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DJ Midas – The Very Best Of Anjunabeats! (2017)

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I’m doing something unique, something I might have done only once or twice before: review a review. What does that involve, you might wonder? Well, it’s basically a mix I have already reviewed before being reviewed again. But would I review any ordinary mix? Nah, that’s not my cup of tea: only the finest of the finest will get a re-review. And I think that this one is one of the greatest Trance mixes I have ever heard in my life! It was released last year on DJ Midas’ Mixcloud page, and it had a fair amount of plays, but I reckon the majority were my fault. Read More

Flutlicht Luminosity Afterparty 2018


I’ve been offline for a few days, and now I’ve come back with a brand new mix. And it’s a good one: recorded at probably the dopest and coolest Trance festival in the whole world (or universe, depending on your opinion obviously): Luminosity. The line-up for this event is seriously mindblowing! If you love Trance, this is your kind of heaven. And don’t get me wrong: there might be other events out there who have got a good line-up, but this one is just beyond belief: Andy Moor, Ferry Corsten. Markus Schulz, John O’ Callaghan, Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Chicane, Gabriel & Dresden, John Askew, Marco V, and I’ve only covered the big names on the flyer! And I’m not kidding: check out the flyer. It’s pure pornography. Read More

Chris Blaylock – Rebirth Takeover 3 (2018)


It’s the Sunday after the victory on Sweden, and the majority of English people are literally still in shock of reaching the semi-finals. I’m not, but maybe that’s because I’m not English (yet). And I’m not bothered about the football, or fussball as I would like to call it. I’m more into music, and get excited about everything music related. Yesterday was a pretty hard day for me: music wise only the harder styles were on my timeline, but towards the end of my day I found a nice mix by Chris Blaylock,  a Rebirth Takeover guestmix. And it contains Trance music. Should I say any more? Read More

Rielism – Eryon Stocker Guestmix (2017)


With a brand spanking new looking website you need to get new music onto it, otherwise people might loose interest. Now, to keep you all entertained, I have looked and found a good mix, a couple of months old, but still extremely hot. And I have to say that I’m embarassed for not have found this before, seeing as I’m a huge Rielism fan. But never mind, I have found it, and now it’s time for me to talk about Eryon Stocker’s guestmix for Rielism, to promote his ‘Commander EP’.

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Giuseppe Ottaviani presents GO On Air 2.0 – LIVE from Toronto (2018)

Giuseppe Ottaviani presents GO On Air 2.0 - LIVE from Toronto

It’s Sunday, and the weather is absolutely perfect. It’s already nice and hot outside, and I’m feeling the good vibes coming through my body. The sun is doing me good. But what could make today even better? A wicked liveset from an artist that never disappoints. Only a handful are beyond the level of epic, and one of them is Giuseppe Ottaviani. Since I discovered him many moons ago, I always go to his Soundcloud page, to get my Trance kicks. He’s my supplier of awesome music, and guess what? He’s got a brand new GO On Air 2.0 set, recorded at U4RIA in Toronto.

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Robert Nickson Tribute (2018)

Robert Nickson Tribute

A few months ago Robert Nickson came to my attention thanks to Sied van Riel’s podcast series, in which he played the majestic ‘Heliopause’. I fell in love with it immediately, and since the first time I am hooked to this kind of Trance music. Robert Nickson as an artist is rather unknown to me, haven’t really delved into his musical back catalogue, but only a handful of hours ago someone uploaded a Robert Nickson tribute mix, which contains (believe it or not) only tracks by this producer/DJ. So I don’t need to look very far to find a proper mix.

I have reviewed a Robert Nickson set a couple of weeks ago, but not had the chance yet to discover this artist. But what he has created with Heliopause has left a mark on me. This is an anthem I would have not discovered if it wasn’t for Sied to add it to the ‘Rielism 4′ album. I am seriously in love with this track, and after hearing this dedication/tribute mix to Robert Nickson by Chris Blaylock, I am seriously impressed with the sound that Robert Nickson has. This kind of Trance music is just perfect for me. Staying true to the core. That’s the kind of Trance music I’d like to hear. 24/7.

Let me show you the tracklist! It’s a beauty! Oh, and it does contain a lot of Robert Nickson. A lot. Hence why this is a tribute mix!

tracklist TCD

01. Robert Nickson – Euphorica (Extended Mix) 
02. Robert Nickson – Heliopause (Original Mix) 
03. Robert Nickson – Circles (Original Mix) 
04. Robert Nickson & Cat Martin – Every Sun (Extended Mix) 
05. Mike Shiver & Sonicvibe – Lunation (Masters & Nickson Remix) 
06. Robert Nickson – We Don’t Forget (Original Mix) 
07. Robert Nickson – Initium (Original Mix) 
08. Robert Nickson – Touchdown (Extended Mix) 
09. Robert Nickson & M.I.K.E. – Tachyon (Extended Mix) 
10. Ferrin & Morris – Light In The Dark (Re:Locate vs Robert Nickson Remix) 
11. Robert Nickson – Maybe Next Time (Original Mix) 
12. Robert Nickson – Liberate (Original Mix) 
13. Amir Hussain & Robert Nickson – Nevada (Original Mix) 
14. Robert Nickson & Re:Locate – Proxima (Original Mix) 
15. Robert Nickson – Motion Blur (Original Mix) 
16. Robert Nickson & Re:Locate – Vivid (Original Mix) 
17. Thomas Datt – 2V2 (Robert Nickson Remix) 
18. Robert Nickson – Spiral 2015 (Original Mix) 

Beautiful, isn’t it? I reckon that you will have the best hour and a half once you’ve press play. I know I certainly had a wonderful time. And I’ve played it at least three times in a row. This mix fits the atmosphere outside beautifully: the sun is shining, and we need some relaxing and atmospheric music, and who else should we turn to, eh? Robert Nickson knows exactly how to make excellent Trance music, and Chris Blaylock has made a wonderful tribute mix.

Of course, I could not leave Heliopause behind. The anthem that made me fall in love with Robert Nickson is included in this mix, but so are 17 others. And after playing this yet again I have realised that I can’t pick a favourite. They all seem to have something unique, refreshing, and so good, it’s just unfair to single handedly pick one. They are all at the same level, and all have the same feeling. Euphoric Trance music coming at you through the speakers, and the quality is just right. Nothing is wrong at all.

Robert seems to have found the secret formula, and with this secret he has created many memorable Trance anthems. Just the way I prefer Trance music. No nonsense, just breathtakingly beautiful anthems. Euphoric to the core, and also staying true to what Trance is, and what it should do. Not that EDM garbage I really detest. That’s not Trance music. Nor will it ever be. But what Robert creates, that’s Trance in its purest form.

I’ve read on several websites that Robert has the gift of making everything beautiful, and I agree. And the man behind this tribute mix has made one really remarkable mix. This is just the right mix at the right time, commemorating a legend in the scene. I’ve got nothing negative to mention at all.

Enjoy the good weather we’ve got now, and play this out loud. It will create a very fine weekend, one we all deserve. And it will increase our enthusiasm for Robert Nickson!


DJ: Chris Blaylock
Genre/Style: Trance
Mix Info: Robert Nickson Tribute Mix
Length Mix: 01:28:14
Tracks: 18 (eighteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN 
File Size: 162 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Robert Nickson – Facebook Fanpage