A.B & Thumpa feat MC Octane @ HTID/Ravers Reunited Summer Gathering 30.07.2016

A.B & Thumpa feat MC Octane @ HTID/Ravers Reunited Summer Gathering 30.07.2016

A.B & Thumpa feat MC Octane @ HTID/Ravers Reunited Summer Gathering 30.07.2016

DJs: A.B, Thumpa
MC: Octane
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Freeform, Happy Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ HTID/Ravers Reunited Summer Gathering 30.07.2016
Length Liveset: 01:01:28
Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 140 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: A.B / Thumpa – Facebook Fanpage

A much talked about set on social media. I won’t go into details, you will find more information on the world wide web. But let’s talk about this set, which is obviously why you are here. This year’s Summer Gathering looked absolutely amazing! So many areas, so many great artists performing here, and one duo performed in the HTID/Ravers Reunited area: A.B & Thumpa. Alongside MC Octane they demolished the tent. They weren’t the only one at Summer Gathering 2016: Darren Styles, Joey Riot, Gammer, Dougal. Kutski, Breeze, Squad-E. Scott Brown, Alex Prospect… well, basically each name on the picture added above this review. You can read this, so read the flyer.

I don’t know when Thumpa or A.B decided to do sets together, but it’s a good combination. Saw them recently at BMH Freeform, and they demolished the dancefloor and the speakers. A lot of fist pumping and rave faces, but it was good (music wise). That’s probably why they were asked to play at Summer Gathering: because these two are good behind the decks. They make sure that the crowd is going nuts, and they only play the finest tunes money can buy.

The tracklist was kindly provided by Thumpa himself, have a look and be amazed!


01. Finnbarr – In Your Eyes
02. Gammer – Yabai
03. Avi8 – The Forgotten Star (Macks Wolf & Clarkey Remix) 
04. Gammer & Whizzkid – Love You Everyday (Redux) 
05. A.B – Shudder
06. Gammer – Red Drink Foam Party
07. Alex Prospect & Spyro – Up To No Good
08. Nuton – Rockin!
09. A.B & Finnbarr – Stick Together
10. A.B – Miami (Jakka-B Remix) 
11. Jekyll & Clarkey – Mallorca
12. A.B – Promise Me (Scott Brown Remix) 
13. A.B – Crowd Geoff
14. Firelite – Burning’ Up (Riko & Genic Contagious Power Bootleg) 
15. Scott Brown vs Bass X – One 2 Three
16. Chris Fear – First Serve (Jakka-B Remix) 
17. Tamerax – Bring It Up (170 Mix) 
18. Dougal & Gammer – Snakebite
19. Double Decka – Transformed (Remane Remix) 
20. Callum Higby – Headshot
21. Impact – DJs Calling (Denile & Eufeion 2016 Remix) 
22. Skinny & Darwin – Like A Boulder
23. Chwhynny & Darwin – Nothing There (Blu The Roof Mix) 

This liveset looks amazing! Not really a hundred percent focussed on Freeform, which can be good from time to time. I was expecting a full on Freeform mix, but I was amazed to hear such a diverse mix! Great track, carefully selected by Thumpa and A.B, and accompanied by MC Octane!

There are some great anthems in here! There was obviously room for Freeform, so they squeezed in some tracks by A.B, Finnbarr, and more. And I have to say that with this set they’ve found a good balance between Freeform and UK Hardcore, and also a bit of Hardstyle/Gabber towards the end. It’s nice to hear a wicked set by these two legends.

MC Octane does his thing well, and gets the crowd going. The music pushes the crowd toward the stage, and it made me rave in my living room hard as hell.

Maybe one or two tracks weren’t my cup of tea, but let’s focus on the best tracks in this liveset: ‘Forgotten Star’, ‘Shudder’, ‘Miami’ and more. I love the records they have selected, and it’s really a non-stop blast of music, pouding through my speakers.

This ‘threesome’ works, and I can feel  the vibes coming through my speakers. I am happy after an hour and a minute, this really made my day. More of these combinations please, and also more sets which aren’t focussed on only one style. Diversity is key to make everything work. Freeform and UK Hardcore blend in well.

A.B and Thumpa and Octane, wicked set!


BMH Freeform… the day after….


London, United Kingdom

As you’ve seen it in many blogs, on the 23rd of July (which was yesterday), the only place you needed to be at, was Eden Club in Bournemouth. I was there, and I had a wonderful time. For me it was one of the coolest nights out in a very long time, and before my memory makes me forget completely what happened, here’s a detailled (well, as far as I can remember it) description of BMH Freeform, the journey towards it, and the absolutely dreadful journey back. 

