SBS Niche On Tour London April 2006

SBS Niche On Tour London April 2006

SBS Niche On Tour London April 2006

DJ: Shaun Banger Scott
Genre/Style: UKG, 4×4, Bassline, Speed Garage
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Niche On Tour London April 2006
Length Liveset: 00:59:04
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 135 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Shaun Banger Scott – Facebook Fanpage

If you have Facebook, and you are friends with Shaun Banger Scott, you know what I’m probably going to say. You’ve probably been tagged a million times, and seen this mix on your timeline so much. If you do know what I’m talking about, you are part of the entourage. The SBS entourage. He’s tagged you for a reason (and myself included), to get everyone hyped up for the event which took place a few days ago. Niche, a legendary club, is back. Has it really left? Has it really? I don’t think it has. It’s still alive and kicking in the majority of those who went clubbing there during the heydays of Bassline music.

I was too late. Not only for the last event, but to actually go to the original Niche club. I was so into Bassline music, I became a Niche member (well, membership). Bought myself a jacket, and was hyping myself up to the max to visit the club, and then the news hit me: the club was closed. I was so gutted. Maybe cried a bit. But seriously, I was this close of actually going out and experience what everyone already has. It’s good that it’s still alive and kicking, with one of the pioneers of the sound still pushing it forward: Shaun Banger Scott.

His set was recorded back in 2006, when Niche was touring and hit London. I can’t say anything about that event, because I wasn’t there, and there’s no information online. It’s all about the music, and thanks to SBS for sending me the tracklist. It’s been a while since I last heard a Niche/SBS mix, but it’s time for it. And here’s the tracklist!

tracklist TCD

01. Wideboys – Badboi (SBS Dubplate) 
02. Soundboi – Never Gonna Say Bye (Delinquent Mix) 
03. Delinquent feat Kkat – My Destiny
04. Unknown – Connect
05. Black Eyed Peas – My Humps (DJ Q Remix) 
06. Mary J Blige – Be Without You (DJ Q Mix) 
07. Mr Bass – I Do
08. Orchestral Dubs – I Love You (Booda Mix) 
09. Tombstone – Reproduction (SBS Dubplate) 
10. Booda – Step Back
11. ID – ID
12. Mya – Case Of The Ex (Riplas N Sus Mix) 
13. Unknown – Dancin
14. Delinquent – Motherfunker (SBS Dubplate) 
15. Dezz Jones feat Sarah Blake – Take Me In

I was talking to SBS earlier, and I asked him if this set was really recorded back in 2006 and not in 2016. He confirmed it, it was  2006. 11 years ago, and it’s still sounding fresh as a daisy. 11 years old. These tunes might be ‘old’, but they still have the capability to destroy speakers.

These tunes made me happy, and they made me reminisce to those wonderful years, when I discovered Niche and SBS and all those wonderful artists, DJs and MCs. It dominated my life, even though I lived (back then) in the Netherlands. And I was probably the whitest person who enjoyed this magical music.

It’s good to hear that it’s still alive, and that there are people all over the UK still dancing to the wonderful tunes from the late 90s until the mid 00s. Shaun Banger Scott is one of those names who keeps it alive, and you can tell that he loves it. Not only the fact he tagged us 1643823 times in a post, but also because of the fact that his Soundcloud page is filled with hours of fun, and his latest mix is a good ‘un. It’s got some bangers in here, and probably the finest tune he saved until last!

A wonderful liveset, 11 years old, but still sounding fresh. SBS might have dominated in the past, truth be told: he’s still dominated the present and the future, and he’s still one of the leading names in the 4×4, Bassline and Speed Garage scene.

After hearing this mix I will forgive him for tagging me. It was worth it!


