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Podcast #6 – Special 3 Steps Ahead Tribute By MC Rave (2017)

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Podcast #6 – Special 3 Steps Ahead Tribute By MC Rave (2017)

3 Steps Ahead, the true Hardcore legend. It’s been many years since he passed away and left a big gap in the Hardcore scene. The legendary producer and DJ from the early days of Hardcore has left a mark forever, by being not only unique and diverse, but also a brilliant producer. He has made so many memorable anthems, and with his distinctive bare chest and glasses, he became an instant hit. The Gabbers loved him, and he was embraced from the first second. His death went through gabber nation as a shock (and of course his family), and many have paid their respects to this legend.

He had played many events, and even after his death his name and his legacy continued. With a whole bit dedicated 5 years ago (at the ‘last’ Thunderdome), and even at the last Thunderdome (which took place last weekend) they made sure he was remembered. Today I went online and found this mix by Gabberland, focussed on 3 Steps Ahead and his music, and the mix was made by MC Rave.

Memorable musis by a memorable artist.During the 90s I was sadly too young to witness him, but I did see him at Mysteryland 1998. That was the only time I saw him. His livesets were quirky, and I was never fond of him shouting down the microphone, but that was 3 Steps Ahead.

To remember the lost Gabber, MC Rave made this mix, filled with records by 3 Steps Ahead. Just glance at the tracklist and it will make you smile!

tracklist TCD

01. 3 Steps Ahead – Welcome To Planet Steps (Intro)
02. 3 Steps Ahead – Strictly Business (Catscan & X-Ess Love ‘N Respect Remix) 
03. 3 Steps Ahead – Mindblower
04. 3 Steps Ahead – Cloud 9
05. 3 Steps Ahead – Midnight Tonight
06. 3 Steps Ahead – Wanna Have Sex?!
07. 3 Steps Ahead – Interview With Channel 4
08. Private Productions – Looped (3 Steps Ahead Remix) 
09. 3 Steps Ahead – S.O.B.
10. 3 Steps Ahead – Funny
11. DJ Waxweazle – Adrift (TGV Mix) 
12. 3 Steps Ahead – Action
13. 3 Steps Ahead – Kick Off (Interlude)
14. 3 Steps Ahead – Hardcore
15. 3 Steps Ahead – Put Your Hands Up
16. 3 Steps Ahead – Stravinsky Bass
17. 3 Steps Ahead – Good Time
18. 3 Steps Ahead – Paint It Black (DJ Mix) 
19. 3 Steps Ahead – Motherfuckers You’re Gonna Die
20. 3 Steps Ahead – Money In My Pocket
21. The Illegal Alien – Don’t Tell Me What To Do
22. 3 Steps Ahead – Gabbers Unite (Long Mix) 
23. 3 Steps Ahead – Drop It (Original Mix) 
24. 3 Steps Ahead – Cyberspace Is Where I Live (Interlude)
25. 3 Steps Ahead – I Just Love To Get Stoned
26. DJ Buzz Fuzz – Jealousy (Is A Motherf#cker) (3 Steps Ahead Remix) 
27. 3 Steps Ahead – It’s Delicious (Original Mix) 
28. DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski – Young Birds (3 Steps Ahead Remix) 
29. 3 Steps Ahead – Gangster (Feel So Good)
30. 3 Steps Ahead – So Much Trouble
31. 3 Steps Ahead – House From Hell
32. 3 Steps Ahead – Gabbertime
33. 3 Steps Ahead – Crazy
34. 3 Steps Ahead – In The Name Of Love (Negative A Refix) 
35. The Illegal Alien – Your Secret Fantasy
36. 3 Steps Ahead – Kick Out (Outro)

Now that’s a tracklist and a half! Sweet Lord, that’s a lot of 3 Steps Ahead in here. I haven’t seen something like this since he released his own album, wasn’t it called ‘Junkie 4 Life’?

3 Steps Ahead was slightly different when it comes to his music. Groundbreaking from time to time, with all time classics, and sometimes just so fucking weird. Listen to ‘Cloud 9’, ‘Wanna Have Sex?!´, ´I Just Love To Get Stoned´ etc. He’s made so many records I didn’t understand back in the 90s, and even to this day they gone all over my head.