We started early, me and the missus. She had to see one of her friends, and I woke up with her at the same time. She wished me good luck and hoped I had fun, and I was hoping this day time rave was going to be good. She got me the train tickets (bless her). So I decided to take her out on Thursday and Friday. But these are different stories. Anyway, the day started well, nervous as hell because I was going to a rave where most of my legends would be at, and we would share the same train. Ready to go at 10:00? Not really, still had to go through my wardrobe, searching for something decent to wear. 10 minutes before I wanted to leave the missus told me that the tube trains had a delay… this is not what I wanted.

Ran towards Oakwood station. Got there on time. Jumped in the first train to Waterloo station, and this journey was alright. Once I arrived at Waterloo I was a bit stuck: I’ve seen pictures of these DJs before, but what do they look like in real life? Bloody hell, not one wore anything Freeform-like. I would have expected A.B to wear the whole Stamina outfit, but nope. Waited for a while, and we met in front of WHSmith. Met Finnbarr, his lovely missus, and A.B . Rikki Arkitech was getting ready, by buying food and ‘refreshments’.

We jumped on the 12:20 train to Bournemouth. We had to change once, but we were able to do so. Don’t ask me the name of the station, who cares anyway. Rikki had to ‘refresh’ himself again, and after he did, we jumped on the next train. Arriving in Bournemouth it appeared to me like a nice place to spend your weekend at/in. The sun was shining on us, the clouds disappeared, but we still needed to go to the club. Found a lovely cab driver, and she took us to the hotel Finnbarr and missus stayed in. A short walk from the hotel to the club, we decided to leave Finnbarr and just hit the club. When we arrived, we were in a bit of a shock!!!

This looked nothing like the club we had in mind! This was some kind of cocktail bar, and the people who were there already, weren’t ravers at all! Were we at the right place? This can’t be it, surely?! After refreshments we asked the bartender and he told us that we were at the right place, only needed to take the next entrance. Ok, pfew, we were at the right place. So walked into the club, and there was Dean Rogers, the man who organised this. Sweating already, seeing as the booth he was in didn’t have airconditioing. But downstairs, where the music was being played out loud by the first DJ (Cyrax), it was much cooler.

We walked downstairs, and the club actually looked cool! Two levels, a nice smoking area, lovely staff. The day time rave was about to happen! I couldn’t believe it, I was in a room with these legends (and some were on the train with me!): A.B, Rikki Arkitech (who was going to sober up before 7), Finnbarr, Transcend…. more DJs would come later, but for now it was Cyrax smashing the tunes out. And he did a good job, sweating behind the decks, giving sexy poses to the photographer.

Drinks were going down my neck, and seeing as I don’t drink often, I was getting hammered. But who cared? No-one, we take care of each other, the Freeform family does.

Next up was Finnbarr, and my God, he was smashing it! As he said afterwards he made 2 or 3 small mistakes, but I didn’t notice. Not because I was drunk, especially when I’m listening to music I become a critic, and in his case I was critising his debut set. And from where I was standing, Finnbarr was smashing it! A name you should write in your diary, this man is the future of Freeform!

Transcend was next, and he started on a good note. Between sets I had to go upstairs to smoke, it was hot inside. Talked to several ravers, and we were all having a great time. Throughout the night I would meet other people like C-Kay and K-Wire, it was good to see people coming out to support Freeform.

A.B  and Thumpa were next, and for the first time in my life, I saw someone who was slightly older than most of us: Thumpa took his dad to the rave! No joke! And boy, were these two smashing it! I can remember their set being absolutely dark and edgy, and also that Thumpa was doing the dad dances behind the decks (I was probably the only one who noticed it). A.B was smashing the air with his fists, and not only were these two smashing it, we were all loving it!!!

Solution was next. Sadly didn’t see his whole set, me and A.B had to leave earlier, we needed to go back to London. If I left without saying goodbye, it was my fault: I was drunk. But at least I said to Thumpa’s dad that his son is a legend. I tried to say goodbye to as many as I could. Please forgive me.

We took a cab to the station, and once we arrived at the station, there were some young kids making a scene. We couldn’t be bothered, we wanted to head home. But the train was jamn packed, so we had to stand for quite some time. And some other ravers decided to join us, and eventually take the mickey out of me (yes, I fell asleep standing up, or at least I tried).

After what seemed hours we arrived at Waterloo station. I was sobering up because I slept on the train, but A.B was tired, and making cow noises (I think he was talking to his bed, saying that he was coming home). A quick bite (two baguettes) and we said goodbye. I hope A.B made it home, could be that he’s still on the same train sleeping. I made it in one piece to Oakwood, and the walk home was a quick one.

