• Thundakat – Omens Mixtape (2017)

    TweetWhen did Clarkey change his name? What have I been missing? Since when has Thundakat took over the scene? I did see a post a couple of weeks ago, but I thought it was ‘just another post’. I was completely wrong, and Thundakat has literally blew the scene a new hole. The amount of fans

    Thundakat - Omens Mixtape (2017)
  • Futureworld Podcast 007 – Summa Jae (2017)

    TweetIt’s Saturday evening/night and everyone is getting ready to go out, but not me. I’m sitting here behind my computer, typing the night away. And as usual I need music to get me through the evening, and have I got a good mix for you all to listen to: the latest Futureworld Podcast. We’ve already

    Futureworld Podcast 007 - Summa Jae (2017)
  • M@rt!n-J – Future State Hardcore! (2017)

    TweetA brand new day, a brand new mix. This time from someone who has been uploading dedication mixes over and over again, the one and only M@rt!n-J! His Soundcloud page is filled with hours of fun, dedication mix after mix. From his latest Smiling Corpse mix to Stamina Records to a Gammer mix to a

    M@rt!n - J - Future State Hardcore!  (2017)
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