But on the other hand he has made ‘Drop It’. Name another similar record which has as much of an impact as this record. But to me the best records are ‘Good Time’, ‘So Much Trouble’, ‘Hardcore’, ‘Gabbertime’, but the one that always gets me going is ‘Gangster (Feel So Good)’. That has got to be his best record.

MC Rave’s mix is nice, but it has got a lot of errors. It doesn’t make the records any less, but it ain’t flawless. But you’ve got to give him credit for making a dedication mix for the legend that is 3 Steps Ahead. He might have passed away, but his music lives on.

Check out this mix, and if you don’t know the legacy he left behind, start checking 3 Steps Ahead out online. There’s plenty of music to be found!


DJ: MC Rave
Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Gabber
Mix Info: Podcast #6 – Special 3 Steps Ahead Tribute
Length Mix: 01:42:39
Tracks: 36 (thirty-six)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 234 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Gabberland – Soundcloud Page

Tribute Mix To Menno De Jong (2017)

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Menno De Jong

Soundcloud is filled with awesome mixes, but before I pressed play on the mix I’m about to write about, it got me scared: has Menno passed away? Normally when it states the word ‘tribute’, it means the worst. But that’s not the case, thank God for that. It’s a dedication mix, an appreciation mix, made by someone called DJ Nico, to showcase how much he likes the music that’s been made by the mastermind Menno De Jong. The next thing that worried me was the size of the file: 741 megabytes of music? Bloody Nora, it has to be a great mix then!

I had to do a bit of research, because I’m not a walking Wikipedia. As I already know, Menno is a DJ and a producer, but he’s also A&R manager of In Trance We Trust. That’s another responsibility for an already busy man. I’ve just checked out his Facebook page, and it’s filled with literally everything music related: gig footage, releases on In Trance We Trust, pictures of himself and crowds, promoting his own event (which already took place, sorry, too late to get excited for that), etc.

He’s a busy bee, this Menno De Jong. I’ve seen his name before and heard tracks of him before, but never compiled into one hour and ten minute long mix. DJ Nico didn’t cram in a million records, just a handful and made sure they would be listened to by the listeners, and understood. I always feel that if a track is being played too short, people don’t understand the message, or feeling it generates. And when it comes to Trance you need to play records as long as possible.

tracklist TCD

01. Menno De Jong – Tundra
02. Menno De jong feat Noire Lee – Creatures Of The Night
03. Menno De Jong – Abhyasa
04. Menno De Jong & Adam Ellis – Solicitude
05. Menno De Jong & Talla 2XLC – Area 51 (Menno De Jong Mix) 
06. Menno De Jong feat Aneym – Your Heaven (Johan Ekman Remix) 
07. Menno De Jong & Kinetica – Aurealis
08. Menno De Jong & Adam Ellis feat Kate Louise Smith – Set To Sail
09. Menno De Jong feat Noire Lee – Creatures Of The Night (Adam Ellis Remix) 
10. Menno De Jong – Guanxi (Super 8 Remix) 
11. Menno De Jong – Any Other Day
12. Menno De Jong – Ahimsa

A very nice dedication mix, it has to be said. DJ Nico picked the finest Menno De Jong records, and made a very entertaining mix. The feeling this mix generates is that of ultimate bliss, and that’s what I was after today. It’s Saturday morning, and what better way to start today with a very good Trance mix, with records by someone who knows how to made excellent tunes.

The tunes are all amazing. The tunes are bliss. This takes me into a trancey mode, and I’m loving it. You basically can’t go wrong with Menno, he knows a thing or two about Trance.

There are serious dancefloor smashers in this mix. Tracks like ‘Creatures Of The Night’, ‘Area 51’, ‘Guanxi’, ‘Aurealis’, but the one that makes me move the most, and makes me feel the greatest, is ‘Tundra’. That’s just how I like my Trance music, no nonsense, just pure passionate Trance music.

DJ Nico’s mix is really interesting, and nice to hear. Menno would be proud. You don’t see that many tribute/dedication mixes online, but when you do find them, most of them are really good, like this one. A bit 5 out of 5 stars for it!