What can I say about this night? Nothing much, everyone else has already said it on Facebook and Twitter. The night was amazing, the people are so friendly, and even though not many people turned up, we all had a great time. We supported Freeform, and we will do until the end of days. Dean, thanks for organising this. Maybe next event leave Cyrax off the line-up, maybe you can get more people if he’s not there (nah, just kidding, Cyrax, I love you sir).

This Freeform family is unique. We take care of each other, and we only spread the love on and off the dancefloor. Trying to explain what it is that binds us, is quite difficult. Trying to explain what it is that makes this family so good and different compared to other scenes is impossible. We are who we are, and we are the future.

I love my Freeform family, and I will make sure I will visit the next BMH Freeform event. Maybe book a hotel, or go by car. I am sad because I missed most of Solution’s set and Rikki’s whole set, I really wanted to know if him sobering up after 7 (which he didn’t) had an effect on him playing.

This party might have been small, but big in my book. This has showed me again why Freeform is great, and it’s about time to expand it towards the world. And everyone on the line-up who played (sadly Midas couldn’t come) is worth it, playing the best music in the whole wide world on a bigger stage!

Freeform Family. We missed a couple of cousins and nephews, but we were there. I was there. And I f**king loved it. And I came up with a name for Rikki’s new album: Get F**ked and Get Fabulous! There you go, I said it.

A.B & Thumpa feat MC Obie – Summer Gathering Promo Mix (2016)

A.B & Thumpa feat MC Obie - Summer Gathering Promo Mix (2016)

A.B & Thumpa feat MC Obie – Summer Gathering Promo Mix (2016)

DJs: A.B & Thumpa
MC: Obie
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Freeform, Powerstomp, Gabber
Mix Info: Summer Gathering Promo  Mix 29/30/31 July
Length Mix: 00:29:16
Tracks: 11 (eleven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 66.9 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Summer Gathering – Facebook Event Page

At the end of this month a huge party will take place, and it’s called ‘Summer Gathering’. If you haven’t seen any information regarding this event, you don’t have a Facebook account, or you haven’t been online for at least 6 months. This is probably the biggest event you want to go to. The line-up is insane, and the brands represented at the event are all big ones: Random Concept, HTID, Jungle Mania, TIDY, Ravers Reunited, Illuminaughty, Global Culture… do I need to say more? What can you expect to hear? Well, from Drum & Bass to UK Hardcore to Jungle to Hardstyle to Old Skool to Hard Dance to Psy Trance to Freeform. And everything in between. I’ve already reviewed DJ Kallima’s promo mix for this event, and today I’m going to review A.B and Thumpa’s mix for Summer Gathering.

This mix is for those who love Freeform, and it’s a good one. You’ve the two legends A.B and Thumpa, who need no introduction. Alongside MC Obie (who only speaks during the beginning, where did he go to?) they are making sure that those who are going get really excited, and those who are still thinking of getting tickets get persuaded to purchase them right now. ReBuild Music and Stamina Records, both together in one mix. What else do we need? Freeform is the future, and the stage is set: Summer Gathering is the place to be to witness these legends, and I urge you to do so.

In a week time I will be seeing these two legends and many other Freeform artists at BMH Freeform, sadly can’t make it to Summer Gathering, but this mix made me very excited to see these two B2B. No other Freeform duo have achieved what these two have. Perfect mixes, Sy-like scratching… credit for the two mighty fine DJs.


01. Finnbarr – Tastes Like Sunshine
02. A.B & Finnbarr – Stick Together
03. Douglas – M4N1AC P5YCH0
04. A.B – Promises (Scott Brown Remix) 
05. A.B – Shudder
06. Gammer – Yabai
07. Alex Prospect & Spyro – Up To No Good
08. A.B & Finnbarr – Dead Fairy
09. A.B – Crowd Geoff
10. Firelite – Burning’ Up (Riko & Genic Remix) 
11. Scott Brown – Fuck What You Heard

Is it just me, or is Finnbarr the future? In this mix you can find quite a few tracks by this new Freeform producer, and he’s the shit! And I meant it in a positive way. Sadly he’s not playing at Summer Gathering, but he will be next week at BMH Freeform. I can’t wait.

The tracks are good! Really digging everything A.B, Finnbarr and Gammer made. A.B is my favourite Freeform producer, and hopefully Thumpa returns to making Freeform again, he’s also a very talented producer. Imagine Thumpa, A.B and Finnbarr, wouldn’t that be Freeform heaven?

Only one track I don’t like, which is ‘Up To No Good’. A crowd pleaser, but sitting at home behind the screens it doesn’t have the same effect. Maybe I need to hear it being played live. But for now it’s a bit dull.

