• Podcast #6 – Special 3 Steps Ahead Tribute By MC Rave (2017)

    3 Steps Ahead, the true Hardcore legend. It’s been many years since he passed away and left a big gap in the Hardcore scene. The legendary producer and DJ from the early days of Hardcore has left a mark forever, by being not only unique and diverse, but also a brilliant producer. He has made

    Podcast #6 – Special 3 Steps Ahead Tribute By MC Rave (2017)
  • Tribute Mix To Menno De Jong (2017)

    Soundcloud is filled with awesome mixes, but before I pressed play on the mix I’m about to write about, it got me scared: has Menno passed away? Normally when it states the word ‘tribute’, it means the worst. But that’s not the case, thank God for that. It’s a dedication mix, an appreciation mix, made

    Menno De Jong
  • DJ Ruffneck – Thunderdome 2017 Tribute Mix 01

    Thunderdome is slowely creeping up, it might be October that this event takes place, but the marketing around is on full effect! Thunder Magazine has been brought to life once more, and many things are happening on social media. You can find a lot of mixes online, and the latest one has been made by

    DJ Ruffneck - Thunderdome 2017 Tribute Mix 01
  • Theory Of Core – Special Mix Tribute To Outblast (2016)

    It’s that time of the year again, we all hang around the fire place listening to Christmas tunes, and it’s oh so jolly. We all embrace the cold temperatures, and we just look at our phones whilst playing weird games. And every so often you see a status fly by which has an impact on

  • Scott Brown UK Hardcore Tribute Mixed By DJ Brady (2014)

    Yippie, someone uploaded a Scott Brown tribute mix! Please don’t be afraid, Scott is still alive and kicking, I do know most tribute mixes are made when an artist has gone to music heaven, but Scott is still alive, and still destroying dancefloors all over the globe. To celebrate his achievements as a DJ and

    scott brown
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