DJ: Nico
Genre/Style: Trance, Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance
Mix Info: Tribute Mix To Menno De Jong by DJ Nico
Length Mix: 01:13:29
Tracks: 12 (twelve)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 741 MB
File Type: .aiff
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Menno De Jong – Facebook Fanpage

DJ Ruffneck – Thunderdome 2017 Tribute Mix 01

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DJ Ruffneck - Thunderdome 2017 Tribute Mix 01

Thunderdome is slowely creeping up, it might be October that this event takes place, but the marketing around is on full effect! Thunder Magazine has been brought to life once more, and many things are happening on social media. You can find a lot of mixes online, and the latest one has been made by Ruffneck, and it won’t be the last dedication mix. It’s the first, and many will follow. Why did he do it? Because he’s playing in the Heroes Of Hardcore area, alongside big name such as Art Of Fighters vs Tommyknocker vs The Stunned Guys, Bass-D, Bio-Forge, Promo vs Catscan vs D-Passion, Uzi, Waxweazle, PCP Live, MD&A Live, and the list goes on. The line-up for Thunderdome is seriously impressive, but you know what’s more impressive? The tickets were sold out, way before the line-up got revealed!

What Ruffneck basically did was he grabbed a few records, randomly, and mixed them together. He could have done what everyone else already did, but he picked whatever was near him. And of course you can expect a lot of his own productions in here, but that’s normal. Ruffneck is such a legend, he made Hardcore great (amongst others of course), but also made his own unique style, which I forgot the name of. But he was, and still is, unique. Fresh and uplifting. And if I can recall myself, I recently reviewed one of his older mixes, also dedicated to the early sound. And today I found this masterpiece. Oh, what a wonderful world we live in!

Let me show you the tracklist. You will dribble, you certainly will. It’s a gabber’s dream. A wet dream. This is heaven. Trust me!

tracklist TCD

01. Asylum – Hardcore Asylum
02. BisArt – Wrong Is Right
03. Hardsequencer – Braincrash
04. Reyes – Fuck You
05. Chosen Few – Kickin Time (DJ Ruffneck Edit) 
06. Wedlock – Terradome
07. Neophyte – Inside Of Me
08. Nitrogen – Words Of God
09. Knightvision – The Realm
10. Delerium & Omar Santana – Kool And With It
11. Knightvision – Knight Of Visions
12. Too Fast For Mellow – We Gonna Get This Place
13. Lockjaw – The Point (DJ Ruffneck Edit) 
14. Juggernaut – Ruffneck Rules Da Art-Core Scene
15. Dr Phil Omanski – Feeling
16. Wedlock – Ruffneck S.O.T.D.A.T.B.
17. Ferocious – Check Me Sucker
18. Wedlock – Acid Rain
19. Nosferatu – Up The Drumz
20. Juggernaut – LSD ’97
21. Dione – Open Sesame
22. Zerox – Pumpin
23. DJ Lancinhouse & Jappo – Exlxxal
24. Wedlock – I’m The Fuck You Man (Live Remix) 
25. Knightvision – Wayz Of The Core
26. 3 Steps Ahead – Paint It Black
27. 3 Steps Ahead – Drop It

Yes, yes, yes! This is eargasm! This is what I was after! Shitloads of well known tunes, with a few darker and edgier Hardcore tunes most of us have forgotten about. That’s basically what Hardcore is, isn’t it? So diverse, the majority of tunes are known, but yet a few, just a few, have been hidden away for many years, and at an event such as Thunderdome it’s a good outlet for those golden records to emerge again, and make tens of thousands ravers go absolutely bonkers.

DJ Ruffneck, he is a superstar. Just listen to this dedication mix for Thunderdome, it’s porn. It’s beautiful. And it’s random. I reckon he just grabbed whatever was laying on his coffee table, and the result is just one of the best mixes I’ve heard in a while. I’ve always liked Ruffneck’s style, it was different, edgier, and slightly darker, and that’s always been my favourite. With this mix he shows us that he still rules da art-core/hardcore scene.

I could pick my favourite record, because it wasn’t that difficult. There were a few records so good (like ‘Open Sesame’, ‘Acid Rain’, ‘Knight Of Visions’, and more), but the one I’ve seriously never heard before, only today for the first time: ‘Wayz Of The Core’. That’s one sick and edgy record, it tickled my Hardcore heart! The blood in my body pumped 132868 faster! This is the kind of music I’m loving, and missing nowadays.