What’s the best track in this mix? Come on, this is a dead giveaway. Stupid question: ‘Dead Fairy’. Can any of the other tracks compete? Not really, they might come close but aren’t as good as ‘Dead Fairy’.

You must be there at Summer Gathering. You must. If you are not, you are silly, very silly. You’ve got a very hot line-up, and two of the hottest Freeform DJs together B2B. Seriously, what else do you need? If this doesn’t persuade you, you might want to stay indoors for the rest of your life, watching the mould on the walls grow slowely.

A very excellent mix, but were you expecting anything else? Will they ever make a bad mix? Don’t think so. Together they’ve got the skills and experience to make everything they do work extremely well.


BMH Freeform (Dean Rogers) Interview (2016)

BMH Freeform (Dean Rogers) Interview (2016)

BMH Freeform (Dean Rogers) Interview (2016)

If you have been on Facebook recently (I reckon you have, who walks on this Earth without checking Facebook), you’ve probably seen a flyer pass by, with a killer line-up on it. On the 23rd of July BMH Freeform takes place at Eden Club in Bournemouth, and the line-up is seriously insane. If you are a Freeform fan, there’s no other place you should go to. And the other unique thing about this event is that it’s a daytime rave. Now, seeing as I’m going to this event, I decided to speak to the man who organised this event, and ask him those important questions everybody wants to know the answer to. The man I’m about to ask the questions to, is Dean Rogers. Sit back, and enjoy the ride!


Sir, how are you? How’s life at the moment?
“Life great thanks, it’s the summer and I live by the sea, not much more I can ask for!”

Before we start talking about the bees and other creatures, can you explain to the readers who you are and what you do?
“Well in all honesty I’m just a Freeform fanatic, most within our scene probably know my name through dance floor meetings! But recently I’ve taken to being more proactive involved in the music.”

You are responsible for a label which is called FutureProof Sounds, the label focussed on mainly Freeform. Started back in November 2015, and already organising an event in Bournemouth. What’s the label’s goal/focus?
“I think for me it’s a label by a fanatic for fanatics. The beautiful thing about our music is that it has somewhat of a cult following, who can never get enough! So my aim is just to help create more for them, more parties and more music. I suppose my other agenda would be to bring the freeform scene to the south coast and expand the awareness. London will always be the heart of Freeform but we need some limbs.”

A very difficult question to answer, but what was the reason to set up a new record label? Weren’t there enough labels already?
“There are many great labels in Freeform (every single one) so it wasn’t so much about filling a gap but more about being involved. I was so passionate as a fan but it didn’t feel enough for me. I wanted to actually be part of the economy for the scene. There can never be to many labels, as long as they’re active and creating events / albums etc…”

Freeform is obviously the greatest music style in the world, without a fact. But why did it appeal to you? Why is Freeform so great?
“Now that is a very difficult question to answer. Over the course of my obsession with Freeform it has changed. I started off being a huge fan of UK Hardcore and followed it and bought all the cd packs. I was introduced to freedom by a friend and I never turned back. An album with no Mcs just an atmospheric musical journey, it just switched something inside me and I can’t , and wouldn’t want to, ever turn it off.”

“Since being initially passionate for the music I’ve come to meet so many people within the scene and been to a few countries to experience foreign branches of the music. The family culture and decency of the people combined with the talent and energy of the music, creates a just simply some of the best parties known, and I love a party, so I guess that’s the appeal.”

A label which is organising an event in July, focussed on Freeform (well, mainly). There aren’t many Freeform events, so to see one appear on my timeline is always a good thing, and another reason why I am going is the line-up. The line-up is absolutely insane! How did you get these Freeform legends to play at BMH Freeform?
“Coming back to this being a label for the fanatics by a fanatic I mainly tried to set up the lineup based on, well basically, what I wanted to hear. As a Freeform fan what would excite me the most. I also managed to put in stipulations almost to fulfil my dream line up; Rikki is a doing a Hard Dance all the way to Freeform set including what ever magical sound he likes in between. A true Freeform set. I then also have A.B and Thumpa the two most active dj’s and producer in the scene, play a darker side of the form set. All things filthy heavy and dark – it really is just my preferences.”

“It really was not hard to obtain the line up, as mentioned before along my journey I’ve managed to make great friends with many of the line up and being Freeform DJs they are just as excited to see new venues and new parties coming alive.”

Oh, nearly forgot to ask: what does BMH stand for? Breasts Must Hang? Beavers Make Hotels?
“Haha no unfortunately is not as intricate or as exciting as that, it’s meant to represent ‘Bournemouth Freeform’. But I much prefer breasts must hang so I’m happy to change it to that going forward.”

