessed a couple of weeks ago on Soundcloud, but it wasn’t a ‘End of 2017’ mix, but a Hardcore mix, celebrating 2016. A mix made by Jason S, who previously made that legendary ‘Dutch

    Hardcore Yearmix 2016 mixed by Jason S
  • Para Italia – Live At Pumpkin BKJN Ballroom 2017

    Pumpkin? Is that really a name for a party? Turns out that it is, and on the 31st of October this year they destroyed the Turbinehalle in Oberhausen, Germany. Completely sold out, and if you look at the DJs which performed there, it’s obvious why it got sold out, and why the responds was very

    Para Italia - Live At Pumpkin BKJN Ballroom 2017
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