What was his kind of music style called? I can’t remember it. But what I do remember is the fact that he has been a hero of mine for many years, and with this mix he shows us all why he deserves to be at Thunderdome, not as a raver, but as one of the heroes of Hardcore. Because that’s what he is. End of.


DJ: Ruffneck
Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Gabber, Hardcore
Mix Info: Thunderdome 2017 Tribute Mix 01
Length Mix: 01:09:24
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Thunderdome – Official Website 

Theory Of Core – Special Mix Tribute To Outblast (2016)

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It’s that time of the year again, we all hang around the fire place listening to Christmas tunes, and it’s oh so jolly. We all embrace the cold temperatures, and we just look at our phones whilst playing weird games. And every so often you see a status fly by which has an impact on you, like no other before. Like a status written by DJ Outblast recently, and if you haven’t read it I think you should visit his Facebook page before you read the rest of this review. And I reckon that due to that status Theory Of Core made this tribute mix, showcasing the greatness that is Outblast.

Outblast retires. He will still be active within the scene (don’t know what he’s going to do, maybe stand behind a bar serving ravers drinks at MOH, or anything MOH related), but not as he has been for many years. He has been a pioneer since the days he emerged onto the scene, and he was the one who had his own concert, way before anyone else did. His contribution to the Hardcore scene is immense, and it’s only right we give the man the credit he deserves for what he has done and achieved within the scene. The scene would be nowhere without him.

Theory Of Core made a stunning tribute mix, with 10 of Outblast’s most known tunes. Not really the Oldskool stuff, mainly the most ‘recent’ stuff. But don’t let that fool you, the tunes are still banging. If you were hoping it would be filled with Oldskool anthems, don’t worry: open your ears and eyes and let the music sink in.


01. Outblast & Re-Style – Alive
02. Outblast – Infinity
03. Outblast & Korsakoff – Hymn Of Syndicate (Official Syndicate 2011 Anthem) 
04. Outblast – Pride & Pain
05. Outblast – Superhero Complex
06. Outblast & Re-Style – Omnipotence
07. Angerfist & Outblast feat MC Tha Watcher – Catastrophe (Official Dominator Anthem 2012) 
08. Outblast & DJ D – Electro Shocking (Dyprax Remix) 
09. Angerfist & Outblast – Odious
10. Outblast – Eardrumz (Partyraiser & Repix Remix) 

A massive mix, it has to be said. The tracklist is absolutely amazing, and it shows how good Outblast has been with producing music. Not only can you find originals in here, but also remixes of Outblast tracks. What else can you ask for?

Theory Of Core has made a stunning mix, and it’s a nice tribute to the legend that is Outblast. He has picked 10 really awesome tracks, which made my speakers nearly break into a thousand pieces. Outblast made the Hardcore tunes always slightly rougher and tougher, and that’s what I like about them.

Two things, but those are personal things: don’t like the vocals in ‘Pride & Pain’, whining voice. Wasn’t it the singer from Linkin Park? Well, his voice always annoyed me. Besides that the track is actually good, but his voice makes me want to mute the song for as long as I can hear it. Oh, and also ‘Eardrumz’, the original is way better than this version. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a fact.

Outblast is a legend, and hopefully he will continue doing stuff Hardcore related. Whatever he decides to do in the future, I wish him luck, and if he ever needs to come back, there’s always place for him on any mainstage all over the world. The fans will be there, and I reckon Theory Of Core is one of them. Count me in too, because I’m also an Outblast fan.

A wonderful mix with two slightly ‘meh’ tracks. Still good though. What tops this mix is ‘Superhero Complex’. Why? Just close your eyes and put the volume on max. I’ve turned it down slightly because of ‘Pride & Pain’, but it’s way back up, in the red.