It’s A Lot! The UKG Sessions, Old School Special Vol. 3 (2017)

It's A Lot! The UKG Sessions, Old School Special Vol. 3 (2017)

It’s A Lot! The UKG Sessions, Old School Special Vol. 3 (2017)

Genre/Style: UK Garage, 2 Step, 4×4, UKG
Mix Info: The UKG Sessions, Old School Special Vol. 3
Length Mix: 01:11:15
Tracks: 30 (thirty)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 164 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: DJ E1D – Facebook Fanpage

UKG. How long has it been since I last heard a UKG mix? It must have been quite a while. Maybe a bit too long, if I’m totally honest. There was a time when I couldn’t stop listening to UKG, when the whitest person on God’s given Earth would go absolutely ape, listening to UKG 24/7 (I’m talking obviously about myself). The majority of mixes back in the good ol’ days would be downloaded by me, and would fill up my harddrive. I still have them, and I won’t get rid of them. UKG is still fresh and exciting, but sometimes you want to take a Delorean vehicle and fly back to the glorious years. Or just go on Soundcloud and see if there are oldskool/oldschool mixes. And I found one!

I just checked my history, and the last time I reviewed a mix by E1D was back in 2015. I’m seriously doubting myself and my website, I thought it was only recently? Well, whenever I reviewed it, it’s been too long since. This mix is all about the old skool, and there are some ‘newer’ tunes also in there. The oldest is from 1998, and the newest from 2015. And all the others are from in between those years. No matter which year they are from, they are perfect for a day like today. It’s sunny and Sunday, and it’s time for us all to relax and chill. This is the perfect mix for it!

Tracklist anyone?

tracklist TCD

01. Another Level – Guess I Was A Fool (MJ Cole Remix) 
02. Mario – How Could You (Control-S Remix) 
03. Pr0t0n – Once Upon A Time In Poland
04. Masterstepz feat Richie Dan – R U Ready?
05. Grant Nelson feat Jean McClain – Step 2 Me (Bump & Flex Steppers Dub) 
06. Artifact – Touch Me
07. Donae’O – Fallin’ (Deliquent Remix) 
08. S.i.A. – Taken For Granted (Groove Chronicles Mix) 
09. Jean – Crazy (Sunship’s Looney Mix) 
10. Sisqo – Incomplete (Artful Dodger Remix) 
11. MAW Presents India – To Be In Love (MJ Cole Dub) 
12. Dragon – Music Sounds Right
13. Groove Chronicles – 1999
14. Todd Edwards – Open Your Eyes
15. TNT – Unique
16. Aaron Wride – Since You’ve Been Gone (Control-S 2-Step Mix) 
17. Charly – Hi Rollers (CJ Reign 2-Step Dub Mix) 
18. Artifact – Bad (So Good)
19. Gerideau – Masquerade (MJ Cole Dub Mix) 
20. Big Bird – Flav
21. K-Ci & JoJo – Tell Me It’s Real (Club Asylum Vocal Mix) 
22. Ghost – The Club
23. MJ Cole feat Laura Vane – Watertight (Pr0t0n Remix) 
24. Blowfell feat Slarta John – Back Up, Back Up (Vocal Version) 
25. Todd Edwards – Like A Fire
26. Brasstooth feat Pa-Melle – Celebrate Life
27. Amira – My Desire (Sovereign Deadly Dub) 
28. DnD Productions Presents Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Tru This
29. Pr0t0n – Guitar Love
30. B-15 Project feat Crissy D & Lady G – Girls Like Us (Artful Dodger Remix) 

It’s Sunday, and you want to relax. That’s the normal way to get through the last day of the weekend, and with a mix like this one you will definately chill out. Put your feet up way up, and press play. Let DJ E1D’s mix guide you through today!

As I said before, this mix is all about the Old Skool stuff, and you can find a lot of those anthems in here. Nice and chilling music. This shows me that UKG is timeless, but the older stuff is just golden. It also showed me that there are artists I’ve completely forgotten about, like K-Ci & JoJo, Daniel Bedingfield, Another Level, Mario, Donae’O and more. Yep, I think it’s time for me to get out my old mix collection CDs and get back into the UKG zone. I do miss the sound.

DJ E1D has selected a lot of amazing records, and it’s a nice and mellow mix. Carefully mixed, no errors whatsoever. But there’s one thing I’ve noticed: the bass level is low? How’s that possible? UKG has got one of the most amazing bass sounds going through the years. It’s known for not only melodic stuff, but the bass is important too. I think the bass level wasn’t high up, or when recorded it simply faded away?