If people for some reason can’t see the line-up on the flyer above, the line-up is as follows: Rikki Arkitech, Transcend, A.B, Thumpa, Cyrax, Midas B2B Solution and Finnbarr. The best of the best. Who’s your favourite and why?
“It may sound diplomatic but it’s honestly the truth, I have no favourite. There are so many different style who bring so much to the game. I can tell you which sets I am excited for however. I am really looking forward to seeing Solution return to the UK – I’ve admired his choppy technical mixing for years! And pair him with the fast pace of Midas, it’s no doubt a sock wobbling set. A.B and Thumpa just always know how to slam a party and will no doubt have some seriously heavy beats. Finnbarr, there is no doubt around this guy’s talent can’t wait to hear some fresh music, very unique style. But as I said before every single set will be monstrous.”

An impressive line-up, but what else can people expect on the 23rd of July?
“If you’ve ever been to a Freeformation rave then you know what to expect in the terms of positive vibes and an ever moving dancefloor. I say it a lot ‘the friendliest ravers in the country’ but I truly believe it. One of the great things about our scene is the people who turn up, just a great bunch. I am also hoping however to expect some new faces – people who have heard / listen to the form but never been to an event and now see the chance to get into a local and cheap daytime event – to be the person behind someone’s first ever Freeform rave would be an awesome feeling.”

Tickets are only 6.50 pounds, so there should be no reason for people not to get them. And it’s in the UK, the birthplace of Freeform. Why Bournemouth? Is there a huge Freeform scene I’ve never heard of?
“Quite the opposite. For starters it’s where I live so why not try and get it involved but also as I touched on before, we all know that London is heart of freeform and has put on many legendary events but I personally want to see the scene being expanded past this, hopefully bringing fans from all over the Uk. There has been BMH Freeform’s sister event ‘MCR Freeform’ up in Manchester, which was a success and also an inspiration to spread the word and back up the ‘day rave’ culture.”

“There is somewhat of a Hard Dance/UK Hardcore scene in Bournemouth but I’ve never been aware of Freeform of any nature – hopefully this event brings some of the Freeform fans out of hiding down here.”

It’s good to see Freeform still alive and kicking, and being played at all over the country. What’s FutureProof Sounds’ future plans? Expanding the event to other cities across the UK?
“As a label it’s focusing on getting music and releasing music, expect an announcement soon! For the events I think it would stay on the south coast however there is always scope for a brother event perhaps, I encourage all fans of Freeform to support and get the smaller events up and running.”

If you could add any other name on the line-up of an artist you really wanted to get but were unable to, who would it be?
“Greg Peaks – he lives out of the country currently so was unavailable but that’s a booking I would have loved to have given, the man’s a magician on the mixer. Another artists I would have loved is Lost Soul, would love to see a return with some exclusive music and with the darker theme for the event he would have fitted perfectly.”

Is there a dresscode? Freeform parties are known to be a bit quirky and unusual.
“There is absolutely no dress code so that means you can wear whatever you like – permitting the venue will let you in.”

Eden Club, I’ve never been. Can you tell us a bit about the location? Is it like paradise, like the garden of Eden? Are there going to be naked people with leafs in front of their bits?
“It’s a great veneue I’ve seen many hard dance events there recently under the brand ‘slam’, top DJ’s like Andy Whitby/Tidy Boys/Cally Cage/Bk all the major players. It also has a brand new void sound system so perfect for the thumping Freeform. It is pretty close to paradise being 5 minute walk from the beach (a great location for the post party … party.)”

Random question of the day: Freeform or Trancecore?
“Tough one – for me I was never around in the Trancecore era so the nostalgia is only based on others. However I do love the sounds and the roots it’s gave but for me the personal experiences that have come from freeform makes it the favourite for me.”

To promote the event, Finnbarr made a wonderful promo mix (which you can find here). A new addition to the already colourful and happy Freeform family. You have the ‘old’ and ‘new’ generation playing at BMH. This is the place you need to be at. The line-up is insane, and for only 6.50 pounds you will experience a unique event, which will be amazing. Be there, or be square. I will be there, and if you have any doubts, contact the promoter. You shouldn’t have doubts, because this will be amazing! Join the madness, join the Freeform family! I, for once, can’t wait!

Thank you Dean for this insightful and interesting interview: hopefully it has made people aware of an awesome event in July. Book your tickets now from the link underneath the review, like the Facebook fanpage, and check the mix by Finnbarr out! This is an event you seriously don’t want to miss!