DJ: Theory Of Core
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Hardcore, Gabber
Mix Info: Outblast Tribute Special Mix
Length Mix: 00:37:05
Tracks: 10 (ten)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: 84.8 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: DJ Outblast – Facebook Fanpage

Scott Brown UK Hardcore Tribute Mixed By DJ Brady (2014)

scott brown

Yippie, someone uploaded a Scott Brown tribute mix! Please don’t be afraid, Scott is still alive and kicking, I do know most tribute mixes are made when an artist has gone to music heaven, but Scott is still alive, and still destroying dancefloors all over the globe. To celebrate his achievements as a DJ and producer and also label owner, DJ Brady made this unique tribute mix. It’s not the only one you can find online, there are a few, but this one is unique because it’s filled with my favourite Scott Brown tracks! Only one track isn’t my favourite, but that’s simply because the original track the vocals were taken from, was rubbish (really rubbish). Guess which one it is?

DJ Brady has made many mixes, and some have been reviewed by myself. I can’t seem to get access to the old mainframe, so I can’t say which one’s I’ve reviewed already, but thanks to Soundcloud I might find out which one I recognise. Oh yeah, I do recognize two names: the DJ Darwin tribute mix and the ‘Point Of No Return’ album mix. I’ve reviewed those mixes, I do know that for sure, but I can’t remember the score I gave them. Let’s not talk about the past anymore, let’s focus on this mix!

This mix is filled with tunes made by my all-time hero Scott Brown, a pioneer in the UK Hardcore AND Gabber scene. His tunes changed the whole outcome, and still to this day he tends to make tunes as good as he did many years ago. He hasn’t lost his passion and enthusiasm for music. There are many old tracks in this mix, but also a couple of brand new ones, released only months ago. Scott Brown is back for good, and he’s not going anywhere! I’m happy, because he’s one of those artists who persuaded me to listen to UK Hardcore, and since the very first second I’m hooked. Without Scott Brown I would have been lost, and many ravers do agree: Scott Brown is the key element in the Hardcore scene.

Anyone interested in a tracklist?


01. Scott Brown – Gang Bang Society
02. Scott Brown – Elysium Plus
03. Scott Brown – Do It Like We Do (Remix) 
04. Scott Brown – Make The Beat Drop
05. Scott Brown – Blue Anthem
06. Scott Brown – Enchantment
07. Scott Brown – Neckbreaker
08. Scott Brown – Gods Child
09. Scott Brown – Don’t Doubt
10. Scott Brown – Rock Rock On
11. Scott Brown – Livewired
12. Scott Brown – Definition Of A Badboy
13. Scott Brown – Synthetic Dreams
14. Scott Brown – Is This The Future
15. Scott Brown feat DMO – Just Walk Away
16. Styles & Breeze – Heartbeatz (Scott Brown Remix) 
17. Tekno Dread Alliance – Breakfree (Scott Brown Remix) 
18. Scott Brown – Taking Drugs
19. Scott Brown – The Reason
20. Scott Brown – Ill Be Yours
21. Scott Brown – Take A Final Breath

Amazing tracklist! Most tracks were made by the legend himself, and only a handful remixed by him. Just look at the amount of tracks he has made, and how many you do know, or remember?! Such a wicked tracklist, breathtakingly beautiful!

Only one track is quite annoying, as I mentioned it before. I really, really hate ‘Do It Like We Do’. Wasn’t it the Bloodhound Gang who made the original? Shite as dogshite, it has to be said. Nothing is good about the original, the use of the vocals hasn’t improved it at all. Probably the only Scott Brown track I don’t like.

Look at the amount of track I do like. 20 tracks! My most favourite ones? ‘Livewired’ is a track made by God himself, ‘Elysium Plus’ is just immense, ‘Taking Drugs’ the best anthem ever made, ‘Neckbreaker’ just drawdroppingly good.. I could go on for hours and hours. The tracklist is good, nothing else to add, no comments whatsoever.

Brady had made good mixes before, but this one has got too many flaws, or errors as I would like to call them. Mixing errors, and sadly too many. This mix is good, but not outstanding. During this mix he goes mad with the echo-sound, or he jumps into the next track too early. Not everything is bad, but there are just too many flaws. Sad, because if there weren’t any errors, this mix would have been the best one ever made.

I’ll give it the next score, because it’s worth it. And also because it has got three of my all-time favourite Scott Brown tracks in it.


DJ: Brady
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: Scott Brown Tribute Mix (mixed by DJ Brady)
Length Mix: 01:19:34
Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)
Download/Listen (via DJ Brady’s Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 182 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Scott Brown’s Evolution Records Website