Which track did the most for me? ‘Back Up, Back Up’. The vocal is catchy. It wasn’t easy to pick this one, because there are a lot, but this stayed in my head the longest.

A nice and welcoming mix for today.


jerOO – Grime Sessions Vol.3 (2017)

jerOO - Grime Sessions Vol.3 (2017)

jerOO – Grime Sessions Vol.3 (2017)

DJ: jerOO
Genre/Style: Grime, UKG, Dubstep
Mix Info: Grim Sessions Vol.3
Length Mix: 00:52:23
Tracks: 34 (thirty-four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: jerOO – Facebook Fanpage

Found a mix I wanted to share for a while now, a nice mix by TCDs favourite record mixer (well, he’s known for cramming in many records in a short mix) jerOO. jerOO even made a promo mix for TCD, so he does get more credit than others, but who cares? It’s about the music, and this time he made a Grime mix, and uploaded this bad boy only 9 days ago, and I found this mix (I reckon) 6 days ago. Haven’t stopped listening to it since the first time I heard it and pressed play. I might be the whitest person on Gods given Earth, but Grime is awesome.

Every mix jerOO makes is pure gold. And this one ain’t no exception. He did it the usual way, 34 records in a 52 minute mix. And the result is quite a dark and nasty mix, and that’s really what I was after. jerOO’s mixes are always entertaining, and I reckon during my journey home yesterday I looked like a complete tool, dancing at King’s Cross whilst these tunes came flying through my headset. Could I care any less? Yes.

Haven’t heard a Grime mix for ages, and I think it’s about time for me to indulge into that wonderful world, which is literally taking over the world! When I listened to Grime during the early 00s, it was big in the UK, but now it’s dominating the world. How amazing is that?

Let’s see the tracklist, it’s a beauty.


01. Spooky – Glanny Dover (The ‘Danny Glover Remix) 
02. Adam Mac – Bad Trip
03. Dubzta – Skengy
04. Skepta – Nasty
05. Westy – Bait O’Clock
06. Adam Mac – Who
07. Flava D – Plate VIP
08. CREEP NOOM – Musical Pulse
09. Royal T – Gully Funk (Death Row Remix) 
10. Sir Spyro – Tekkers (Dubzta 4×4 Remix) 
11. Sir Spyro – Tekkers (CREEP NOOM Refix) 
12. Hoax Beats – Twilight Zone RIP
13. Dubzta – Ejo Gishen (RSK Remix) 
14. Rapture 4 D – Rage’n (Beanzo Remix) 
15. Westy – Rise Up
16. DanBo – Flight
17. Wiley – Morgue (Kaiser Refix) 
18. P Money – Hot Ones (Royal T Remix) 
19. Joker – Tron (Spooky Refix) 
20. 9TRANE – Pulse 9
21. Hoax Beats – Narcotics (Dubzta Remix) 
22. Polonis – M (Haggi Remix) 
23. Wiley – Step 20 (CREEP NOOM Remix) 
24. A.T – Bushido
25. Flava D – Robot
26. CREEP NOOM – Orchestra Riddim VIP
27. CREEP NOOM – Orchestra Riddim
28. Dubzta – Warzone
29. DanBo – Excel
30. Seraph – Untitled
31. Sir Spyro – Dubplate Drama (Spooky Refix) 
32. Dubzta – Blade
33. Soloman – Saria Riddim
34. Kano – Nite Nite (Gundam Refix) 

What a seriously insane mix! I know only 10% of the artists, but the tunes are just fire! They are lid, isn’t that what the kids nowadays say? I am not a kid anymore, so I wouldn’t know. But if that’s what the kids say, it’s true. This mix is on fire, literally. I think I need to call the fire brigade.

