• Robert Nickson Tribute (2018)

    A few months ago Robert Nickson came to my attention thanks to Sied van Riel’s podcast series, in which he played the majestic ‘Heliopause’. I fell in love with it immediately, and since the first time I am hooked to this kind of Trance music. Robert Nickson as an artist is rather unknown to me,

    Robert Nickson Tribute
  • Perrelli & Mankoff – October 2017 Mix

    When you are recovering from surgery and you are sitting at home, there are a lot of things you want to do. But sadly you are limited in your normal day to day stuff, so you try and slowely get back onto the bandwagon. I’m slowely getting back into my normal self, but what I

    Perrelli & Mankoff - October 2017 Mix
  • Sensation White 2002

    Back in 2002 I went to Sensation White with a few friends from the place I worked, NedCar. They were into Trance music, and were talking about this event like it was going to be the best night of our lives. Everyone dressed in white, and a night filled with Trance music, in the Amsterdam

  • Factor B – Live @ Soundbar, Chicago 24th Feb 2018

    Another day, another mix. And today it’s a good liveset by one of the rising stars within the Trance scene, Factor B. Coming all the way from Australia, he’s been doing good things and proven himself to be worthy to play in the scene. As I’ve seen his name before, I was interested in the

  • Arctic Moon – Live At Tomorrowland, FSOE Stage (22.07.2017)

    Every day you learn, and my philosophy is that every day you should listen to something new. Something new and refreshing. Why is that? To keep you on your feet. To give you a broader spectrum of music. It’s good that you stay within one style or genre, but sometimes you need to broaden your

  • Cosmic Gate Live @ Tomorrowland 2017

    Belgium is known for many things. Waffles, that little statue of a boy peeing 24/7, Suske & Wiske, but for a few years now, it has become a leader in the world of Dance music, when it comes to organising a party. A party, known all over the world, as Tomorrowland. All styles with a

    Cosmic Gate Live @ Tomorrowland 2017
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