There are a lot of awesome tracks, and they are so dark and edgy. jerOO mixed them together beautifully, with small errors here and there, but hey, the general feeling is good. But which track made me bounce the hardest? Well, there can only be one, and it’s logical that I chose this one: ‘Saria Riddim’. OMG, never heard this one before, and it’s amazing! After the first time I heard it, I went onto Youtube and played the tune over and over again. This is such an addictive tune, it seriously is.

jerOO’s mix is pure entertainment. Record after record hits you, and they hit you hard. But they can’t compete to Soloman’s ‘Saria Riddim’.

I’m loving the vibes, sadly it’s not downloadable, but at least we can listen to this mix everywhere there’s reception. Yesterday on the way home in tunnels (yes, I had to take public transport) Soundcloud decided to play up. Arrgh. Anyway, I am home now, and I’m waking up the whole street. Damn right so.


New Movement #18 – Redhot – New Underground Garage & Bass (2016)

New Movement #18 - Redhot - New Underground Garage & Bass (2016)

New Movement #18 – Redhot – New Underground Garage & Bass (2016)

DJ: Redhot
Genre/Style: UKG, Garage
Mix Info: New Movement #18
Length Mix: 00:45:13
Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 104 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: New Movement – Facebook Fanpage

Today is a good day. Even though the weather is quite crappy, the music that comes through my speakers today is good. From nice EDM/Dubstep/Drumstep mix to a very good UKG mix by Redhot. When I spotted this earlier, I immediately downloaded it, burned it onto a disc, and did the cleaning of the house. It made it all much better, and made the minutes fly by! But we can talk for hours about me cleaning the house, but that will become the most uninteresting piece you will ever read, so I will keep this discomfort away from you, and only talk about the music.

I’ve never heard of New Movement nor DJ Redhot, but his mix immediately landed in my top 10 list of 2016. Not heard many UKG mixes lately, don’t know why that is, but when I do receive/look for mixes, they are all great! The mix is just spot on, the tunes aren’t boring, Redhot’s mixing is just spot on, and it will brighten your weekend (depending on when you are playing it obviously).

I wasn’t expecting this mix to be this dope, but it clearly was. I felt like cruising down North London with my pimp Volvo S40, windows down, factory standard speaking on loud, and looking cool. This is the perfect mix to enjoy whilst driving. Or doing some housework. Or literally whenever. You can appreciate this whilst making love, or baking a cake, or whatever!


01. Redhot – Intro No. 3
02. Moony – Routine
03. Atumpan feat Paigey Cakey – Watch Nobody (B1G Proj3ct Remix) 
04. EI-B – In That Attitude
05. Oscar Luweez – On & Off (Moony Remix) 
06. Jess Agombar – Tuesday’s Love (Solo Suspex Remix) 
07. Flava D – Wheels
08. Champion & Mele – Get Down (SBB Re-arranged Edit) 
09. Smokey Bubblin’ B – Beezledub
10. Moony – Without You
11. M.O.A.D. – The Cure & The Cause
12. Champion – Chrome
13. Bad Habit feat Leighanna – Talk To You
14. M.D.P. – 2Am
15. Barny Rubble – Umatic
16. M.O.A.D. – War Dub
17. Smokey Bubblin’ B – License
18. Ralston – Roots
19. Champion – Gunshot
20. Doctor Nick – Tell Me
21. Redhot – Intro No. 1

When you press ‘play’ on Soundcloud or whatever you are about to listen to this on, you will not notice the outside world flying by! These 45 minutes of UKG madness will fly pass, and you won’t notice. This will make you go into your comfort zone, and you will feel dreadful the second this mix ends. I really wanted it to go on for hours and hours.

Redhot has picked quite a lot of amazing tunes, and mixes them together nicely, flawless and errorless. A mix like this one does light my UKG spark again, and has caused me to dig through my collection, getting out the old classic anthem compilations. I need more UKG!

New Movement/Redhot’s mix is seriously dope, and insanely good! This brought a smile on my face. This mix proves to me that UKG is timeless: this sounds as cool and dope as the early stuff, and yet it’s brand new!

Credits for this awesome mix. I can not pick one favourite records, because they are all ace! Redhot, your mix is truly red HOT!